Heart without beat ( Swasan Ts) by Aanya Episode 2

Hii.. evryone
Aanya is here?

2nd part…

Sanskar’s eyes filled with tears again flashes comes in front

^^^plzz sanskar hug mee tyt i want to die in ur arms^^

He shout louder nd shoot

Ragsan are freezed in hug…

Sanskar eyes can see the same pain in them…which he gave to soo many people to killed their love ones…the pain from which he is suffering

But… his lady love’s pure love inside him stop him to seperate lovers


Ragini look at her nd laksh but they both r fine…
Sanskar shoot in air

Sahil:sanskar what is this…plzz shoot them we dont hav whole day

Sansakr push sahil nd hold ragini’s hand

San:come on move evryone… today i fullfill my swra’s wish… i dont seperate them..

Sahil try to stop him but he ran away with raglak

Sahil:this is not done sanskar…u hav to pay for this


Sanskar with raglak comes to a place

San:u guys r save here

Lak:y r u helping us…wht do u want??

Rag:we dont hav anything to giv u…

San:I want only one thing …can can u kill me plzz
He give his gun in ragini’s hand but ragini throw that

Rag:r u crazy ..huh.. i think u r mental…

Lak:ragini shhh..

Sanskar start behaving wiered…he smile then cry swra’s memories comes in his mind…

Ragini look at him but confused about…his cindition


Now its 9pm…

Rag:Laksh …m scared

Lak:why?? Bcz of graveyard ..
Rag:yes… we spend night here
Lak:just chill m with u so no one can harm u…nd u knw this graveyard is famous for love…a mad lover comes here daily on a grave

Listening their talks sanskar who is holding a locket in his hand …just look at them…with teary eyes

Rag:what?? I feel soo bad for him..? we go away from this place..whre lovers die for so called honour

Sanskar stand up…

Lak:hii whre r u going?

San:my wife is waiting for me..

Rag:ohh that girl is ur wife..i saw on ur phn’s screen..aww she is so beautiful

San:swara is most beautiful

Lak:wow u love her so much
Rag:can i meet to that lucky girl…plz

Sanskar giv a look to ragini

San:she is not lucky… my love becom curse for her

He leave…

Raglak wait for him for an hour…then through the way whre sanskar went…they reach to him

Rag:laksh thre he is

Raglak shocked to see him nd look at each other



Sahil:swara he really loves u i knw u also love him..i can see that plzz sav him…


She run inside nd hug him tyt…

Swa:i love u sanskar

He comes in sense

San:swaraa r u mad what r u doing here..plzz go..bomb can be blast just..

San:shut up… i dnt go any whre i love u..if we cant live together so its better to die

They both hug each other


Its around one minute

Swara open her eyes

Swa:sanskar… r we in heaven…but y i didnt feel pain

San:swra heaven is not look like ur house..bomb didnt blast

Then ssahil burst out in laugh nd clap

Sahil:???aww u guys r too much…


Sahil:actually…when u run after listening that swra is shekhar gadoxia’s daughtr…so i call our goonz …so thre is no bomb

Swa:? haww so u dont tell us…

San:?sahil..u knw i was soo scared

Sahil:guys…if i tell u so u nver confess ur love

Swasan look at each other

San:well..gud job sahil?
Swa:?? but baba…he is unconscious…u did somthing

Sahil:nooo… its bcz of his old age? now he is senior of senior citizen

SanHil laugh…nd swara?


In hospital

Doctr said that shekhar is not well so dont giv him any kind of tension..

Shkhr:swraa r u ok shona??

Swa:yes baba m fine u tell me..u feel better


Shkhr:? what r u doing here(he hug swraa ) shona dont wry ram uncle get out him frm here….this criminal..killer wht he is doing here do u knew him

Swa:baba dnt wry…m ok dnt be hyper plzzz


Swa:just get out…dnt u listen wht baba said…nd i dnt want to see ur face again…leave

Sahil holds sanskar hand nd take him outside

In night…

Sanskar crying

Sahil:see bro… this love family r not for us… we r part of crime…we snatch hppinesz of thousand people we dnt hav right to be happy

San:i knw…but i knw she loves me…nd i love him we go away..from here

Sahil:she dont love u…just knot this

Swa:Noo i love him..? sahil u just shut up

Both look back nd swara is standing..


Swa:yes mee..???

Sahil:but wht r u doing here if someone see u..

Swa:yez…so wht u doo…go nd signal us if anyone come…nd i giv sleeping pill to baba

Sahil: okk u guyS…solve ur matter faster

Sanskar look at him..


