my heart is with you (yvr fanfic)


Hello everyone, this is my first fanfic so forgive me if I make any mistake. All the character remain the same. It starts with the introduce of survive and kartik after the 8 years leap. The thing different from the serial before the leap is that, Survi falls from a cliff (to save kartik n kartik knows this. Every1 thinks she is dead.)
how this happened we all know later.

So let’s get started..
@Berlin, Germany

A beautiful girl is seen sleeping peacefully. Her baby pink lips are curving into a smile as her soft curly jet black hair is tickling her face. She is sleeping like a baby. Suddenly her smile starts fading. She almost start s frowning as a teardrop rolls down from her eyes. Its easy to say that her dream has just turned to a nightmare. She wakes up with a jerk and looks around her room to assure herself that it was just a dream. Silently she gets down from her bed n walks toward the washroom. She cups her hands n takes some water in it. She splashes it over her face. She looks at her reflection in the mirror n says” I am Simmi. Simmi Malhotra, daughter of Shakher Malhotra n Leisel Malhotra. I am the heir of Simel group of industries n I am going to be a doc soon. I have everything except my past. 8 years ago I met with an accident n don’t remember anything that happened before that. BT I have have moved on n recovers from the trauma or at least I an trying to….”

Mumbai, India
A guy is drinking continuously. He feels his head aching due to hangover. He sits on his bed and presses his forehead. As he closes his eyes he hears a melodious voice of a young girl” Tie the handkerchief around ur head and ur pain will go away. ” On hearing the voice he becomes restless n opens his eyes quickly. Bt doesn’t find anyone In his room. He opens his drawer n takes out a picture of a 14 year old girl. He wraps his hand around it putting it close to his heart. He says” U could never see me in pain. Right? Then why r u doing this? Why did you leave me Survi? The biggest pain that I suffered and am still suffering is loosing you. U have my heart and still u left me. That day I should have fallen off the cliff not u. I don’t know if you are still alive or not as no one found ur body.BT if u r alive then come back to ur Kartik. I m incomplete without u.”. Saying this he lay on his bed n started crying.

If I have done any mistake than forgive me n give me ur valuable opinions.

Credit to: Krisline

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  1. This much short epi.Where is precap?When u will update next epi? Anyway this was quite interesting.

  2. Loved ur story??

  3. dnt worr its nic i lv it bt next epsod plz plz

  4. Nice very interesting to see a different aspect of YVR 🙂

  5. its a good start…next time remember recap and next epsodes date…

  6. Superb. Next part please.
    Friends please go and like fan pafe on karvi- karthik and survi

  7. Boring. this happens in all hindi serial . try to do some thing new.

  8. Nice… bt it is to small… n when u r going to update next epi… plzz update soon… n make it more long… it is to short like a promo…..

  9. This was just an intro. Thanks for the comments.

  10. When willl be ur next epi will come…

    upload next epi fast…. .

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