Heart wants what it wants…Episode 4..Ek duje ke vaaste…Shraman and Nibir


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Episode 4

Shravan was totally angry murmuring that n these n got into the car. He reached the place and got out. He looked around to find the so called ‘damn cute girl’. There were many girls there. Some talking with others. Some busy with mobile. Then when he was looking around, his eyes caught on a girl. The girl with hazel eyes. Her tresses were straight having small curls at the tip. The reason for him to notice her was that , she carried a baby with her and was playing with the baby.That was a cute chubby baby. Well!She was cute too.. Her smile was too innocent like the baby and those expressions she gave to the baby…. Goshhh!! She was damn cute!! These all went in Shrava’s unconscious mind. Suddenly, he thought, the ‘damn cute girl’. Kabir told the same about his gf Sumo. Wot! Then why she carries a baby!? Then Shravan saw that a woman came n took the baby.. They smiled n talked something . The girl waved bye to the baby. Only then, he noticed her punjabi suit. Yes! The Punjabi Suit , in which she told Kabir that she was feeling uncomfortable! Yeah!! Shravan walked to her. He noticed her body language. She was in a hurry. She looked here n there, like waiting for someone.. At times she looked at her mobile too n gave disappointed expression each time. Shravan stood in front of her and suddenly she looked at him, gave an attitude n furious look. Shravan got struck for a moment when he caught her eye. Those innocent hazel eyes. She folded her hands below her chest n asked, ‘What?’. He didn’t say a word. Again she asked ‘what!? Eh?’ n patted on his shoulder. Suddenly he became conscious n asked,’Sumo?’ . She said” yes. Who are you?”. He replied, ” I’m Shravan. Nisha’s fiance”. Suddenly Sumo felt awkward that she showed much attitude.. N said ‘ ohh.. Hello! I didn’t know you.. Iam sorry.” Shravan said “Okay (in a very serious tone). Nisha told me to pick you as they both are busy in completing the formalities for joining the college”. Sumo said ” ohh.. Okay”. N smiled at him. But he ignored. Sumo had loads of luggage. Shravan first told her to come n the car was parked on the other side. She gave a confused look.. He asked,” What happened?”. Then Sumo pointed her eyes to those luggages. Shravan understood n told “Ohh. I’ll cm with the car. U wait here.” Sumo nodded. Shravan parked the car near Sumo. Sumo took the luggage one by one n was angry that Shravan didn’t get out of the car and just helped her with it. After that, she got inside the car.. Sat beside Shravan . Shravan asked ” All done? ” Sumo told..”yeah Yeah.” n murmured “what a man he is..shows too much attitude “.
Shravan”What did you say”??

Episode ends…

Credit to: Abhi

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  6. Awsm episode abhi

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