SanskR nodes

Swara cups his face

Swa:i love u…not any situation change my feelings for u…

San:but m a criminal swara i cant risk ur life to be with u

Swa: i die without u… i nver feel like this when u touch me..when u say that u love me…

San:but i lie to u ??

Swa:just shut up…? u poor begger… y u dont come home for dinner i wait for u..

Sanskar smile to her way of love

San:okk sry u winn …

Swa:okk here is ur prize paneer?

She feed him with her hands

Its time to swra hav to go
San:dnt go…plzz

Swa:m too dnt want to goo but hav to go..but see these CLOUDS AND MOON ARE MY BEST FRNDS SO U CAN SHARE ANYTHING WITH THEM BUT ONLY GOOD THING okk…



San:wait say sanskar


He closed his eyes nd breadth deeper




Swa:wht r u doing huh?
San:i love my nam when u take that..
Swara smile nd look at him

Swa:bye sankar…i love u sanskarrr…

She run from thre

They both meet daily…like this with help of sahil..

Its 3 months

One night…

Its raining …so swara cant go to sanskar

On call

San:i miss u swt hrt

Swa:mee too but what to do…

San:i hate this rain?



They both talking but shkher sntach phon from swra

Shkher:who is he..r u talking to a boy huh..

Sanskar listen all from phn he is tensed but he fumes in anger when..

Shkher slap swara harder that blood comes out from her mouth

Swa:m sry baba m sryy..but i love him

But shkher didnt listen to her…nd take out his belt nd hit her with that.

She scream in pain…than his sanskar come thre nd look her lady screaming in pain


He take out his gun nd point on shkher..

San: how dare u to touch her i kill u…u creep

Sanskar slap him…

Swra is lying on floor

Swa:sanskaar stop..plzz he is my father

He look at her wounds nd take her in arms

San:i love u swraa…but my love giv u pain only swraa

Swa:i love pain…in ur love….
She faint


Sun rise nd wth rays princess open her eyes


Sanskar sit bezide her

San:r u ok..

Swa:whre i m sanskar

San:we r far away frm evrything


San:dont wry about.. sahil take care of him…now we r in small village no one knw me here…we strt new life

Swara try to sit…

San:noo.. dnt move
Swa;offo i need to go washroom


He takes him in arms nd let her down on washroom door..he lift her in arms if she want to move.. he dnt let her feets to touch floor

Swa:wow if u treat me like this…so i dnt want to get well

San:noo my princess ur prince alwys treat u like this till my last breadth

Swa:ohh…than we both r sooo old naaa… bcz i want to live longer with u…

San:yeah i hav noo prblm swt hrt

Swa:yes… i want that i play with my great grandchildrns

San:yes… u live longer..


They both share a hug…like they r compltly with each other


Its 3 month…sanskar strt work on daily wages in factory he work harder…for swara.. both live in same house but their love is far away from romnce…

One night..

Swa:sanskar… will u marry me

San:swaraa r u serious

Swa:yes i thought u ask me about this but u r totally dumb

Sanskar hug him…

San:i love u swara…but i want boss blessings for this…

Swa:hmm… blessings r vry imp …one blessing nd a curse can chng our life

San:u r the blessing for me
Swa:yeah..okk but promise mee… u dnt do anything wrong u knw the pain of seperation in love now

SAn:m changed now swaraa trust me

Swa: i trust u… my hubby hehe


Sanskar go to dp’s house he saw that a young guy is on his knees with teary eyes but silent

Dp:sAy u leave her…
Guy nodes no

San:boss what happend ?

Dp hug sasnkar
Dp:sanskar..u come back

San:is this guy giving u any kind of prblem

Dp:kill him sanskar

San: noo boss i leave all this

Before dp say anything that guy stand nd run to table thre is a gun

Sanskar shoot him to scared that he will harm dp

But that guy move till his last breadth to table nd take a girl ring he whispered I LOVE U KAVITAA nd die on spot

Kavitaa comes thre


Kavita:sanskar i thought u too love someone u can understand my feelings

Sanskar cursing himself for this..

