Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 41

Hello everyone…. Remember me?Hope so….
I m really story for being so latelatif bUt what can I do exams u see… Well now back to the story
Episode 40

Swasan were in deep sleep when swara’s sleep break due to sun rays. She open her eyes n scan the surroundings n saw san sleeping on the bed n she was resting in couch. As soon as she saw him a Lone tear skip from her eyes. She went near him n adore his pale face. She cares his hair n peck on his lips n went from there.

She reach home n fresh up. After that went to kitchen to prepare bf.
That time Ap rag n sakshi came to kitchen n was surprise to see swara there.
Ap:Swara beta what r u doing?
Sw:Wo..badi Ma… I was preparing bf for San n Bhaiyo….
Rag:Shona…u could have call us… We would have send it there…. Why r u working…. U r still not fine na…
Sw:I m fine Ragu di…
All were surprise to here di from her… But she was busy making bf.rag went near her n back hug her.
Swara just smile n after packing went back to hospital.
After she went trio made by for others. Ragu was on 9 cloud today as after years she heared this words from her sis mouth. N it can be seen in her eyes that she was very happy. Ap n sak was watching her n were happy.

After swara went San woke up n search for her but she was nowhere.
Soon Ansh came Wid Doc for his checkup.
Sa:Ansh …where is swara?
An:She went home to freshup…
San nodded n answer whatever Doc asked him. That time swara come back Wid tiffin n settle beside San.
Sw:Doc …Is anything wrong?
Doc:No…mrs. Maheswari…. He is fine but need complete bed rest for 3-4 weeks atleast… N dnt let him work much…
San:Whatttt….4 weeks r u crazy Doc…. If I will take rest… R u going to run my business ?u
Sw:*cut*Doc u dnt worry… I will take care of it… U just tell me the diet n timing of medicines. Rest u leave it to me. *By saying this she gave a deadly glare to San*
Both Doc n Ansh smile by looking it. N Doc make her understand the timing of meds n went from there. Ansh got a call n went to attend it.
San:Swara …how can Γ― sit at home for 4 weeks… I will be bankrupt… Yaar…. *in funny tone*
But didn’t give him a look n went n bring bf for him.He was smiling looking at her cute angry bird avatar bUt as soon as his eyes fall on the plate he was like… Yuck… What is this?
Sa:Swaraaaaaaa…..Dont tell Me… I am going to eat it…. Ewww…. Vindi (Ladies finger) I hate it n this Lauki (Bottle ground)… I have never touch it…. ???I am not going to eat it

That time Ansh came back… N look both of them keenly. San was making faces n swara was giving him I will kill u look. He laugh silently n went to them

An:Hey …guys…
San:Ansh thank god u came… Plz tell ur Doll to take them away…. I am not going to eat this Yaak food.
Ansh look at the plate n smile.
An:Its healthy yaar… He said him to eat silently through…. Eye action… N San nodded
Sw:Bhaiyoo…..ur bf is there…. I have arrange the plate… Eat it…
An:Okay doll…. Btw did u have ur bf…
Sw:No Bhaiyo I will have after feeding… Him
Ansh just smile n went from there taking his plate as to give some privacy to the couple n also for him.
Swara started to feed him n he ate making different funny faces.
He was continuously blabbering bUt she was totally silent n was not even looking towards him.
San was totally frustrated Wid her silent torture.she was about to go when he hold her waist Wid his right hand (As his left hand is fractured)He thought like always she will turn red blushing….. But to his shock she turn red in anger n gave him deadly glares.
He open his Mouth to say something but she place the last piece of Roti IN his mouth…..place the plate in the table n strom out.
San was sad as she is still not speaking to him.

swara was blabbering something.
Here Ansh was silently smiling watching Wierd love of this love bird.
He sat beside her n she widout thinking anything start to complain.
Sw:Bhaiyo…did u saw his acting… He think that I can’t see his pain… He was continuously blabbering bUt I am not going to talk Wid him.*wid a pout*
An:N why so….
Sw:I….*she also thought the same*He….he
An:He ….
Sw:He hurt me…. By hurting himself Bhaiyo….. *she started to cry*i cant see him in this state bhaiyo….
Ansh just smile n give her a side hug.
An:Nothing will happen to him. Now go n talk to him
Sw:no …
Before she can say further she saw samy n Arun
Sw:Sammy ……
Sam:Swara…..how is sanky.. He is fine na?
sw:He is fine….. Come
All went to sankys room(Hospital room)

Here sanky was siting Wid a sad pout ln his face.
Samy come n hug him
Sam:I was hell scared… Sanky when I heared ur accidnt…….
Sa:I m fine
Sam:Idiot….cant u drive….
San just smile n look towards swara who give him a I dnt care look.
San become sad but suddenly he shout.
Sa:Ahhh……*n hold his hand*
Swara rush to him n hold his fractured hand.
Sw:Sanskar ….what happen…. R u fine?
She was checking him when she saw san smiling like an idiot.
She understood that he was acting n pinch his head.
Swara give him a glare n sat on the couch.
Here Samy n Arun were confuse….. N Ansh was laughing…..

will be back…. Tomorrow….. Pakka….. n Wishpering hearts….. day after tomorrow…….. sure….


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