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Swara sat Wid a thud dropping the phone. All were shock looking at her. Laksh took the phone n got the news.He was shock too but compose himself n inform others.

All were pacing here n there.Ap was crying n rag was trying to consol her.
swara was still no emotion was seen on her face. It seems like she was trying to understand the situation but fails everytime.
Sakshi was trying to make her normal but she was not responding.
That time Ansh came n examine the surroundings.
As soon as his eyes fall on swara he feel like dying. He Doll was sitting like a statue Wid red eyes n emotionless face.
He rush to her n hug her tightly.
Sak:?Ansh beta… See na she is not responding to anything plz do something ?
An:?Doll….. Look at me *He cup her face*But swara was not looking at him.
An:DOLLL….look at me baby ?
By saying this he hug her again.
This time swara feels his hug n hug him back n started to cry badly.
Ansh tried to consol her but she get out from his hold n runs from there.
Ansh n Raglak saw this n run behind them assuring others that they will take care of her.

As soon as she reached there she sat on her knees n fold his hand.
Sw:WHYYYY…why u always want to snatched my happiness from me…. WHAT SIN I HAVE DONE??From childhood u gave me so much pain…. Did I ever complain to u…?DID I? U gave me back my everything…. But today ? u r planning to snatch my soul from me…..He is my soul… My saviour knowingly
/unknowingly he is always there for me when I need someone Like a shield….. ?Plz plz…. Give him back to me Bappa….. I will not be able to survive widout him….. I love him…. He is my everything plz….. I will never ask u anything… U can kill me but plz dnt harm him…. ?
Ansh Raglak who saw all this were happy by seeing the love of swara for Sanskar.
Laksh was confirmed that no matter what happens swara will never leave san He is everything for her
Ragansh hug her n consol her
Rag:Shona …stop crying nothing will happen to sanskar.
An:Yes doll… Nothing will happen to him…. U trust ur Bhaiyo na….
Swara just nodded n hug both of them.

They move to ward…
After two hours Doc come to them n inform that he is alright now.
Doc:He is fine now but need complete bed rest for some days.
All nodded
Dp:can we meet him?
Doc:Yes …u can but after sometime. He is still in medicine effect…..
After sometime they went to San room to meet him.
Sanskar sees everyone but his eyes were searching for his teddy who was sitting outside the room Wid a stubborn face.
All notice his restlessness n smile.
Lak:she is outside bhai…..
San just nodded but still waiting for her.
Here Ragansh tried to convince her.
Rag:?shona…since u heared the news u were crying like anything n was saying u wanna meet him but now what happen….
An:yes ….he is searching for u everywhere… Come let’s go…
Sw:?Noo… I will not go….
Ragansh smile n drag her to the room n place her in front of San.
All smile n went out to give them some privacy.

Swara was just sitting beside San.San was not Able to understand her so he hold her hand.
Swara look towards him n he give a sweet ☺ but she jerk her hand n turn her face.
San was confuse
San:*extra sweetness*Teddyyyy
Swara give a deadly glare to him but keep mum.
Sanskar dnt know what to do to make her speak so he cough fakely.
Swara immediately make him drink water n massage his chest.
He smile n place his hand on her hand by which she was massaging him.
Swara took away her hand n sat a lil far from him. San become sad.After a while he slept due to medicine effect.
After checking san Doc said that they can t
Discharge san as swara said she will take care of him.
No one wants to go home but Becz of hospital rule only two people can stay. As swara was not going home leaving San in this condition n Ansh will not leave his Doll for a sec so they decide that swaransh will stay there n rest went home.
Ansh went to drop them till the car n swara went to San.
She saw him sleeping n by seeing his condition she was feeling terrible.
She cares his hair gave a peck on his lips n went from there.

Swaransh were sitting outside the cabin. Swara lean n place her head on his shoulder.
Ansh cares her hair n place his head on her.
Sw:?Bhaiyo… I am scared
An:why doll… Everything is fine now
Sw:?Dnt know Bhaiyo… An unknown fear is making me restless.
An:Doll…I Am here na… N ur love is also wid u ?
An:?Ooo my doll Is blushing ?
Sw:?leave my one… U tell what about u?
U r also in love
An:?m m… No… Nothing like that doll
Sw:?No problem Bhaiyo its okay if u dnt want to share. ?
An:*cup her face*then with whom I will share…do u know doll..I forgot to share my feelings after u left me…?
Sw:Bhaiyo no Rona dhona… Now tell ur love story ….how u both meet
An: it is an arrange marriage….Elders fix the alliance.
I was not so sure about it as I dnt have any relationship Wid anyone.So I decide to talk Wid her widout seeing her pic. So I called her n
Ansh call Maira (Sanaya irani)
Ma:Hello whom do u want?
Ansh was shock Wid her tone.
Ma:?Oye… Speak up u stupid…already I am irritated with this economic exam… And u r irritating me…who hell r u?
Ansh freeze at his place as none dared to shout on him till now…. He is the one who always shout on others
An:?Helllo… I am Ansh
Ma:?R u a Governor that u r saying ur name to identify … Whose ansh ?Who
Ansh was highly irritated n he cut the call.l
Ma:I thing he got scared ?
Swara was laughing ?n Ansh was giving a sad puppy look to her
An:See u r also laughing at me ?
Sw:?Bhaiyo she have guts I m eager to met Bhabi
An:she is desperate to meet u
Soon she will come here
Now its too late already u r tired now go to sleep
Ansh went to room next to sans cabin..swara went to San’s room

Precape:Heartless swara Helpless sanskar

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