My Heartbeats (Part 1)


Hello everyone. I m radhika a silent reader. Have read many fanficitions here and loved them all.So i thought to write myself one. Sorry for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please do comment if u like it and want me to continue.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Name of my story is “ My heartbeats “. It’s a love story of two person of opposite nature falling madly in love with each other.

The female lead is Aarohi Pradhan-a beautiful,sweet and caring girl. She loves to chat similarly her beautiful eyes also speaks a lot, her eyes are the mirror of her soul. She belongs to a traditional and reserved family. She is in college loves dance but can’t because of her conservative family.

The male lead is Aryan Malhotra-a person with a tough exterior. He is handsome, young, intelligent and successful businessman but arrogant, intimidating, rude and doesn’t care about others feelings presenting himself as a villain to protect his soft heart. His well built body and dazzling looks makes every girl fall for him, he is the wish of every girl, the heartbeat of every girl.

Here i start

A amazing garden of roses of all colours with a beautiful waterfall is shown. Birds and butterfly are flying happily around the place. A white coloured wooden house is there in the middle of the garden, a narrow long road is there that is connecting the house and the main road. A small dining table is there outside the house on the right side with breakfast kept ready on it. On the left hand side a girl in a elegant pink silver glitter ball gown is seen standing near the waterfall, feeling the cool breeze flowing her open long hair. She is admiring the beauty of the garden and on her left hand side a boy in a white suit looking hot is admiring her with love and a charming and full of happiness smile is spread over his lips. He is leaning over a tree that is near the waterfall and is intensely looking a her. The girl smiles shyly on releasing his lovingly intense stare on her. Water drops falls on them from the waterfall. The boy lovingly calls her “ AAROHI come lets have breakfast first it’s getting cold. She on hearing him turns towards him but she is not able to see his face everything is getting blur she can only hear his voice calling continuously her name lovingly and suddenly she hears a female voice calling her and asking to get up and prepare breakfast everyone is waiting. How long will u sleep get up. She wakes up with a jerk and sees her surrounding, her messed up room that is similar to a storeroom, a lady with anger on her face looking at her and asking to hurry up and then she releases that it was her dream. Her face becomes sad and she says that it can only be a dream.
She gets up and says her chachi (yes that lady is her chachi) that she will in 10 mins make breakfast for everyone.
Chachi with rudeness say: better u hurry up, u know without making breakfast u wont be allowed to go to college.
Aarohi hurries and gets ready and makes breakfast for everyone with great speed and goes to her college.

Why is her chachi behaving like this? Will her dream only be dream ?
Who was that boy in her dream?

I hope u all like it and should i continue to write ?
please do comment even negative comments are welcomed bcoz it will help me to rectify my mistakes.

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  2. It’s superb yaar plz continue…’t wait to read nxt epi

  3. Awesome intro, your narration is very beautiful. …the characterization n plot is veryyyyyyy interesting. ..plzzz continue dearrrrrr, I’ll wait for the next episode, love you loads.

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