my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 8~pavani

Hii darlings tnk u for ur love nd support

Sanky prepared food with lot of difficulty
Sanky served to all
Suji:wt is this Sanky salt was less in it
Ram:u poured more mirchi in it
Rag laughed at him
Sanky:y r u laughing haa u can’t even prepare like mee also nd mom nd dad I have prepared with lot of difficulty insted of appreciation u r …
Suji:ohooo Sanky now u got to know what we fell when u criticize the food made my mee even tough I prepare when iam not well
Sanky felt bad as he remembered how he used to criticize his mom about food
Sanky:sorry maa now I came to know how difficult it iss nd ya from now onwards I will only prepare food weekly once for u
Rag:nd for mee
Sanky:first u learn how to cook then u can eat
Rag kept a pout face
Suji hugged Sanky emotionally
Rag saw him lovingly
In room
Rag was talking with dayal
Rag:how r u dad .wt is mom doing??
Dayal:we both r fine u tell mee about urs
Rag:every thing fine dad hear also all r crazy like us only
Dayal:u know what u have a specialty that u can attract any one nd make the people around u happy
Rag:I learned this from u only
Dayal:how is ur married life .how was Sanky??
Rag:he is nice dad but some what saduu type he behaves as if he is the only guy having problems
Dayal:ha ha ha he is reserved type not like u ??
Rag:wt do u mean??
Dayal:I mean he is little saduu like ur momm(in a low voice)but I know u will change him like I changed ur momm
Rag(laughing):u r right??
Dayal turned back nd was shocked to see janaki fuming angrily
Janaki left from there
Rag:dadd ??
Dayal:I was caught by our principall soo call u later
Rag cutted the call by laughing
Sanky entered then only
Rag:u cooked well atlest better than mee
Sanky:I don’t like those girls who don’t know how to cook (little angrily)
Rag felt badd nd left from there
Sanky went to bed nd was thinking
Sanky(in mind):how my life changed at once .I lost my lovee don’t know wr is she now .she would be thinking that I have cheated her .and my marriage it is the most painful day of my life I was stuck with the person whome I don’t like .I just can’t believe that there will be people like her also actually I have seen her family nd I should say they were a family package full of crazy ness but she is nice always trys to make others happy nd due to her I have seen a new momm nd my dad ohh my god I don’t know till now that he like crazy things I can’t believe he is enjoying her silly doings nd ofcourse mee too .she is soo innocent that’s y I feel that iam cheating her but I can’t forget swara nd move on with ragini

Scene shifts
Swara was taking more care for laksh
Laksh:I forget to tell u naa I was promoted bu…..
Laksh:I got it in Hyderabad
Swara:by listening to hyd she remembers Sanky
Laksh:iam thinking it will be difficult if I take u there with out at once without any preparations so first I will goo nd see for a comfortable room nd then will take u
Swara was sad as she feels alone in house without laksh as she didn’t mingled well with his family
Laksh:I know u will not bee comfortable but till I get the room
Swara gave a fake smile to assure him that she will be finee
Laksh leaves to Hyderabad

Scene shifts
Rag didn’t returned to room
Sanky:ohh my god she didn’t came till now I definitely know she is up to something crazy nd went in serch of her nd saw her in kitchen nd was shocked(it was fully messed up)
Sanky(angrily):wt r u doing ??
Rag(with innocent face):learning cooking from internet
Sanky:really at this timee!!
Rag:hmm u told that u hate people if they don’t know how to cook that’s y
Sanky:so u can learn tomorrow
Rag:but I can’t see someone hatting meee so I will come only after learning to do something
Sanky was frustrated he don’t understand wt to tell her so he left from there
Sanky:she is mentall not a casual mental her mental is on peekss .if I didn’t slept she will call mee to test tose items it’s better I should sleep (really he is little frustrated)

Sanky didn’t find her on bed so he went to wash room nd freshed up nd came out nd saw rag in kitchen
Sanky(in mind):I think the whole night she is in kitchen
All sat on dining table
Suji:today rag made breakfast for uss
Ram:woww then I should check it
Sanky was just starting her with little anger
Rag served to all nd waiting enthusiastically (like a student waiting for result)
Suji:its nice
She saw Sanky
Sanky:not badd u learned in one day I should say u r quick lerner
Rag felt very happy nd she to kept some on her plate nd started eating
Rag spli it out after eating
Rag:ohh noo I poured more salt how r u eating nd saw every who r eating difficultly
Rag:iam sorry
Suji:its ok no can can learn at once nd u have learned in one night
Sanky don’t want to criticize her as she did this for him onlyy
Rag:momm iam thinking to go to office my leave was also completed
Ram:u goo nd Sanky from today u too come with me to our office(ya they have their own company)

Rag’s office
Friend:are yar today our new hr is coming hope he is handsome not like our before one
Rag:I will bee glad if he is friendly
Nd there comes our laksh (ya he is the bew hr)
A week passed raglak became good friends
Laksh was busy in searching for a house nd was taired
Rag:if u don’t mind we have a outhouse but it was a single bed room if u want u can live there I will ask my inlaws once nd will conform if u have no problem
Laksh:ofcourse plzz u help mee
Rag called nd asked ram he told ok
Rag:ok u can come nd haa u should give rent
Laksh:y not I will nd tnk u very much for ur help nd I should inform to my wife she will be happy
Rag smiled at him nd left

At home
Rag:hii dadd
Ram:who is the person u r asking room for
Rag:voo he is our new hR nd ya he is very friendly .ooops I asked him for rent
Sanky:rent???wt is the need
Rag:there is we won’t value the things that we get easily we will only come to know their value if it have a prise
Ram:haa but…
Rag:if u don’t mind we can give this to any oorphanage
All felt happy
Sanky(in mind):she is different

Laksh called swara nd informed her she is happy too

Epi ends screen freezes with all the four smiling faces

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