Heartbreak (Dehleez) Part 1


Hi to all! This is Jeall, n this is my first fan fiction on this show…..
Also this is a true life story, I hope you guys will read it n give ur cmnts.?
So, let’s begin wid the story. A girl called swadheenta , was leaving her school. Her father had got transferred to another place,and in order to move with him, she had to leave all her wonderful friends….?
She cried a lot.. didn’t speak for quite a few days, which was surprising, knowing that she was perhaps the most talkative girl ever born on the planet. This was in class nine. Her parents were shocked as to why she had been behaving like this, after all, it was not the first time she was changing her school, the other times she had been so sporty about it! Little did they know what had happened in the recent months……..

She still remembered that day. The first day she had talked to him. It was in sixth. He had been newly admitted to the school, and had come to congratulate her for an extempore competition she had won. They had shaked hands…. n she had thought him to be a cheap guy who shook hands with unknown girls. She and her friend had even laughed about it. Never in her dreams did she know that one handshake would change her life forever.

The guy, Adarsh, had been known for his endless list of crushes. Every girl used to laugh at him for this. When he joined that class, he got infamous, because nobody really thought that people could have crushes even in class sixth.

As days passed, swadheenta and adarsh became friends. They brozoned each other. Swadheenta had always been the topper. Adarsh, not knowing her capabilities, challenged her that he would be a better scorer in the first unit tests. Swadheenta accepted, knowing he would never be able to win the challenge. What she did not dealing the process was that, adarsh won something bigger in the process.
True, he scored well below swadheenta. But he won something else…. he won her heart. Swadheenta fell for adarsh, without even knowing anything about it.

The damage had been done. And it proved to be a permanent damage. But, how did it happen? And why was it a damage? Why not a love story, with a happy ending? Read my next ff to find out.

Till then, take care… bye.???
P.s. dont forget to give ur views, especially all the dehleez fans who used to cmnt on d episode summary pages, I will later reveal whose real lofe story it is, bcz it was one of the frequently commenting people out there, who had to face all this ???.

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  1. Jeall

    Guys, if even one of u has read it, plz give ur cmnts….. how else wud I continue?????

  2. Just awesome……waiting for next episode .glad that somebody is writing a ff on dehleez .

  3. Nice one…..

  4. Die hard fan of swadarsh

    Thanks.thanks.thanks .thanks a lot fr the ff

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