The heartless don and his bubbly love (episode 3)


Recap – Swasan first meet . Dp ask sanskaar to take revenge from swara whenever he will meet her again .


♡Part 3♡

Next morning
Maheshwari mansion

Sanskaar was ready for his office and came down for breakfast . He sat on one of chair . Dp was sitting in head chair reading newspaper . As soon as he saw sanskaar . He kept newspaper aside and smiles seeing him .

Dp – Happy birthday sanskaar !!!!
Sanskaar (without any interest) – thnk uh !!!
Dp – beta .. what u want on ur birthday child .
Sanskaar – u know na …
Before sanskaar could complete his sentence Dp completes it .
Dp – that u never want to celebrate ur birthday … as today only … (got teary eyes)
Sanskaar (also get teary eyes) – as today only my parents died bcoz of plan crash . Today only I last time saw my parents .
Dp – And today only ur parents gave all ur responsibilities to me . I still remember when u were just five and ur father gave ur responsibilities to me .
Sanskaar was seeing towards the floor and thinking about their childhood moments with his parents which he rarely remember .
Dp thinks to change the topic .
Dp  – and bcoz of ur father only I left my kalawati or today she would be ur godmother . (And makes a cute pout)

Note – : kalawati was dp’s crush . He was about to propose him but on that day sanskaar’s father (rp) met with an accident and when he gave dp the responsibility of sanskaar he forget his love and never married . Since dp is sanskaar’s godfather kalawati would be his godmother ..

Sanskaar smiles a little . Till then ramu kaka comes with dinner .

Sanskaar – Ramu kaka as u know that today is my birthday .
Ramu kaka – And like every year till afternoon I have to arrange gifts for the orphans ..
Sanskaar smiles and nods yes .

Since Dp and sanskaar are underworld dons so they don’t have to go to offices and all. 


At hotel

Swara and shekhar were silently having  coffee in the cafeteria when swara broke the silence .
Swara – baba today is maa’s birthday ..
Listening this shekhar get teary eyes . Swara consoles her .
Swara – I am sorry baba …
Shekhar – its ok princess …
Swara – As u know every year I go to orphanage for donating something but this year we are here for my treatment so can I go to nearby orphanage with small gifts .
Shekhar – ok … (smiles) .


Maheshwari mansion
Sanakaar’s room

Sanskaar was sitting in his room doing something in his lappy when dp knocks on the door .

Sanskaar (still seeing in lappy) – yes comein .
Dp – beta !!! Ur gifts are ready . Now u can leave for orphanage. 
Sanskaar – Ok …
Sanskaar wears his coat and was about to leave when dp stops her .
Dp – sanskaar …
Sanakaar – yes sir !!!!
Dp – woh I have arranged a  party or we can say small get together today..
Sanskaar – but sir ….
Dp – I will invite shekhar also so that he can give the money easily .
Sanskaar nods yes and leaves .



Sanskaar parked his car near the orphanage gate and came out with the packets. Watchman welcomes him .
Sanskaar (to watchamn) – gather all the children in the back garden .
Watchmen – they are already there ..
Sanskaar (suprised) – what ???
Watchman – yes … wo a mam had came to meet them .
Sanskaar nods yes and goes to check who is the lady .

When he saw the lady he was shocked . She was the same girl whom he met in airport .

Sanskaar (thinks) – yeh parking wali lady yahan kya kar rahi h ???
He goes and hides behind a tree and secretly sees swara who was busy playing football with kids .

” Yeh we win … girls win .. girls are the best ” She shouted in excitement .

Sanskaar (thinks)- No boys are the best .. I will go and show her …
Sanskaar goes to swara and snatches the football from her hand .
Swara (shocked) – u here ??? What are u doing here … again came to park ur car ???
The orphans started laughing while sanskaar gets angry .
Sanskaar – Shut the hell up … and what u said now that girls are the best ..  no they are the loosers …
Orphan boy – yes u are right BHAIYA ..  girls are the loosers …
Orphan girl – who said that we are loosers ???? Agar ham nahi hote to tum log bhi nahi hote … so shut ur mouth !!!
Swara – yes she is saying right … girls are the best .. 
Sanskaar – no boys are the best …
Swara – girls …
Sanakaar – boys …
Like this swasan started fighting . Their fight was interrupted by a loud voice of a old man .


Precap – Boys v/s Girls …

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