my heart with u only (swaragini) intro~pavani

Hiii darlings pavani hear with a new ff hope u will give ur love nd support again

Railway station at 10pm
A girl came hurridly with luggage nd sat on the bench .she was waiting for some one .

After half an hour
Someone kept there hand on her sholder
Girl(with out seeing the person ):thank god u came I have been waiting…
She turned nd was shocked to see the person
Her dad gave a tight slap on her cheek

Scene shifts
A boy is getting ready
Friend :oh hoo man u look very exited
Boy:y nott its my marriage today
Friend:that much happy ..y??
Boy:iam going to marry the girl whome I love
Friend:love??from when did u started loving her
Boy:for the first time when I went to see her

Scene shifts

Another girl is shown
Girl2:get up dad I want to show u some thing
Dad:what at this time
Girl2:its only 11pm
Dad:but where
Girl2:chup don’t talk

She took him to the lake near by nd then gave money for boat man(cycling boat)

Dad wt r u doing
Girl 2looked at him angryly
He closed his mouth with his hand
Boat man:be careful it is not safe to ride in night
Girl2:tnk u bro nd they travelled to some distance

Girl2:shouted:HAPPY FATHERS DAY nannaa(dad in telugu)
Dad was surprised
Girl2:u told me one day na that u like to ride boat in midnight at a lonely place so hear it is very lonely
Dad became emotional nd side hugged her
Dad:iam very lucky to have u
Girl2:no dad iam lucky to have u as my dad I can’t go against u as u know very well that what I want

Scene shifts

Boy 2is getting ready to go some where
He packed all his bag .suddenly his dad came nd boy immediately hided his bag

Dad:r u going somewhere
Boy2:noo dad .y r u asking like that
Dad:at this time u r getting ready
Boy2:voo iam feeling sweaty so just trying to fresh up
Dad:ohh ok good then if u completed in ur work have this milk
Dad:ur mom gave mee
Boy2:ok nd he took the milk nd drank
Dad went out nd smirked
Dad(in mind):wt u tought u can run away with out my knowledge now see

Boy2feels dizzy nd feel down

Epi ends
Who r girl 1 girl2,boy1 nd boy2
Any guesses guys
Hope u like this intro nd plzz support this time also

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  1. Cutiie

    Make it swasan plz

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cutiee darling

  2. I think it’s Swalak and Ragsan

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha u know me better I thinkthink crazy darling

  3. girl who gave suprise to her dad is ragini
    girl in railway station is swara
    the boy going to marry is laksh
    the boy who feels dizzy is sanskar
    am i right?? or wrong??
    and anyway its intresting

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u rags darling may be u r right

  4. it’s interesting

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lisa darling

  5. Oho appi a new ff.?? Don’t have any prob with any pair unless ragini is given equal imp. And l know u will do it.?

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha u know me naa venni darling

    2. Pavani

      Sorry amna darling

  6. Lila

    Ragsan and Swalak plz

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lia darling

  7. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hey nice cont, plzzz tell the pairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pavani

      You know my preference na yashyashu darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  8. Swalak and ragsan

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ina darling

    2. PS ragsan

  9. may be they marry others, but after marriage their love interest is beside their house so and so

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha u know it lovely darling

  10. Sonya

    superb intro dear
    u know how to keep ur reader stick to ur story 🙂
    i think its ragini who surprised her dad
    n at the railway station is swara
    plzz do update soon

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha tnk u sonya darling nd ya I will try to update soon

  11. Azure

    Interesting. I guess girl one loves boy 2 but will get married to boy 1. Girl 2 will get married to boy 2. You know my pair preference 😉 hahahha ragsan Swalak. But leave it to you. I feel girl 2 is Ragini though.

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha u r right nd u know I can’t write on swasan .Iam ok with raglak but I can’t write swasan nd I dareed for it in my last ff

  12. Swalak and ragsan

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u pooja ya u r right

  13. Interesting darling..i know its our ragsan ff

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u venni darling

  14. SPP

    Awesome Superb Interesting as well
    It would Swalak and Ragsan I guess
    Waiting for the next one………

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

  15. Megha123

    Girl 1 is swara &girl 2 is ragini …
    Anukunta akka

    1. Pavani

      U r right darling

  16. Nice intro…….make it swalak and ragsan pls

    1. Pavani

      Yes it will bee darling

  17. Yashal

    Yehhhhh m so happy dii ??? for sure it’s ragsan❤❤❤ n swalak but d’ici u r an mazing writer (I already said that ? hehehe) well ur ff is just amazing n I love you?, your ff? n ragsan ❤

    1. Yashal

      * dii

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha tnk u very much yashal darling nd yes u r right it wi be ragsan nd swalak only

      1. Yashal

        Thanks di ?

  18. Sooo nice..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u radhika darling

  19. Interesting post it soon

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u rag san I will update it tomorrow

  20. Sitaram

    hey would i miss your ff no but had to go to study and then come so sorry for commenting late but as always todays was also superb a very good story i am not guessing any pairs its your choice

    1. Pavani

      Tnku sitaram darling I will try my best to make u feel intrested

  21. Another ragsan ff?interesting

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ammy darling

  22. amazing sis its that boy 2 our laksh.waiting for nxt part

  23. I hope its ragsan

  24. Priya15

    Sry for late cmnt di…. It’s awesome.. Loved it… Hope it’s ragsan… Update it soon di…

  25. Rafeee

    superb juz nw nly i see ur intro…..

  26. akka nenu ikkada cmnt sesenu. waiting 4 next epi. love u loads

  27. Plz swasan nice intro

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