my heart is wid u…twinj ff (episode 8)

Hey guys I m back I know I m hell late but u all know the reason behind it…and guys thanx a lot who commented on previous episode…and presha and ishu sorry u both have told me to post earlier but guys mere exams mera picha hi nhi chodrhe the….anyway now coming to mannat who bashed me and used cheap low class words I know u will again bash me and guys I m pleading u don’t reply her back I had never seen such a shameless person and mannat by using these words u have proved what type of person u r and mannat abhi bhi tym h sudhar jao..I don’t wanna creat any scene but mannat this is for u only and thnx a lot who supported me in this affa api,ashiya,neeti,top secret,suha,archisha,janvi,kakali,ritwika,rifina,Aamna api, and many more and sorry bcoz of me she bashed u all….anyway s u don’t wanna say anything more about mannat and this chapter is closed in my book…..

Hope it works…

Episode 8
Twinj were in bathroom and Alisha came to twinkle’s room….
Ali- twinkle were r u? And where is my kunj…
Tw- I..m in bathroom I m taking bath…and how do I know where is ur kunj…
Ali- ya u r right…how do will u know about my kunj….anyways be ready for our sangeet….nd Alisha left..
Ku- r u really happy wid this marriage twinkle….
Tw- kunj don’t be stubborn….u have to marry Alisha nd forget ur past concentrate to ur future nd Alisha is ur future..
Ku (holds her by shoulder)- no twinkle its easy for u to say that forget everything about my past but for me its hard how can I forget the times spend wid u…nd our symbol of love ruhi…no twinkle no…nd burst into tears….twinkle was trying to console her but he left…leaving twinkle feel guilty cause she is the reason for him that he is crying…but she was forced bcoz of Alisha if she will not do than AlishaAlisha will surelysurely kill him….the tears were not stopping from her eyes on the other hand kunj is also shattered… but he was doing only for his twinkle (guys remember it that Alisha told kunj that she was pregnant wid his child)….
Next seen…
The sangeet ceremony started nd kunj nd Alisha comes…kunj was wearing black color sherwani nd Alisha was wearing purple nd white colour combination of lehenga…both were enjoying but kunj was having a pain in his heart which only twinkle can understand….after a minute twinkle comes wid ruhi…twinkle was wearing floral design lehenga wid light pink colour chinni..nd ruhi was wearing blue colour gown…kunj was just looking at twinkle wid a pain in his eyes…twihi notice that UV nd mahi was coming from different directions UV was bzy in his phone nd mahi was carrying a plate of red roses…nd that than..dhum!!!! mahi was upon UV nd the roses were felling on them….nd were lukng at eos eyes lost on these world suddenly twihi coughs…nd mahi went away from there….ruhi speaks to UV…
Ru- UV uncle something something…
Uv- yaa something something…
Tw- UV u will hide from me…
Uv- twinkle yrrr what r u telling…..nd that enjoyed a sweet time…than someone speaks on mike- so guys our couple will dance now….means kunj nd Alisha..kunj was shocked to here this but Alisha was happy.. Nd smirking lukng at twinkle…
They started to dance on the song wajah tum ho song from the movie wajah tum ho…..
Ham Jo har mausam pe marne lage
Wajah tum ho,wajah tum ho
Hum jo sher-o- shyari krne large
Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho

Bikhre bikhre se the hum pehle
Ab sawarne lage
Tumhari galiyon se roz aana toh
Hm guzarne lage
Wajah tum ho,wajah tum ho…..
Both were dancing nd but twinkle waa having a pain which she could not bear…nd left…she was standing in the terrrace than suddenly uv comes..
Uv-twinkle i know u r not happy wid this marriage…. than y r u forcing kunj…to marry alisha….

Precap- haldi nd mehendi…

Guys i know its boring but soon i will end it cause i m also lacking in ideas…aur han comment guys nd tmrw i won’t be able to conment in any ff cause i m going to orissa nd it will take 8 to 10 hours…hope everyone understand….

Bye guys

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