Then kavita take the gun

Kav:sanskar i cursed u …u too hav to live without ur love i hate u i hate ths world…so called honour

She shoot her…

Sanskar shattered bcz now first tym he can understand pain of lovers

Dp break down to see his daughter body…

Dp is in hosptal so sahil also busy with that

Swaraa is getting ready like a bride for sanskar

Swa:sanskarr…plzz come fast i cant wait more…to be in ur arms

She is waiting for sanskar in balcony…

Sanskar come she see him nd smile

Sanskar look at her
his cloths hav blood spots…he hav a gun in his hands…he killed soo many people but this time he break …

Swara turn…

Swa: u want to see me like ur wife sanskar hehe 1 2 3…

She again turn to him

Swa:san(before she could complte)

Shekhar shoot her…

San(he shout louder as he can):swaraaaaaa

She fall from balcony but he holds her

San:swaraa swaraa.. noo plzz dnt plzz u cant do this to me plzzz

Swa: ohh god plzz 2 minutes plzz let me talk to him…

San:swraa wht is this huh… u break ur promises

Swa:u also break ur promise..evryone cme for a rzn so now i hav t go…sanskar plzz hug me tyt plzzz i want to die in ur arms…nd promise me u take care of baba

Sanskar hug her

Swa:more tyt plzzz break me in ur arms plzzz nd plzz promise me u dnt do anything wrong….

San:i love u swraa

Swa: i love u sanska

Then she closed her eyes forever….

Flashback end….

(From that day…he live like a dead body…

Sahil cheer up him to live…for shekher
He get to knw that shkhar killed swara but for swra’s promise he take care of him…..

Whenver he loose his control he try to dig grave)

********in present
Raglak shocked to see him

Rag(tears fall from her eyes);he is that person laksh

Lak:lets talk to him

Sanskar is sitting beside a grave…he is talking to swra
San:swra u r still angry on me huh… plzz m hungry u dnt giv me food …
He burst out in cry…

San:plzz swra plzz come back

Raglak come close to sanskar…

rag:Hii.. r u ok??

San:why u come here.. they can easily caught us..

(Sahil knw that sanskar daily comes here.)

Lak:we feel sry for u…

Rag:now i knw y u r helping us…thnku

San:There is nearly a bus stop…u can ran away from here

Than someone shoot on Laksh but sanskar come in front..

Raglak tensed to see this..

Sanskar hold both hands… nd run from thre

Rag:plzz stop u r bleeding plzz dont do this much for us

Sahil :sanskar plzz dont force me to do somthing wrong plzz

They reach to bus stop

Sanskar make them sit in bus..

Rag:plzz dont go… plzz come with us

Lak:yes she is ryt plzz..

San(hold his shoulder which is bleeding):noo my wife she is here… i cant left her alone here

Sanskar giv ragini a locket nd his volit

san:u r like my sister …take this it may help u… its not that much expensiv but its help u

Rag:plzz plzz dont go..

Bus strt ragini crying for him…laksh console her

Rag:plzz …we even dont knw ur nam


Ragni to laksh:i wish he get his love …

Sahil reach there but sanskar run to graveyard

Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Sataao
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Rulaao

Dil Badal Bane Aankhein Behne Lagi
Aahein Aise Uthein Jaise Aandhi Chalein
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Sataao
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Rulaao
Aa Bhi Jaao… (7)

Ho Ho Ho……..
Gum Le Ja Tere, Jo Bhi Tune Diye
Ya Phir Mujhko Bata, Inko Kaise Sahein
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Sataao
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Rulaao
Aa Bhi Jaao… (7)

Flashes comes in front of his eyes

^^^blessings nd curses change our life^^^

Ho Ho Ho…….
Abb To Iss Manjar Se, Mujhko Chale Jana Hai
Jin Raahon Pe Mera Yaar Hai
Unn Raahon Ko Mujhe Paana Hai
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Sataao
Toh Phir Aao Mujhko Rulaao
Aa Bhi Jaao… (7)

He comes on swra’s grave…

San:swra m coming to u…

He see his love appearance evrywhre like she is giggling

he forgot about his pain…nd fall on his knees

Dp nd sahil reach thre


Sahil:noo boss let him go…there is nothing for him

San:i love u swar

Sanskar fall on swra’s grave nd closed eyes for ever…


They meet in heaven…far away from evrything

After 5 years

Raglak comes on there grave with a baby girl who hav a locket of SS

Rag:Sara stop plzz dont run

Lak:see swt hrt they both r reason that u r our daughter

Rag;ryt laksh thts y we named her sara
(SA of sanskar nd RA of swara)

They three comes there evry month…

Dp sahil surrender to police nd shekhar is alone…


Swara nd sanskar r happy somewhre in another world


never ending love…

Thnku for reading plzz if u like comment


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