Heart without beat ( Swasan Ts) by Aanya Episode 1

Aanya is here with
#Heart_without _beat

Sanskar:Sanskar:25 years old gangester…orphan his boss is evrything for him above right nd wrong…heartless person ,famous contract killer

Swra gadodia:20 yrs Sweet simple girl ..daughter of strct father hardly talk to boys lives in lots of restrictions but love freedom

Dp:sanskar’s boss love him more thn his daughter (kavita)

Shkher:strict father… but love his daughter…she is evrythng for him give imprtnce to soceity


So lets strt…

1st part..

In a small town
Its a late night around 2am

A young men screaming try to run but some mens grabing him

Guy(shouting in pain):Leave me… leave me i want to see her once today is her birthday…Swaraaaaaaaaaa

They throw him on road

Men1:when we get rid from him i really kill him next time when he get try to dig grave

Men2:shhh what r saying want to die he is sanskar Durga prasad killed u… just let him die

Men3:i feel bad for him

Men1: this is TIT FOR TAT huh god punish him…lets go

They all leave…

Sanskar lying in road

San:swraa …hpy brthday swra remember one year before i saw u first …u were in orange suit hmmm… say somthing swara r u still angry on ur sanskar plzz say sanskar plzz u knw na i love my nam when u call me sanskar

He strt crying harder nd hit his hand on road …he screaming that echo in darkness…

Then drops of water falls on his face .Its raining like clouds burst out to see his pain nd fall on him to console him

Flashes comes in front of his eyes

^^^Sanskar clouds nd moon r my best frnds so u can share anything with them about me (she giggle like child that show purity of her heart) but only good things^^^
^^^ooffoo sanskar u knw rain is symbol of love whnver my restrictions stop me to meet u these drops touch u to say that swra lovessss uuu sanskar^^^

San:i love u too swra i love u…

In morning

Dp comes to take him from there nd sanskar is unconscious

In his home

Sanskar open his eyes

Dp:how r u sanskar

Sanskar behave normally

San:m ok what happened to mee

Then a teenage girl enter

Girl:sanskar bhaiyaa!! He he…uncle

San:baba… wht happened is he fine

He run like thunder to anthr room

San:baba…baba r u ok

Shekhar(siting on wheel chair):hmm sanskar let me die plzz

San:noo u hav to live to me in this condition because of u …u hav to live without her …i want to kill u but i gave her promise to forgive u

Sahil(sanskar’s frnd): sanskar u need money for his operation…so can u take this contract (he passed two photos to him) they love each other both r from differnt caste…

Sanskar eyes filled with tears again flashes knock on door of his eyes

^^^I trust u sanskar u r changed now… u understand pain of seperation in love today i love u more my hubby^^^

^^^pppll..zz ss…ansk..ar take ccarrre of baabaa^^

San:yess…(he takes photos)

Its 2pm..

Sanskar look at watch

San:ohh no sahil its 2 today again my wife will get angry on me …bye m going for lunch

Sahil Bye him nd give food to eat…

After having his lunch

He is walking place whre he saw her angel first tym…

Then a girl running in same orange colour dress nd hit on his back..

Girl:sorry sorry (hit her head )… m already plzz dnt scold me …m already two mins late

Listening two minutes his eyes widend he turn to her but she run away…

Girl turn while running turn nd say sry again…
She run nd hug a guy
Guy:again late ragini

They both sit on bench nd strts talking

Sanskar’s ears recalling swara’s voice
^^Two minutes ^^
^^Two minutes^^
^^plzz only two minutes^^
^^plzz god only two minutes^^

He sit on table nd take out a locket …of SS nd closed his eyes


In same town

Sanskar poiting gun to couple who r newly married

Bride:plzzz plzz leave us we gone away from here i want to live with him

BrideGroom:i touch ur feet plzz u killed me but let her alive plzz

But sanskar standing without any expression

Dp:what r u waiting sanskar sahil say that somone inform police so..just shoot

Sanskar nodes nd shoot

both r dead now…

Police comes there…

San:boss u go i dnt want they caugt u…

Dp:okk… nd i knw no one caught u sanskar i wait for u on dinner

Sanskar run to market area nd hide in a shop

Police:again he run away…

Meanwhile shekhar comes thre with his daughter
Shkhr:what happened Ram

Police(Ram):nothing again HONOUR KILLING case..

