my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 5~pavani


Hiiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support

Swara came by listening to sound nd saw laksh hand bleeding

Swara:laksh!!!!!wt is this ??she immediately ran to him nd tied a hand kirchief to him

Laksh:iam sorry swara I didn’t mean to do that I was just……
Swara:shut up laksh wt do u think of ur self haa by doing all these I will love you .noo I will never love you nd she left from there crying

Scene shifts
Rag got ready nd elders came nd blessed her
Suji:ok now it is your rasoyi u go nd cook

Rag:I don’t know how to cook what to do??
She called dayal
Rag:dad it is cooking test today wt to doo I didn’t prepared for this exam
Dayaldon’t fear when dayal hear
Rag:ok how can u help mee
Dayal:I will give u slip
Rag:u will give but I don’t know anything thing
In the mean time suji entered
Rag kept phone aside
Suji(in a low voice):I know u don’t know how to cook so I will prepare u stand there at the door if uncle comes then u come hear nd I will leave
Rag cutted the call
Dayal fells happy by listening to suji
Rag stood at the door nd suji complete sabji she is about to prepare sweet rag came running by saying ram is coming nd suji left from there by saying rag sorry
Rag:thank god aunty did curry but how will I prepare sweet in the mean time ram entered
Ram:have u completed ragini
Rag:ya uncle sweet is left
Ram:don’t worry ur dad told me already that u don’t know how to cook so u watch if any one coming I will prepare ur sweet
Rag(surprisingly):u know how to cook
Ram:yaa when i fight with ur aunty na then I used to cook .ok u see I will finish it
Rag smiled nd stood at the door nd ram completed sweet

At dining table
All ate sweet first
Suji:woww rag beta u did it very well
Ram ate subji
Ram:I don’t know that u can cook .it is very delicious
Rag :tnk u mom nd dad .I felt very bad for leaving my parents but I got them in u two nd ha dad mom cooked curry nd momm dad made this sweet .both look at each other nd felt embarrassed

Sanky was just smiling at them
Suji(in a teasing tone):ur hus didn’t helped u??
Rag:noo maa actually he don’t that I can’t cook naa
Suji:he don’t know ?really??I tought till now u have known each other perfectly (in teasing tone)
Rag:noo maa now we r trying to understand each other .yesterday we talked about that only .hee na Sanky??
Sanky who was driving water splitted it out nd really felt very embarrassing nd left from there

Rag:y he left??
Ram nd suji see each other faces nd suji signs ram to talk to Sanky

Sanky room
Ram:can I come in
Sanky:yaa come in dad
Ram:soo u don’t want to move on in your life
Sanky:I don’t love rag y can’t u understand
Ram:but u r married wt her now nd u should forget swara
Sanky:I can’t
Ram:u can nd u will I don’t want my friend ship to be spoiled by your deeds
Sanky left from there angrily
he saw rag at dining table nd dragged her to there room
Suji saw this
Rag:wt r u doing ??
Sanky:r u mad what is the need to tell everything to elders
Rag:wts wrong .nd I didn’t have a habit of hiding things (she turned her face with fake anger)
Sanky:are yarr there will be some private talks between hus nd wife that should not be talked infrount of everyone
Sanky:u don’t know?
Rag:noo(with a pout face)my mom nd dad didn’t hide any thing from mee
Sanky:ohh my god y can’t u understand .ok leave it from now onwards told tell to anyone what ever happens btwn us ok
Sanky left
Rag immediately dailed to dayal
Rag:dadd is there any rule that the talk btwn wife nd his should not bee told to others
Dayal:are budhuu there will be some private matters that we should not share to any one
Rag :ohh he told right only
Dayal was about to ask something she cutted the call

Rag came out with a confusing face
Sanky was passing through the way nd stopped by seeing suji ng rag talking
Suji:wt he did In room
Rag:we talked?
Suji:wt u talked??
Rag was about to say something she remembered Sanky words
Rag:noo I won’t tell
Suji:to mee also?
Rag:haa we should not discuss our ptivate matters to others
rag:haa talk btwn mee and Sanky
Suji:who told u??
Sanky saw this nd hold his head with his hand

