Heartless sanskar Helples swara episode 50

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Sanskar remembers her cute angry face and smiles..but his smile vanished immediately   and unknown fear of losing his teddy killing him inside..he sighs and changed into his night suit.

He look at his mobile gallery which is filled with swara’s pics..he cares the pic in which she laughed whole heartedly

Sanskar (monologue): once I were your devil who tortured you physically and mentally ,but the fear of losing you made me realised your place in my life..before i was addicted to alcohol and s*x but now my every thoughts are about ,how to protect you ..i was destroying myself because i didn’t have any reason to live or any person to live for..but when i seen the pain you were beared , i was restless every second and cursed myself for my helplessness..I have lots of things to share with you but now its not right time.. now i have to finish this mystery behind you.. I will never let anyone to hurt you..i will go to any extend to protect you…but but..I am afraid teddy..not only me, Ansh who known to the world as iron man and arrogant business tycoon is also afraid of some mysteries happened ,happening around you.. but we pretend to be strong infront of all..will make everything fine as soon as possible

Later in Dining hall

Everyone took their seat ,sanskar constantly look for his teddy whereas Ansh is in deep thought not giving damn to his surrounding

Ragini and maira are serving dinner everyone when sanskar looks around not seeing his teddy got sad and about to take a bite from his plate but stopped by getting hit on his hand

Sanskar: ssh ahh

He look up and see swara who took his plate ans went from there without even seeing him

Sanskar got shocked as she took his plate whereas others amused seeing the scene

Sanskar smiles when maid bring his diet food ..

All start to have their dinner,Ansh had one and half roti and went to his room saying he feels tired..

All are puzzled by his action but sanskar convinced them saying he is tired because of continuous meetings..

Swara who listens this from kitchen prepared turmeric milk immediately and sent to Ansh room by maid..

Maid went to Ansh room with glass of milk..

Maid: sir..

Ansh :(by seeing glass)what is this?

Maid: sir..turmeric milk..

Ansh:I don’t want..leave..

But she stands there without moving..


Maid: Sir,shona di asked me to give to you anyhow..

Ansh(worried): ok ..keep there..

She nods her head and kept the tray on table and left..

Ansh closed his eyes ,tears rolling down his cheeks ..

Ansh(choked voice): I am sorry doll..I failed to protect you..

Dining hall

Maira and ragini forcelly made swara to have her dinner..Sanskar about to speak with swara but got a call,so he went from there to attend the call..

Arnab was more irritated because both sanskar and Ansh didn’t even ask sorry to swara..they are busy with their work..and also swara looks too dull from morning..

After attending the call sanskar went upstairs..ie to Ansh room..

Swara who saw felt ignorant and was at the edge of crying..but controls herself and excuse from others that she feels sleepy..

Sakshi : I hope everything will be fine soon..I can’t see my children being upset like this..

Arnab: its only princess who is sad..but that idiots busy with their so call works..

By saying this ,he left from there..

AP: don’t worry sakshi ..everything will be fine..but I don’t understand Ansh and sanskar behaviour today..

Ragini: you are right..there are tensed about something,if not they would be in the mission of convincing shona..

Laksh understood what ragini said is fact,he looked others who are worried so he convinced them..

Laksh: ma..Ansh and Bhai are busy with continuous meetings and pressure of new venture ..they will be fine soon..
They might have planned to convince swara..you know them na..

All agrees and went to do their works..

Ansh room..

Ansh: that means,what ever she told is true..(by saying this he punched his hand on wall)

Sanskar(by controlling his tears): yes..sanjay got swara when she met an accident..this happened after an year she went missing from her birthday..

Ansh (shocked): sanjay took advantage of her memory loss and took revenge by this..

Sanskar: sanjay wanted to take revenge from your family by treating princess of singhaniya family as slave..

Ansh(break down ):why my doll suffering this much?
My grandpa made sanjay’s son arrest as he supplied drugs in school that too he was 16 years old..sanjay requested to save his son..but before that his son attacked one police officer while arresting and he was too violent to handle..in process of saving a child whom sanjay’s son hold as victim to escape he got shot by police and died on the spot

Sanskar: but how you believed sanjay kidnapped swara ? And she died

Ansh: when doll went missing ,we searched everywhere and enquired everyone in that we got to know sanjay planned to take revenge from us people near doll’s school often seen him from one month before her birthday..and also one employee seen him in party and he went missing from the time swara missing

Sanskar: then what happened?

Ansh:police got information that doll was kept captive in a house which is away from city
We rushed there ,before that the house got burned due to short circuit and there was two dead bodies

Sanskar : how you concluded that it is swara and sanjay?

Ansh: we saw two burned bodies..in which one is little one,but it is completely burned then forensic people got hair which was struck in door and confirmed its belong to doll and we got doll’s bracelet and other body had silver plate on its right leg which made us to believe ,it is sanjay

Sanskar(shocked to the core): culprit played very clever way that no one can identify him

Swasan room

Swara switched off lights but didn’t lock the door as she waiting for sanskar

Swara lying on bed with teary eyes

Swara(monologue): i never felt special for anyone before..what special?no one was there to worry about me and care for me..by fate sanskar married me ..and i got my family..I don’t remember phase of my life as shona singhaniya..but I was overjoyed to get my family and sanskar’s care for me..but today I felt completely ignorant..(tears making its way down her cheeks)..when did you start to expect swara?you accepted whatever happen in your life..but but..it is really hurting..(by this she closed her mouth by her hands and cries silently)

Suddenly she sees a shadow near door which looks different she gets scared

Precape:Sanskar shocked to hear what swara said

#Episode credit – sheeba

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