Shkher:if children cross their limits … this is the result

Girl(scary tone):haww uncle but what r doing here uncle is that killer here??

Shker giv her a angry look
She hide behind shekhr
Ram:dont worry shona we caught him u enjoy ur birthday
Swra:yes uncle but baba nver allow me to enjoy??
Shkher hold her ear
Shkher:ohh… so u complaining about mee..
Swa:baba plzz only 1 hour inspectr uncle is with me..

Shkhr:okk but come back soon

She jump in happiness

Swar:aww i love u baba

Shkher leave

Police searching sanskar…swra follow them

They come in front of shop where sanskar is hiding himself

Swa:offfo uncle plzz go nd take rest

Sanskar listen her voice his heartbeat fast he thought this is bcz of police nd he look from a hole..

A beautiful young girl making faces like a child nd talking to inspectr but her image blurred other things in front of his eyes

Ram:shona how much u talk
Swa:haww i talk to u only two minutes

Meanwhile sanskar lost in her beauty nd come out from shop

Swa: uncle let him go naa. Plzzz if he come in front of me i simply say…if we seperate lovers so we never can get our love so do good get good

Sanskar listening her nd come close to her…but before she see him

All police inspctrs run to caught sanskar

Ram:swraa u go from here…

San:??Swaraaa(he repeated her nam)

In police station

Dp proved sanskar innocent…

They r outside PS
Sanskr is smiling like an insane
Dp:sanskar r u ok…

San(come in sense):yes boss m fine?

In night…

Sanskar want to see his swra again
San:sahill plzz lets go to walk in market area

Sahil:noo m tired …u too take rest

San:actually i eat too much today

Sahil:offfo… but if boss scold us i kill u..

Both…walk sahil cntinously talking but sanskar try to find swra’s home

Sahil: ohh hlo… m talking to u

Then sanskar find swra’s house…
She is sitting in her balcony nd eating cake nd chocoltes…

San(to sahil):shut up…

Sanskar looking at swaraa with open mouth

Swra notice him

Swa:? ohh how he look at my cake… is he hungry poor boy

Swara signal him

Sahil:?? aeee sanskar wht r u doing run from here
Swra comes out with cake nd food

Swa(to sanskar nd sahil):? r u poor u can eat this

Sahil:m not poor?? u..

Sanskar push him lightly

San:noo he is not poor but i m nd hungryy too?

Swa:? ohh …u knw i make very tasty food daily…i can giv u

San:really? i didnt eat from two days

Swa:?u dnt wry i giv u food but dnt tell to baba…he dnt trust anyone …so u come in late night i will giv u food ok..

She pass him packet of food

San:ohh u r too beautifu.. i mean u r gud person i come daily

Swa:whts ur nam

San:m sanskar swra
Swa:? how u knw my nam?

Sanskar shock wht he say

Sahil:ohh u tell us ur nam just few minutes before


Swa:??okk bye u eat it hmm…

She enter to her house

Sahil:ohhh… mr.Bhikari(begger) wht is this

San:what…shut up let me eat

Sanskar come daily in late night …nd swra give him food to eat its about three month but Dp nd Shekher unawre about this
Mostly people knw sanskar so sahil follw swra whole day nd inform him about her…
swra share evrything to sanskar …he lie to shekher for sanskar inside she strt liking sankar nature

One day
Swa:sanskar somtimes i thought u r not poor

Sanskr cough

San:its okk…if u dnt want to give me food i dnt come from tommrw

Swa:? nooo dnt say this i want to make food for u in my whole life

Day passed like this

Dp giv sanskar a new work to handle

Dp:sanskar this is shekher gadodia his brother aadarsh gadodia want u killed him nd her daughter

San:okk boss so… why we waste tym to shoot i just fit a bomb in their house

Dp:i trust u sanskar do wht u want…

Kavita comes there…

Kav:papa…?? can we talk?

Dp:go from here kavitaa nd i hav a gud news for both of u

San: yes boss

Dp:i want that both of u get married..

Kav:noo papa never sanskar

Sanskar didnt respnd nd tell his goons to fit bomb in shekher house

Sanskar take out a locket..
San:swraa today i tell u about my feelings…i love u swra i lov u soo much

Sahil:nd u think she accept u… sanskar plzz stay away from her…its dangerous for her u knw any time our rivals shoot us

San:u r right sahil

He stand nd shekhr photo fall on floor..

