Heart Wants What It Wants….Ek duje ke vaaste…Episode 1


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Here is the first episode…
I choose Nisha n Kabir as the other pairs..Thankyou guys for the suggestions…

Episode 1

Yeah. Its a fine day morning with the chirps of birds. A guy runs through the college corridors and finally stops in a gang of guys. He says” hey, did you guys heard the hot news that our hunk Shravan Malhotra and Nisha Gangwal is soon getting engaged.” other boys surprisingly asked “really?”. One of them told “well well, they are already family friends.. So it’ll b through family”. Then they all laughed n was like ” whatever, another guy gonna get tied” . Now a white audi enters the college. A handsome guy comes out of it. Tall, with the perfect abs, shining black hair. Some of his hair also fell over the forehead. Girls were as usual staring at him, some murmured about his body n others mesmerised by his looks. But he didnt give an eye on any of them, went straight to the class.
That is Shravan Malhotra. About him. He is a kind of serious guy, the one who comes to classes, does every assignments and works properly. The topper of the batch. He is the son of Ramnath Malhotra, the owner of Malhotra group of industries. He is very rich. Shravan,who is a reserved type of guy who respected n followed family decisions. He is typically a ‘mamma’s boy’. He always kept distance from his dad and only obeyed him, never showed a special bonding towards him. His family knew why was such a distance. Shravan had an elder sister Tanya.
Their bonding was very strong. He loved his sister the most in the world.She fell in love with one guy n when she told this to her dad, he slapped her and closed her inside a room and didn’t allow to go out. He also tried to harm the guy. Finally, Tanya eloped from the place and never came back. Shravan always believed the separation of his most beloved sister was because of his dad. From the day, he was never close to him. Ramnath malhotra was also sad as he knew his son actually hated him for his deed. Now, Shravan’s marriage is fixed with the daughter of Ramnath’s friend,Ramesh Gangwal .

Shravan had no special opinion about his own marriage and just shook his head for the same as his family decided. Nisha Gangwal, the only daughter of Ramesh Gangwal. The typical girl of a business family. She was modest and knew Shravan during past one year. They were classmates and good friends at college. Shravan rarely talked to anyone at college, his only friend was Nisha, whom he knew as a family friend.
Nisha Gangwal is a sweet girl not too chirpy though. She always wished to be talkative and dreamt of having so many friends around. But her fate was to be like a typical business class girl to keep her dad’s standard. Nisha just liked Shravan, but was not sure whether he liked her or not.Nisha believes in true love but unfortunately her marriage is fixed with Shravan,to whom she is not having any kind of true love.

Precap:Nisha gets a call…from her childhood friend..

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. loved it abhi… supr.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thankyou so much ishu??

  2. superb abhi

    1. Thankyou bhaiyya…?

  3. pls add apu and malay pair if possible..if side role also ok pls pls pls abhi it is a humble request

    1. Okk…i will add them but only from episode 8 onwards bcus i already wrote first 7 episodes…Anyway i will add them for sure…??

    1. Thanks Dhara..?

  4. Awesome abhi, actually nauc was my favorite serial. And nibir is favorite couple. Very nice.

    1. Thank you so much yaar…?

  5. Very nice bhaiya!

    1. Thanks yaar…Bhaiyya nahi behen…iam a girl.?

  6. Wow..Awesome..?

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  7. Nice abhi

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  8. Nice abhi … But why u add nisha and kabir.. I m bit dissapointed…. Plzz continue it.. Hope u will make shravan and sumo close soon…. Sorry if i hurt u brother…

    1. Actually i wanted one more pair other than shraman..so i added them too..Sorry yaar…
      Hope u will like the coming episodes,?

    2. Its ok…… Will u update it daily??

      1. No…thrice a week..?

  9. Abhiiiiiiiii it’s awesome nice start wow I m quite curious to know what will happen in the next episode can’t wait for Suman and kabir’s entry love ur ff

    1. That will enter soon..Thankyou jo??

  10. yoo hoo abhi,,i like it…

    1. Thankyou Tanya??

  11. Awesome episode Abhi…..

    1. Thankyou Bhoomi ..?

    2. Hey remember me or not???

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      2. Right…..

      3. I thought u guys forgot me..but i was wrong,…iam so happy..?

    3. We will never forget our sis….

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  12. Nice…..loved it……. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks a lot..?

  13. wonderful start abhi and thank u sooooooo much for choosing nibir

    1. Thanks Natasha…n ha..me also felt nibir best for shraman..?

  14. Mishkatdeewani luvsMishRi

    awesome start…thanks for choosing nibir…
    hope u ll show kabir in next part as nishas frnd..and suman too…

    1. Thanks a lot for ua comment…..?
      I will post next episode today?

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