Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 45


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All were done with their dinner n was resting in the hall room.
All the men were busy in discussing about business except for sanskar as he still don’t talk with them.
Ansh notice this after he come there he never saw him talking wid his family
(He don’t know about all the happenings as he was never at home)
Sanskar was sitting separately doing his office work.
After finishing the works women’s too say with them.
Swara as usual ignore Sanskar n sat near Ansh.
An:*clearing his throat*Well…Doll…
Sw:Yes bhaiyo
An:wo…can I ask u something
Sw:Bhaiyo ….what happen
An:No…nothing …it just that a question is disturbing me
Sw:N what is that
An:I am noticing from the beginning…. Sanskar’s behaviour towards his family is very cold…. Is there any problem between them?
Sw:Bhaiyo Wo… Actually…
Suddenly all the lights off….
Dp:Aree…..what happen to the light?
Rajesh…. Rajesh….
Watchman come there running
Dp:What happen to the light?
Raj:Sir even I don’t know…. Just now I came for the night shift.
Dp:For what u r waiting…. Go n check
He nodded n went to check
Lak:I will also go….
All were sitting there….that time they hear a sound
Rag:what was that…. *scared*
Someone come near them n hold ragini’s hand
Rag:Who r u…. Leave me… Laksh…. Bhai….
All were shock

An:Hey who r u? Leave her….
He was about to go near her when the person hold a knife near her neck
San:Hey …leave her….
Uk:*heavy voice*Dont come near me….
Arn:What u want…
Uk:I want ur son…
By saying this that person started to laugh…. Ragini hug samy in fear
That time light come back n everyone saw a person in black hoodie wid covered face standing in front of them.
Sw:Who r u?
The person went n hug her.
San:*angry*Hey…leave her…. By saying this he push the person so hard that he was about to fall but at the Nick time Ansh hold him.
An:Unbelievable…..u will never change na
Uk:Never lord governor….. By saying this that person reveal his face…… N…….
It was non other than samaira sen Gupta(Sanaya Irani)

SAMAIRA SEN GUPTA: Daughter of Avinash n Malvika sen Gupta. Fiance of Ansh… Have her own fashion boutique. Prankest,kind,love Ansh very much always irritate him. Totally opposite from him.
She laugh by looking at everyone’s face as all were hell scared.
Mai:O God….. Look at ur face.
Rag:Bhabi….i will kill u…. By saying this she chase her…. Both were running all over the house while others were relieved n sat down.
After getting tired both sat down laughing.
Rag:O god bhabi u will never change na…
Mai:Never my Ragu….
In all this swara was smiling as she saw her only bhabi for the first time.
Before he can say further Maira Run towards swara n hug her
Mai:Dollllll……u r soooo cute…. Just like u were in childhood….*whisper*Doll plz give a smile to ur bhaiyo… Otherwise that volcano will blast on me….
Swara laugh listening to this n ask Ansh to calm down through her eyes.
Sw:thank u bhabi…. It’s so nice to meet u*whisper*Done bhabi..
Maira take a relief breath…….
Mai:*hug her*Miss u so much… U know I am so hungry ma….
Sak:aree u didn’t have ur lunch na…
Mai:Wo….actually…. I was late for flight so…
Sak:ok come sit here…
All were talking…..
Arn:Dp…I Am thinking now we should leave to our house…. It is settle again….it is not good to stay in daughter’s house….
Ap:Bhaiya….what r u saying this is ur sister’s house to…
Sak:Ya anu but we will leave tomorrow…. Now even samaira came so…
Rag:Ma…stay na…. *sad*
Swaragini got tearly eyes but swara didn’t say anything…. After convincing dp n ap Maira went to guest room n others to their rooms.

Swara gave sanskar his medicines n both lie down in their place.
Sanskar saw her restlessness after hearing the news that her parents will go tomorrow she was really sad n why not after 10 painful year she got the love care back which she was longing for.
San:Swara u OK?
Sw:Ya…*avoid eye contact*What will happen to me?
Sa:u r sad that ur parents r going tomorrow na
Swara just nodded.
He hug her n kiss her forhead
Sa:U can go n meet them na …They r only 10 min away from here
(There houses r near to each other)
Swara again nod n pretend to be asleep.
San just smile hug her n slept
She was not able to sleep anymore or can say pretend to sleep… She check if sanskar was asleep n yes he was coz of medicine effect.
She went out from their Widout disturbing him.
(well Maheswari’s r fond of flowers so their is a beautiful garden in their house)
It was cold out so she wrape her shawl tightly n sat on the bench.
She was thinking all the incidents happened till now in her life.
How she was living a life of a servent…. How badly she was treated….. The taunts r still fresh in her mind…. Then suddenly one day Sanskar enter in her life like a storm n change everything…..
Tears were the only partner that time for her.
His behavior at first n his behaviour now….
He is the reason for whom she got her real identity….. Knowingly or unknowingly he was the angel of her life.
Sw:My sanskar…..
She weep her tears n sat their silently……It was actually her habit to sit under the night sky n talking to the stars… From childhood the night silence the moon n the stars r the only companies wid whom she can share her feelings. She never demand anything neither wished to get anything n to whom she would have demand she never got anyone like that.
Her thoughts were broke by someone.
Sw:Bhabi u
Yes it was her sweet bhabi Samaira
Mai:Doll…why r u out at this time…Don’t u know its not safe
Sw:*smile* That Same applies to u too bhabi..
Maira sat near her n hug her.
Mai:Ya…but what can I do I am not getting sleep…. U know Na… New place…time change… So
Both sat their for sometime….
Mai:U know Doll…. U r Ansh heartbeat…. When I first time get to Know about u… I was feeling sad the way Ansh cried on ur birthday…. I have heared that he was arrogant…. *make face*Btw truly he is…..
Swara smile
Mai:But he cried in front of me….after that I get to know that he never show his tears to anyone except for ma…which was rare too… That day I came to know that he accept me in his life
Swa:He love u very much
Maira blush
What u both are doing here” a voice came from back

To be continued

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