Heart wants what it wants…Episode 2..Ek duje ke vaaste…Shraman and Nibir

Hii guys…Iam back.. Iam so overwhelmed to see ur comments…Just keep supporting me like this…Here is the second episode… Episode 2

College canteen. Shravan and Nisha were sitting together. Some gals came and told Nisha that they heard about the news, was that true, congos n all.. Nisha thanked them and smiled. Shravan on the other hand was sitting like not caring about all these. Nisha asked “what is it Shravan? Are you not happy? ” . Shravan said ” nothing Nisha. There is nothing like that” Nisha said ” i know you during past 1 year. I know you don’t have a girl friend and so you shook your head for marrying me. Ryt? ” Shravan felt bad for her. He smiled and told ” you know that you are the only one here whom i spent my time with. At least you know how i am. N when it comes about love..I am sure that No such love life is gonna happen in my life, Nisha. You know everything na.?” Nisha smiled hearing that. He continued..” i am happy that my family found a girl whom i already knew and who already knows my character well”. Nisha hugged him. He too hugged her back lightly. A friendship kind of hug. Shravan didn’t know what was happening in his life. He never had an opinion about his marriage, in fact he never thought of this. Same with the case of Nisha . Days passed by. The whole college announced Shravan and Nisha as couple while they both behaved as friends like earlier. An year later, Shravan and Nisha was having lunch in the canteen. Nisha told him, “our third year class tour discussion is going on. What’s your opinion? “. Shravan asked “opinion? Why should i have an opinion about it.? I am not even interested in such stuffs. First internals are arriving n i wonder why these people are not worried about that and behind these sort of stuff!!” Nisha, hearing that felt like,’ Gosh! What kind of man he is! I wonder why he don’t like enjoyments while i just love that.. Hmmm..dont know what will be kept in store for me when I’ll be with him..’ Shravan, seeing her in some thought , asked ” what happened?” she replied” what? No.. Nothing” n just gave a weird kind of smile. At that moment, her mobile rang.. Shravan noticed a sudden excitement and glaze in her eyes when she saw the call.. She smiled and said ‘excuse me’ and attended the call eagerly and stood at a distance.. He noticed her expressions as he saw her for the first time like this in front of him. She then came back and told Shravan ” Kabir is going to join here, Shravan!!!.” she was a kind of shouting n Shravan was sitting without any clue of what was happening. Nisha calmed herself when she found others noticing her and sat down. Shravan said” calm down Nisha. And who is this Kabir?” . She felt awkward and asked “u don’t remember? I had told u about a school time bestiee of mine naa..?” Shravan said” oh yeah! That guy who was very talkative n always motivated u in worse situations, helped reducing your reserved nature.. Dat guy? ” Nisha replied ” yes. Kabir. He is gonna join here this week, n guess what? His girlfriend is also gonna join here” Shravan , without showing much interest said ” Ohh.. Okay.. That’s cool!” Nisha ignored his not-so-interested kind of behaviour n was soo happy hearing the news. In fact her heart was filled with ecstasy. From that day, she was waiting for their call.. N most of the time she was talking about Kabir to Shravan , the way they met first,about their friendship and intimacy. Shravan just shook his head for whatever she said.

Credit to: Abhi


  1. abhi now also I read ur 3rd shot its awesome abhi awesome awesome awesome superb abhi those 3 shots……………………………………. i will never forget HATS OFF!!

  2. Bhagyashri

    Very nice abhi.its just amazing.read karte waqt vo seen Imagine karte huye bada maja as raha hai

  3. MishRi

    It was superb….I think that sumo is kabira’s gf…eagerly waiting for his intro….and sumo’s too

  4. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow abhi ur ff is very interesting love shraman and nibir also very cute 🙂

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