The heartless don and his bubbly love (episode 2)

Recap – Swara and shekhar shifting to kolkata for swara’s treatment . Intro of sanskaar’s godfather .


♡Part 2♡

Outside the airport

Swara was waiting for shekhar to return with taxi when she saw a man fighting with a foreign lady for some unknown reason . She goes to them to know about the matter. 

Man – I will park my car here . U can park ur car anywhere else
Lady – who are u to order me ???

Man – u don’t know me I am the biggest don of kolkata the great SM . So, Don’t dare to argue with me .

Their fight was disturbed by a voice .

Voice – hey mr.don !!!!

The lady and the man I mean sanskaar turned only to see our swara standing there. 

Swara goes to sanskaar .

Swara – what happened why u both are fighting ???
Man – that’s none of ur business…
Swara – hey !!! Who are u to tell me about my business …
Sanskaar was about to tell swara his identity when swara itself said it. 
Swara (mimics sanskaar) –  I am biggest don of kolkata the great SM .
Sanskaar – how do u know that ???
Swara (again mimics him ) – that’s none of ur business …

Sanskaar becomes red in angerangry while the lady laughs .

Sanskaar ( points fingers towards swara ) – u !!!!!
Swara also points fingers towards him and both eyes each other angrily making people to become curious and make a circle around them to see the tamasha .

Sanskaar – dekh loonga  tumhe …
Swara – oh u want to see me …. (shows  her dress and takes a turn ) see … see … am I looking pretty ??? Oh I am slaying !!! Thnk u … (she acts to blush)

Everyone present there start laughing while sanskaar becomes more angry and irritated .

Swara (again points her finger towards him) – chalo… abb niklo and park ur car somewhere else !!!
Sanskaar – now u will see what sanskaar maheshwari can do !!!!
Swara (acts to fear) – main toh darr gayi …
And started laughing leaving sanskaar in shock as this first time that someone insulted the great SM .
Sanskaar – I will take revenge from u …

Saying this sanskaar left from there while lady thnx swara .

Swara (to the people gathered there) – abb tum logon ki bhi bezzati karoon kya !!! (Now should I insult u all also) …..

Every one get frightened and leaves from there  :-p

Swara phone starts ringing . She swipes the screen and picks the phone .
Swara – hello !!!! Yes baba …
Shekhar – beta I am waiting for u with the taxi at the GATE TWO OF AIRPORT . So come there …
Swara – ok….

And cuts the call .


Here in sanskaar’s side

He was waiting for his godfather to arrive when he sees him coming out with some bodygaurds handling his laguage . He goes and touches his feet and welcomes him . While dp blesses him .

Dp – god bless u my child !!! Hope u will get marry soon …
Sanskaar – sir !!! Aap bhi na …
And he unknowingly blushes .
Dp – my child is blushing …. (laughs) ok lets go …

They leave for the maheshwari mansion .


In Maheshwari mansion
At night

Sanskaar was sitting in his room thinking about swara . Unknowingly a curve appears on his lips when her face flashes in front of her eyes . Her chain of thoughts was disturbed by knock on the door .

Sanskaar (without seeing on the door)- yes come in .
Dp – ye lo .. garma garam khana taeyaar hai …. (hot -hot food is ready )
Sanskaar – arre … sir you here ???
Dp – can’t I come in ur room ???
Sanskaar – No .. no…. that’s not the thing why u took pain to bring food for me ????
Dp smiles and make sanskaar sit on the sofa and keep the food tray in front of him .
Dp – Tum kitne bhi bade ho jao mere liye bachhe hi rahoge ….
Sanskaar smiles and starts eating .
He again get lost in thoughts of swara .

Dp – so what happened about shekhar’s money ??? U know na he took a loan of 50 lakhs …. I want the whole money with the interest .
Sanskaar who is in thoughts of swara doesn’t replied .
Dp – sanskaar …
Sanskaar – no reply …
Dp – sanskaar ….
Sanskaar – no reply …

Sanskaar doesn’t replied so dp shaked him bcoz of which he came to senses .

Sanskaar – hmmm yes sir ….
Dp – where were u lost ???
Sanskaar – nothing ….
Dp – u can’t lie from me … say what happened ???

Sanskaar can’t hide anything from his sir so he told dp everything .

Dp (angrily) –  how can u loose in front of that girl ??? U should have shown him what u are ….
Sanskaar – but sir ….
Dp – leave all that .. but whenever u will meet him next time tell him what u are …… u are SM and u should maintain ur dignity ..

Sanskaar nods yes and dp leaves angrily.


Precap – their ways are different but their destiny is same . Swasan second meet .

Done with the part . Hope u all liked it . So guys in next part there will be swasan second meet . So stay stunned .

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    Awww…ssss…mmmm part…😀😀😀
    Loved it very much….
    Keep rocking with ur superb writings
    Next part soon plz…plz..

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    I read both chappy now..They are fabulous.. Loved it.. Sanky,the great don shocks,swara the cute and sweet girl rocks😉😉.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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