Scene shifts
Laksh came to their room
Laksh:swara plzz
Swara was about to go hold her hand
Laksh:iam sorry plzz (with a pain ful eyes)
Swara was melted by seeing him
Laksh:it won’t happen again .iam really sorry .I am not doing all thise to impress u Iam just punishing my self for hurting u
Swara:plzz don’t repeat it I can’t see someone suffering for mee
Laksh(in mind):that’s y I love u .u can’t see mee suffering .I know some day u will come running nd hug mee nd tell I can’t live with out u .I love u laksh

Epi ends
Screen freezes with innocent face of rag ,irritated face of Sanky ,caring face of swara nd loving face of laksh

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  1. amazing Akka loved ragsan scenes ram suji rag bonding superb ka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  2. Sindhura

    When rags comes to knew truth she will break.
    I think then only sansky will understand her importance

    1. Pavani

      Haa he will realise his love but that will bee late

  3. Akka akka oh god I just loved ragini was laughing while reading it so gud nd such an innocent girl…caring in laws too …
    Akka I dono whether can I call u like tat hw old r u??nd do u knw tamil???

    1. Pavani

      U can call mee akka no problem nd my age is 24

      1. Mine too pavani …I’m also 24 tatz y asked ur age…because here many r schl r coll gng girls nd I got oly one akka…so u knw tamil???I dono telungu dr…ten ill call u by ur name itself…

      2. Pavani

        I don’t know tamil darling its ok no problem wt ever u call mee .r u married??

    2. neenga enku akka va???? nan ungala china ponnunu nenaichen. its ok. from onwards nan ungala akka nu kupuduren.

  4. Ragsan

    Awesome ????
    Raginis so Sweet and innocent ????

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ragsan darling

  5. AwesumAwesumm

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u darling

  6. ragini omg!! her character is awesome akka

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      Tnk u lovely darling

  7. Rafeee

    he he rag so cute…. superb…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u rafee darling

  8. Wow di Ragini is so funny…You are awesome di…I was a silent reader of your ffs…I am swasan nd raglak fan but I also love Swalak nd ragsan..For me pairs doesn’t matter…Only story matters…
    All the best for your ff…
    Love U lots Di??

    1. Pavani

      Love u too prakriti darling nice to see a person who don’t bother about pairs

  9. Anjaly

    ragini was so cute and the episode was mindblowing

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  10. Superb dear.ragini is so funny

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    Hahaha.. My stomach is paining…. I was just laughing.. Oh god love this ragini.. Kitni innocence hai usme.. Love this type of ragini to the core… Love u di.. Amazing part.. I m laughing now also thinking abt it…

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha tnk u sissy I was happy to make u all happy

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Ragini’s is really innocent and what Suji and Ram did was so adorable
    Waiting for the next one……….

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    Omg ragini is so…..cute with lot of innocence ???chala nice part akka love ragsan❤?❤

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much sanku darling.yaa every girl wants a hus like Laksh

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    Hilarious?? ragini is soo innocent.really loved ragini u lightened the my mood.ooh di love u .u ff is superb??

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      Love u too darling

  26. Superb can u plzz give me the link of previous updates actually I missed them I tried to Google out but I didn’t find it

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      Tnk u ragsan nd ya I will try to give my previous link

  27. Pavani

    Tnk u darling

  28. little princess

    Ragini rockz…loved ragini’s innocence… Never thought that she is this much innocent…loved kitchen masti…i was feeling bad for lucky…my poor lucky…sissy dont make my lucky suffer was awesome episode…. Love u sooo muchhh

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    ragini is so funny. i love this ragini. love the bonding between dayal and ragini. no words for ram and sujata, they r the best in-laws. wish every girl will get i-laws like them (including me). you just rocked it.

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