Heartbreak (Dehleez) Part 2


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So going ahead with the story,…..

Swadheenta and adarsh are neighbors in the class.. swadheenta sits behind Adarsh. Slowly, they become friends.

Adarsh asks her one day, swadheenta if u had to make one of the boys of this class ur bf, who would it be? Swadheenta chooses a random guy called shiv and says him, I would make him my bf, while pointing towards shiv. Adarsh says….. ok, if u hv to chose top five, then?? Swadheenta names three guys, then says … ummmm, I guess you would be my fourth choice for a bf. Adarsh blushes.

Swadheenta asks him to answer the same question. Adarsh keeps her too at the fourth place. Then they laugh about it.?

As days passed, the two started spending more time with each other. They were partners in the computer lab. Swadheenta, being the class head, saved Adarsh from many situations. They were known for being brother and sister to each other.

Adarsh used to tell swadheenta about his crushes. Swadheenta too shared a lot of things with him. Slowly, the bond deepened. They were now great Friends. swadheenta helped Adarsh…. she went out of her way to tell him the answers during examinations. Adarsh was always the first person to congratulate her on any of her victories.

Swadheenta called a guy called asad as her brother, though they had no such relationship. Asad was Adarsh ‘s best friend of many Years. One day, in Seventh class, a few days before the beginning of the summer break, asad told swadheenta that adarsh really liked him and wanted to become her bf. Swadheenta could not believe it. She asked him to reconfirm. Asad took guarantee for this.

Swadheenta was really happy. She immediately told her best friend, pinky, about it. This pinky was a muhboli sister of Adarsh. She went up to him and asked about it. He said yes I really like her. The only thing I don’t like is her boycut. I wish she would change that.

Pinky told swadheenta about it. Swadheenta said that she would not change for someone who could not accept her the way she is. The story had ended before taking off.

Precap: The story takes off, finally.?

Keep reading, dont forget to post your cmnts…… also this is a true Story, so I can write only what all I remember. It’s been seven yrs now, but some aspects of the story are still alive today. Though most of them just died in d past few days, but this story is one told from a girl’s perspective, who had to face all this at that tender age of hers, and ruined seven yrs of her life….. n is still just learning to start over again.

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  1. Die hard fan of swadarsh

    Keep writing regularly.nice one&THANks jeall.

  2. hi guys, this is jeall….. I will be writing the next part soon … please be patient, my phone is not working……. sorry 🙂

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