Sahil::ohh not only swra u strt liking ur fathr in law

San:wht r u saying…its not tym for joke

Sahil:aree… he is shkher gadodia swra’s father

Sanskar freeze for seconds

San: Swaraaaaaa…
He run to her house without sleepers

He run like mad in sunny day bear feets

He reach to her house


She come to balcony

His eyes filled with tears to see his love alive

He enter to home…

Swa:sanskar r u hungry ??
Sanskar take her in arms nd run out

Swa:what r u doinggg….? if baba see u… he killed mee…

Sanskr hug her

San:u knw i was soo scared… i love u swraa i cant live without u..

Swa:wht r u saying

San(cup her face):swra thre is a bomb inside

Swa:whtt r u crazyyy shut up hw do u knw

San(tears falling from his eyes): i knw… bcz m not poor swra my goons fit bomb in ur house

Swa:Baba… baba he is inside Baabaaaa

Sanskr stop her to go inside

Swa:leave me…my baba
She push him…

San:wait… u dont move swra

Sanskr save shekhar…

Sahil comes thre he stop him but sanskar go inside for shkher

Both comes out…nd its only 2 minute to crash

Sahil take shekher nd make him sit in car

Swra slap sanskar

Swa:just get out from here…leave

San: i love u swaraa i love u

He sit on his knees begging in front of her

Swa:nooo u want to kill me…u killer just leave

San:i love u… see i want to giv a locket

He search in his pockets but locket is not thre

Sahil:sanskar just run… it may be blast in 1 minute

San:sahil that locket …i think that is inside…

Swra takes shekhar who is half unconscious…

Sanskar run inside for search locket…

Sahil:sanskaar r u mad… plzz come back… plzz

He say to swraa to call him…but swra crying to sudden situation happend in her life

Sahil:pllzz swraa hee really loves u…plzz if u say he comes back its only few secnds to blast

Swra look at him…

Sanskar finaly found his locket

San:but she hates me…
its better to die here(he closed her eyes) I dnt knw why i love u?but u r my life swra ..u r reason of my existence i breadth for u…bcz i love u …

Sahil: plzzz swara plzz he really loves u i knw u also love him… i can see that…plzz sav him


*****Flashback end

He jerk by ragini


Rag:? hii… r u okk why r u crying

San:Y r u asking…just go away

Lak:ohh hlo dnt u hav manners

Rag:laksh… leave him if papa see me with u he will kill me

Again her words memorise his past..

Sanskar stand to go but he faint..

Lak:ohh no.. ragini see him

Rag:should we help him?

Lak:lets take him to my home

In Laksh house

They both call sahil from sanskar’s phone


Sahil:sanskar whre is he?

Laksh:ohh u r sahil right

Sahil:u..?^^in mind^^( Bakra khud halaal hone aa gya)

Rag:actually he was crying then he faint..?

Sahil:yeah… i hav his medicines he will be fine

Sahil nd sanskar alone in room

Raglak both r sitting …Ragini nd laksh parents comes there


Ragini’s father:Dnt call me baba… today u hav to go from this world

Laksk’s father:both of cross ur limits

Raglak: we r sry baba…plzz forgive us we love each other

Then sahil nd sanskar come out from room

Sahil:Sanskar shoot them today m talking about them to u…

Raglak r shocked to see this

Sanskar nodes nd point on Ragini

Sanskar standing without any expression

Rag(she is crying badly):plzz plzz leave us plz ..remember if u seperate lovers u nver can get ur love

Lak:no ragini dnt beg in front of him… see we r so lucky that we r dying together

Rag:yes u r right laksh… he nver can love any one but if u love someone God snatch them from u shoot shoot us(he tytly hug laksh) m dying in ur arms plzz hug mee tyt

Sanskar’s eyes filled with tears again flashes comes in front

^^^plzz sanskar hug mee tyt i want to die in ur arms^^

He shout louder nd shoot

To be continue…

Thnku for reading?
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Note by me means Anniya: I have exams, so I will continue my ffs after 14 Jan. So don’t wait for me and miss me ☺☺☺☺☺☺?

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