my heart with u only (swaragini) episode 3~pavani

Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support tnk for some swasan fans who took my last ff sportively nd appreciated my work ok again iam telling u it is ragsan nd swalak ff

Sanky got up nd was about to goo suja came with a bed coffee
Suja:have it
Sanky:tnk u maa nd don’t know y iam feeling dizzy
Suji:because ur dad mixed sleeping pills in ur milk yesterday
Sanky was shocked
Sanky:what??but y??

Suji:u don’t talk to mee u never told me about ur love once also u didn’t mentioned if I know abt it I would have helped you but noww ur father came to know
Sanky:I should go now talk to u later
He didn’t listened to any one nd was about to go ram stopped him
Ram:she have got married till now nd u go to her nd spoil her new life which started
Sanky:she got married but how can it happen she can’t return back to home
Ram:I called her father nd told him
Sanky was very angry
Sanky:how can u do this with mee ??u snached my happiness
Ram:I don’t think I should answer to ur questions as it is u who started this .did u tought about us before u decided to run u became that much blind that u atleast didn’t tought to console mee before taking this huge decision
He left from there angryly
Sanky was numb he dont know wt to talk

Scene shifts
Ap is giving aarthi for new bride nd bride groom
All the retuals completed .ap took swara into their room which is decerated very well by seeing all these swara gets irritated nd spoiled every thing

Scene shifts

Rag:gd mrg dad nd gd momm
Dayal:any thing special today ur face is glowing
Rag:yes dad I got calletter from tcs iam really exited
Dayal:woww congrats wr is it
Dayal was shocked
Dayal:what??that much far no I won’t allow
Rag face become dull
Janaki:let her goo she wants to do something so let her know about society u can’t be there with her always
Dayal:what r u talking how can I send her that too should live there alone

Janaki:y will she live alone ur friend ram is there naa so send her there nd hyd is not soo far u can go when ever u want nd what if she goes after getting married I think u
will cry more than her
Dayal unwillingly agreees nd informed to ram
Rag hugged him nd janaki
Scene shifts
Laksh entered the room and was shocked to see the room nd saw swara who sat at the corner of the room by bending her head .he went near her
Laksh:r u ok??
Swara:look at him nd stood up :y u married mee
Laksh:because I love u

Swara:but I don’t ..
Laksh was shocked
Swara:I love someone else I didn’t married u willingly
Laksh was broken nd in a broken voice”plzz don’t tell this in my house they can’t accept the truth”.
Laksh:y u didn’t told me about it before our marriage
Swara:because I was about to run away but …
Laksh understand her
Laksh:plzz u take rest every thing will bee fine nd I will sleep in down he layed a bed sheet nd took a pilloo nd was about to sleep
Laksh:but I married u as I loved u nd will love u for my whole life .good night
Swara was broken nd again started crying by sleeping

Scene shifts
Sanky:i want to stay away for few days
Sanky:I just want some diversion
Ram:ok u goo but return for sure nd keep in ur mind we r giving u freedom as we trust u
Sanky:I will not break ur trust again now as my love gone there is nothing left for mee
Ram:ok u go to my friends house in visakhapatnam stay there for some days nd his daughter is coming hear to live with us for some days
Sanky agreed nd left

Days passed

Swalak used to live like strangers only .
Sanky was staying in dayal house nd rag was staying in ram’s house .ram nd suji were impressed by ragini nd dayal nd janaki were impressed by Sanky

Dayal called ram
Ram:ha tell me dear is my son troubling u
Dayal:not at all infact I called u to talk about diff matter
Ram:ha tell me y r u hesitated
Dayal:voo I want rag to get married to Sanky
Ram:really u told my words I wil be glad if it happens

So they fixed their marriage
Sanky tried to talk to rag nd tell her that he dont love her but situation not helped

Before the day of marriage
Rag:I will go away from u tomorrow .(with a sad tone)
Dayal cupped her face:no u will always be in our hearts wr ever u r .nd ha I forget to ask u .u r happy with this marriage naa

Rag:ofcourse I trust u more than anyone .nd u know wt suits mee well

Dayal:iam very proud for having a daughter like u .
Rag:mee too
Janaki:nd mee??
Rag:I want the same love which is there in between u two
Dayal nd janaki sees each other nd laughs
Dayal:we too faced many hurdles .I fought against my dad to marry her nd nd convenced him .we too faced many misunderstandings but those didn’t broke our relatiostrengthned strengthned our relation .the main thing is we understand nd adjust for each other soo understanding is base of any relation so try to understand ur hus

Rag:I will not let u go down I will try my best to make our relation strong nd hugged her

Scene shifts
Sanky was frustrated
Sanky:I don’t love her y r u spoiling her future
Ram:I know wt is right for u very well .I know she will heel u nd be a backbone to you

Epi ends Screen freezes with irritated face of Sanky nd smiling face of rag


  1. Lata


    |Registered Member

    Hello di,i commented in ur last ff but it didnt get posted??but no worries as now I can comment yahooo??.ur very strong di .happy that ur writing one more ff for us stay positive like this .coming to this ff last episodes were superb.going to read now this part then I will comment.actually I was so happy that I thought to comment first.I’m stopping my bakbak.going to read.

    • Pavani



      Tnk u lovely darling iam also exited to write as I don’t decide wt to write but it comes when I started it nd iam very happy that u all are liking my story

  2. khusubu

    I am a silent reader of your ff when i fell in love.I am a swasan or swalak fan but i like your ff. And in this ff thanks for swalak i always want a this type of swalak ff.

  3. little princess

    Nice episode.. I really liked this episode… Even though i am swasan fan,i really liked ur this ff…loved this one.update next episode soon

  4. Aastha

    akka epi chala bhaga undi. intha thoraga pelli. i didnt expect i thought they will stay together n understand each other. but my thought is wrong but that is must. bcos u r awsm writer. so i think afterwards i cant guess ur plot. keep smiking akka

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