my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 6~pavani

Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support…
Swara was thinking
Laksh:u wil not go to temple??
Swara::noo I don’t have mood u go
Laksh:today they will announce about promotion
Swara didn’t replied any thing .he felt bad nd turned to go
Swara:all the best laksh
A smile comes on laksh face
Laksh:now the promotion is mine only
Nd he left

Ragsan room
Rag came to room after kitchen work
Sanky was very angry
Rag:y r u angry
Sanky:iam not understanding one thing
Sanky:I don’t understand weather u r acting innocent or ur really innocent
Rag:y do u think so(with a pout face)
Sanky:by ur behaviour nd I can’t understand with this intelligence how u got degree nd job in tcs
Rag:excuse mee iam topper of my college nd who told iam innocent the matter is I take everything easily nd u take it as a issue that’s it
Sanky:wt do u mean ??iam making an issue
Rag:ofcourse ..
Sanky:how disgusting ..
He left from there
Rag(to herself):wt do he think of himself .from night iam observing showing mee attitude nd trying to dominate mee .if u r prabhas iam also not less than tamanna huu(she went from there)

Sanky entered his room nd didn’t foung rag
Sanky:thank god she is not there I can sleep freely nd he slept
After sometime he got up nd didn’t found her
Sanky:wr is she its 12 nd not slept yet
He went out to search her nd heared some sound from out side nd went there
He saw in dark ness some one jumping the wall he then immediately went in to switch on the light but a vessel fell down by hitting his hand .he left that there only nd ran to see the person .ram also came out by listing to the sound

Sanky nd ram were shocked to.see rag nd suji there
Ram:suji u hear at this timee nd wt u wore (she is wearing jeans)
Sanky:I know this rag have done something
Rag just bend her head
Ram:will any one tell mee what’s happening
Rag:voo I was boared soo
Suji:we went to second show movie
Sanky:movie ??wt is the need to go at this time
Suji:wt do u mean only u can see second show movies I can’t see??
Sanky:noo momm …not like that
Ram:u wore jeans
Rag:voo mom told me one day that she likes jeans but no one allowed her to ware in their house soo
Sanky:nd the wall ??wt is need to climb the wall u can come from gate

Rag(with an exitement):voo naa mom told that she never bunked her college so don’t know how it feels when climbing the wall so I am teaching her (with a broad smile on her face )
Sanky:mommm wt thipened to u ??u too joined in her chaildish things
Suji:ohh common its just for fun y r u blaming her iam doing it as I too want to enjoy my life heartfully .
Suji hold rag hand
Rag:momm ur another wish also completed
All looked at her questionangly
Rag:u told u were never caught by principal soo now we a caught by dad nd Sanky soo ..
All looked at her and laughed at her
Sanky (in mind):she is interesting….(with a smile on his face)

Ragsan room
Rag didn’t talked to Sanky(remember attitude)
Sanky:u r crazy
No reply
Sanky:wt happened to u ??
Rag:u don’t know
Rag:u are trying to show me attitude
Sanky:ohh so u r angry for morning fight .I tought that u can’t be angry on any one for long
Rag:how do u know??
Sanky:u can live without eating but u can’t live without talking
Rag gave a deadly glare
Sanky:ok baba sorry really nd tnk u I have seen my mom that mich happy after many dayss
Rag:its ok .u never tried to know her wishes
Sanky:to be frankly noo I never tried to know wt my mom thinks nd wt r her likes nd dislikes
Rag:how poor aunty is there is no one who cares about her but no problem now I came naa I will try to fulfill all her wishes
Sanky:u will not become sad ??
Rag:y not??iam also a human but I will forget it fastly by diverting my mind
Sanky:is that soo easy ??
Rag:y nott??there were many people who r suffering a lot In the society .they have been struggling for food nd shelter so really are we suffering more problems than them ? We got everything we want so better enjoy it heartfully by removing all the tensions
Sanky was staring her
Rag:y r u seeing like that
Sanky:u seems to bee mad but ur toughts r metured
Rag:gave a dead glare
Sanky:ohh common u should accept the fact that u are not less than mad in doing crazy things
He then smiles at her nd went to bed
Sanky:good night
Epi ends screen freezes with smiling face of Sanky ,angry face of rag
Sorry for less swalak scenes I already told u I may not give equal imp to them but they were also main


  1. Sonya

    |Registered Member

    really like ragini
    matured n child at the same time
    shes full of innocence
    i really like her bond with ram n suji
    seems sanky might fall for her soon without his knowledge
    im scared to know
    how would ragini react if she find about swasan
    on the other hand laksh is a caring person
    swara will melt soon

    awesome update dear 🙂

  2. Nupur

    Wow a super duper cute chapter. Loved sujju too much in this?

    Di are u a Prabhas-Tamanna fan? If so count me in too. I just love them both! Though m not from south, my sister got me addicted to south movies and I really like a lot of actors from the south movie industry

    • Pavani


      Tnk u nupur darling nd yaa iam a huge fan of prabhas iam fan for his manly gesture nd u would say u have a sweet sister who forces her siblings also to see wt we see my brother used to be like that .I was forced to watch cricket for him :'(

  3. Prakriti

    Wow di its superb but short…Make it little longer..Please show some Swalak scenes also..BTW My Sanky is falling for my Ragu…Seems Interesting…
    Bye Di..
    Love you lots Di..

  4. Pammy

    Really u r making me crazy…..i am grinning like an idiot while doing yoga….whn i close my eyes suj rag are cmg in my mind…i am unable to concentrate on my breathe evn…bt really luving it u r jz awsme:-*:-*

  5. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi
    Loved Ragini a lot
    Waiting for the next one………..

  6. Aastha

    akka i think ragini’s character is totally different from ur previous all ffs. how crazy…….by her crazy she makes me more crazy for her. i love teju n u akka. san too nyz…..ummaaaaaa.

      • Aastha

        nyz thought akka rag lage unte ….. thats nyz but ya thats not possible. bcos our south indian boys mood hai na…..little difficut to understand…to when they ill soo cool n when they will tension angry…..

  7. Megha123

    |Registered Member

    Loved our ragu …❤❤❤❤
    If u r prabhas then I’m nt less than tammanna …this was really sooperb akka
    She is mixture of craziness &maturity really! ???.

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