The heartless don and his bubbly love (prologue)

The scene opens in a hospital . Some nurses were talking a lady on the stretcher . A man fully drenched with water was also walking along them rubbing the hands of the patient constantly trying to make him gain consciousness but all in vain .

Man – nothing will happen to u till I am here … till ur sanskaar is here …

And with this those nurses took the patient inside the OT . Soon the red light gets on. 

The man I mean sanskaar sits on the sofa near the nearby window and starting crying hiding his face with his hands . It was continously raining outside with the lighting and thunder. 
Sanskaar’s pov 

Hey it is sanskaar maheshwari naam toh suna hi haga na !!!!  I am the most dangerous don in kolkata . Everybody is scared of me . Only my name is enough for creating goosebumps I their stomachs . I always torcher people and make them work for me without giving anything to them in return . There is no reason for it . The dongiri Is in my blood only.  Its like a hereditary . First dadu then papa and now me , all are the famous dons of kolkata .

From starting only I was taught to harm other by my father . A feeling of hartness rose in my heart whenever I see someone . But for the first time I felt happy seeing a person or we can say angel ,,, my angel . Now u all would be thinking that who is the person ??? And how I met her ??? And much more .

So what happened ….. arre arre don’t worry I will tell u everything . So lets go into a flashback for knowing about my love story my and hers love story .


Guys so here is the proglogue . So from next episode the main story will start . There will be no present till the past will end . So stay stunned for more updates .


  1. Crazyfunky

    |Registered Member

    wahh don acn also be a eee bedu apunki bhi love story hai chal tereko sunata hun..
    jokes apart awsm intro ll wait to read further

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