Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 42

Hello guys….. I know u all r waiting to kill me…. But I also know that u all love me so u will not. ..so sorry for not posting as I promised bUt Kya karu guys… I was busy in PUJA…. Please forgive me. I m not going to promise anything from now…..
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Here Samy n Arun were confuse….. N Ansh was laughing…..
Ansh told Sarun silently about swasan cold war n San was sitting Wid sad face n swara was pretending to read magazine.
Ansh got an important phone call so he excused himself n went from there.
Same happened wid Arun San told him to handle the office work in his absence as Arun is the only person whom he can trust in entire office.
Now only swasan n samy is there.
San samy look towards each other n San gave a devil smile to her while samy was confuse.
San:Samy …its time to fulfill ur promise
Sam:what promise

San:Remember that day….*By saying this be show his teeth*
N here samy get to know what he meant.she just nodded her head in agreement n San told her something in ears.
In all this swara was not present.she went to washroom.
As soon as she came back she saw san holding his head n samy trying to massage him but san is denying.
San:Samy…u take rest… I am fine…
Sam:Aree ….no no sanky u were mourning in pain…wait…
San:Samy no need I said…i
Swa:What is happening here?

Sam:Nothing shona… I am just trying to give sanky a head massage as his head was paining but… O wait. …do one thing u massage his head….. He will feel nice…..i will be back.
By saying this she rush for there. Here san was holding his head n swara was watching him keenly.
She start to massage his head.
Here samy was happy that there plan was successful. After sometime she went back to there room.
As soon as she enter the room she was shock to see the scene.
San was receiving head massage from a nurse (Don’t think s*xy one…. The head Hitler Moti nurse)n san was sitting Wid crying face .
Samy n San look towards swara who was resting on the couch n give a look like Grow up guys .
After a while the nurse went n San took a breath.Both of them were sad as there plan A is flop.
Here in MM Ansh there n gathered everyone.
An:I got a news….. Police found Sanjay’s death body on highway he committed suicide.
All were shock by the news bUt were happy to as now swara is safe.

Sans was very upset bcz of brutal failure of plan A..
Samy convinced him saying will go for plan B..
Samy knows swara loves sanskar to the core..so she decides to use the card of Jealousy..
Swara went to meet the doctor..in the meanwhile sanskar and samy planned for plan B..
According to the plan,sans acts like flirting with the girl in phone,when swara enters ..if swara sees this,sure she will react..
Samy sees swara coming out if doctor’s cabin,she signaled sans.
Sans started his play..
Sans: oohh..baby.i am fine..don’t worry..
Swara entered and sees sans flirting in phone and samy reads magazine(pretend)
Sans sees swara by corner of his eyes and smirks..
Sans: what u r coming to see me..its awesome..pls.come soon..bcz here no one is there to take care of me..
I miss..

Before he complete swara snatched the phone and throw on the wall which scattered into pieces..
San ,samy shocks swara rocks
Without saying anything swara start her work of reading magazine..at the time ansh and laksh entered ..
Ansh and laksh shocked to broken mobile on the floor. They don’t understand what happened.. Bcz swara is cool but samy and sans were like shivering seeing some ghost..
Ansh saw samy who signaled him swara..they understood the scenario..
Laksh is pulling sanskar leg and at him for their failure of plans..soon they take san to home..

Ansh was on front sit swasan were back.
Swara was watching outside when Sans come near her and hold her hand. She remains unaffected.
So he run his fingers on her waist……For which she gave death glare and cover her waist by saree n went a bit far from him.
He again went near her n kiss her shoulder for which swara was abt say something he hold her waist by his right hand tightly.
San:Teddy….if u disturb me in my work I will shut u up Wid my lips…. She was shock by his statement n she Know how shameless he is So she remain silent.
He lean on her shoulder and place his head.
It looks like he is sleeping..but Asankari is kissing swara on her shoulder And neck….while swara was trying her best not to make any sound as Ansh n the driver r infront.
(poor swara )

Precape:Sans: I couldn’t bear your ignorance teddy..I couldn’t stop myself from touching you.

I don’t know how to stay away fro you.???

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