my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 9~pavani

Hiiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support

Laksh came nd saw room nd was satisfied with it
Laksh:thank god u solved my problem
Rag:u r always welcome nd now come we will meet our family
Laksh:ya ofcourse I should also thank them
They entered
Laksh collided Sanky
Laksh:iam really sorry I have been seeing the house nd not noticed u
Sanky:its ok I too didn’t noticed
Laksh:hii laksh..(he streached his hand for handshake)
Sanky:sanskar… nice to meet u (they shaked their hands)
Rag:nd my husband!!
Nd pointing towards laksh
Rag:my hR come best friend
Sanky:ok you two carry on I should leave now nd he left
Laksh felt very happy by meeting rags family
Laksh to ram:I must say uncle rag was very lucky to have a wonderful family
Ram:noo we r lucky to have her
Rag hugged both ram nd suji
Laksh:ok I will leave now
Ram:rag told u r living in a hotel y not u stay hear untill ur wife come
Laksh:no uncle u asked that’s enough but I can’t stay plzz don’t mind
Suji:ok u should come after ur bring ur wife hear
Rag:ohh I forgot to ask when will ur wife comee ??
Suji:ok bring her directly hear only
Laksh:ok aunty
He left
Rag:he is nice na maa
Suji:yaa his wife is really lucky he is very carring
Ram:wt do u mean I don’t care about u ??
Suji:(by laughing):ohh my god u just don’t talk about care .
Suji:ok when was I ill last time tell mee
Ram:by stammering voo youuu haa u got feaver two months before
(Rag was just enjoying their fight)
Suji:really !! Last week I became unconscious nd fell down due to increase in bp levels .do u know that ??
Ram:what???when???u didn’t told me?
Suji:y should I tell it is ur responsibility to see about mee .we should always recognise ur mood nd we should understand ur problems but u people naa never bother about wifess
Ram:I never cared about u ??
Sanky:what’s going onn ??
Ram explained every thing
Sanky:common mom this is too much u are streching
Rag:wt do u mean she is streaching she is telling truth u people can never understood women’s heart
Sanky:yaa not only wee even god also can’t tell wt will bee in ladies heart
Rag:u never tries to understand them .if u show little concern also they will forget their pain nd will do anything even tough her hus is drinker nd womeniser
Sanky: that is the problem of u people u will trust only the people who fakes in front of u
Ram:stop it..
Y r we fighting noww
Suji:these two naa can never changee they always looks for the chance to fight with each other due to u we also fughted
Ram:yaa let them fight u come
They two left by leaving Sanky nd rag shocking
In room
Ram:ha ha ha it is the only way to stop their fight
Suji:soo funny!!
Ram:iam sorry I really don’t know about ur health
Suji(by laughing):ha ha ha I was just trying to fool u nd u foolishly belived it
Suji:yaa iam perfectly all right I was just making fun
Ram stared her angrily
Suji:ok baba sorry
They laugh at each other
Scene shifts
Rag:it was ur fault because if u it started
She left from there leaving Sanky
Rag came to room
Rag(inmind):thank god I scolded first nd left from there other wise he would have started blaming mee I should sleep before he comes

She slept
Sanky entered nd saw rag sleeping
Sanky(in mind):ohoo how chaidish she is she changed my parents too
He too slept

Sanky was about to go to office then cooling bell rings
Sanky opened the door nd shocked

Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of Sanky

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  1. Fabulous

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  2. Dhamakah. Swara aa gayi na

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      Hmm u know it tnk u amna darling

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  3. Sonya

    im sure sanky saw swara
    how would raglak react after finding about swasan
    im sure only sanky’s parent will play cupid between ragsan
    i really this ragini
    superb character

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sonya darling

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  4. I think he was shocked seeing swara there.

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    Awesome….damn sure that’s Swara

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  7. Awwww….swara aagayi dnt knw wt’s gonna happen…pata nhi raglak ka reaction kya hoga aftr knwng abt swasan…..

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    I think swalak has come.
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  17. Hey its very nice… the way ur cover pic is also very nice….suits ur story aptly

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