The heartless don and his bubbly love (episode 1)


♡Part 1♡

Some months ago from proglogue

The scene opens in a mumbai big villa . A girl was sleeping peacefully sleeping hugging her large size pink teddy . Her beauty sleep was disturbed by his father’s voice .

Father – udha ja meri princess … we have to leave for kolkata .

In everyone’s case , mumma is having the duty of waking up a child but in her case this duty was of her father bcoz how can her mother come from heaven and wake her up .

Girl – papa itni bhi jaldi kya hai . Hamari train nahi choot rahi hai …

Her father goes and sits beside her bed and cares her hairs .

Father – I know swara u don’t want to leave mumbai but its important for ur treatment .
Swara (while closing her eyes) – I know baba … but what’s the need of doing all this u know na one day I have fo die .

Shekhar became angry listening this and immediately asked her to get ready as they getting late for airport and left from there .

Swara – yeh dadoo bhi na … ok lets leave all this and get ready .. I again don’t want to make gim angry like last night …

Actually swara don’t want to go to kolkata as she want to live in mumbai only and enjoy . But shekhar forced her to go to kolkata for her treatment as somebody suggested for it.  And after lot of fights on this matter swara finally agreed and now they will live in kolkata untill swara will not be completely cured .


Here in shekhar’s room

He was talking to someone unknown . Only shekhar’s voice is heard . The other person (os) voice is not heard .

Shekhar – haan baba I am coming to kolkata ….
Os – mute
Shekhar – haan ok I will bring ur whole amount …but plz message me the place and time …
Os – mute
Shekhar – haan baba as u say … I will give u the amount as soon as I will reach there .

Their conversation was disturbed by a voice coming from behind .
Voice – kisko paise dene hai papa (to whom u have to give the money )

Yes guys that voice is of swara .

Shekhar (to os ) I will talk to u later ..

And cuts the call. 

Shekhar – nothing beta .. just some client who live in kolkata .

Swara nods yes as she have full trust on her dad .


Here on the other side In  kolkata

Two person were talking . Their face is not visible as it is dark there. 

Person1 : what he said ???
Person 2 – sir, he said that he will return the whole amount as he is coming to kolkata .
Person 1 – ok …..

Person 2 leaves . Person 1’s face is revealed and he is sanskaar .

He gets a call . He sees the caller id and smiles . He picks it up .

Sanskaar – hello sir …
Sir – hello beta … what about money ???
Sanskaar – don’t worry money is arranged . The only thing we have to do is to tell him the place and time as he is coming to kolkata .
Sir – good … tell him some appropriate date and time .
Sanskaar – ok sir …
Sir – and I am coming to kolkata for visting u … and that also tomorrow …
Sanskaar (gets happy) – really ????
Sir – yes ….
Sanskaar – ok sir will be waiting for u ….. I will come to pick u up … plz message me the time of landing the flite …
Sir – hmm  ok bye ….

Introduction to sanskaar’s sir -:
Durgaprasad mehra – the biggest don of underworld . Treats sanskaar as his own son . After the death of his parents he took care of him . Best frnd of sanskaar’s father (rp) . In all we can say that he is sanskaar’s god father .


Next day

Sanskaar was all set for leaving for airport .

At kolkata’s airport

Swara and shekhar’s flite has landed . They are come out of the airport .

Swara – baba ….. where we have to go ???
Shekhar – beta we have to go to the The green palace hotel .
Swara – ok … but we have a bunglow here na … we can live there …
Shekhar – yes angel but it was locked up since many years that’s it is very dirty . I have sent some people to clean it.  We will shift there after some days .
Swara becomes sad as she don’t want to live in a hotel .
Swara (sadly)- ok….
Shekhar – I am going to take taxi … u take care of the luggage .
Swara nods yes and shekhar goes to take taxi .

Swara was waiting for her dad to return when she saw a ….


Precap – Swasan first meet. 

So guys done with the first part . So now the question arises that
Why shekhar borrowed money instead of being a big businessman ???

Keep thinking .

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