Heart wants what it wants…Episode 3..Ek duje ke vaaste…Shraman and Nibir

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Nisha always thought why they didnt call.. N was complaining Shravan that “he is always like that.. Will never keep promises” now this is the last day of the week n still they didnt call.. Shravan said “don’t worry. There will be some reason. He’ll reach soon.” ……Monday morning. … As usual, there was huge rush here n there at the college corridors. Shravan already reached the class n after a while class started.

After some time he noticed that Nisha was not there. He tried calling her but she didnt attend the call. After that class hour Nisha called Shravan and asked ” can you come to the canteen now?” Shravan said yes. He went there… Nisha was sitting facing him and smiled at him. He noticed someone sitting opposite her but cant see his face. Then Shravan reached the table n there he was.. Kabir. Nisha introduced them to each other. They shook hands n three of them sat together. *Kabir*. He was like a charming prince. His smile was very cute and his cornered eye with black iris looked the best when he winked it ,while he laughs.*

After having coffee n talking for sometime, Shravan asked ” Why are you people not coming for class?”. Nisha smiled n replied ” we’re waiting for Sumo” Sanskar asked ” Sumo? “. Kabir laughed and told ” that’s my gf Suman.” Shravan shook his head. Nisha and Kabir were busy in continuous conversation. Shravan never knew that Nisha will talk this much. After some time,Kabir called Sumo. She didn’t attend. He said ” God! Why this girl is not picking up the call. ” Nisha laughed..” concerned..haa?” Kabir winked at her n gave a wide smile. Shravan was just listening. Nisha told “anyways she’ll take sometime to reach. Come, I’ll take you to the college main block.. We can just see the campus”. Kabir shook his head and asked if Shravan was coming. Shravan told” i’ll wait . You guys go and come” n smiled. They both left. Shravan was sitting with a book and after some time, he heard a ring tone near him. That was not his mobile which was ringing. It was Kabir’s. Gosh! He left his mobile there! When Shravan looked to know who was calling.. He saw ‘Sumo’ there. He knew that was an urgent call but hesitated to pick up. He tried calling Nisha but was not reachable. Now its the 4th time Sumo is calling and this time, Shravan attended it.

Before he could tell a word, from the other side, ” Heyy! Where were you..haa? I’ve been calling being confused about the way..n you.. U doesn’t even care about your girl..haa? Got your old bestiee and you just forgot me?? Mhmm?? Now rush and come to PGnagar.. Im alone here..n guess what! I feel awkward in this Punjabi dress.. Its so uncomfortable yaar..please come fast.. Iam there near a medical shop..byee.. See ya my handsome Kabir..mmuah!” Shravan was just sitting their shocked. He thought ‘what a girl she is.. Didn’t even allow to speak a word.. Buck Buck Buck! Gosh! Now how can i inform them. He again called Nisha. She picked up n told.. “We’re in principal’s room..Kabir forgot his mobile there.. If Sumo calls,can u just pick her up from the place?” Shravan, in a not interesting tone,said ‘ hmm.. Okay but how can i recognise her!!?’. Nisha gave mobile to Kabir n he told ” I’ll tell. When you reach there, where she tells to come, look around, you’ll find someone damn cute and different from others. That’s my girl”. And suddenly cut the call. Shravan was like ‘what!! Damn cute girl. Now this is what i have got as the identification mark to search for a girl in the bc town area. Wow! Awesome!’.

precap:Sumo’s entry.

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  1. Mishkatdeewani luvsMishRi

    awesome part…finally kabira aagayi…..??now show sumo too…and Nibir aur shraman ko jaldi milado…

    1. Thanks a lot yaar..Sumo will come in next episode..?

  2. urmila luvs NIBIR

    nice chapter yaar..kabir??
    hope u ll post soon

    1. Thankyou so much…Yes..i will post soon..?

  3. Nyc one yaar

    1. Thankyou yaar?

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow finally sumo ka entry Abhi ur ff is cool 🙂

    1. Thankyou so much jo..?
      haa..sumo is gonna enter soon.?

  5. Awesome.

    1. Thanks a lot yaar..?

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Suman entry.. I like this alot… Superb…

    1. Thankyou so much Bhaiyya..?

  7. Superb Abhi…… Wow…. Waiting for sumos entry…..

    1. Thanks a lot n i will post it soon.?

  8. I loved it…

    1. Thankyou lily.?

  9. last shravan’s dialog haha loved it…dame cute girl 🙂 loved it d

    1. Thankyou so much ishu di..?

  10. indeed she’s a damn cute girl and shravu is also damn cute……as u all know superb epi

    1. Thankyou so much Natasha…N ha,,,both the cuties will meet in next episode,.?

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