my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 20~pavani last episode

Hiiii darlings thank u very much for ur love nd support

Sanky followed her
Sanky:common I didn’t done it intensionally
Rag:I was angry as u r laughing
Sanky:what??common its soo funny soo I lau…
Rag gave him deadly look
When they reached home they were shocked to see dayal nd Janaki laughing

Rag:am I dreaming …u two are soo cool
Janaki:noo its true
Rag signed dayal what’s this
Janaki:she may be beautiful by her physic but she didn’t have a beautiful heart like mee naa
Rag saw dayal nd he wings his eye
Sanky was shocked
Sanky:woww uncle u r super u know how to cool wifes plzz give me some tips
Rag eyed him angrily
Sanky:see how she is starting like owl
Dayal:ohoo hold ur toung u r talking about my daughter
Sanky :iam sorry uncle nd he left from there
Rag felt bad
Rag follwed him
Janaki:wts the need to scold him
Dayal:are budhu then only she will support him naa
Janaki:u r disgusting nd she left

Sanky sat on bed
Rag:did u feel
Sanky:noo I deserve this I hurted u naa
Rag came near him nd bent on her knees nd hold his hand
Rag:give him some timee he will understand u .he will also start loving u like I doo
Sanky gave a fake smilee
Rag understood that he is not convinced
She went near his lis nd gave a peek on his lips
Sanky was shocked
Rag:sorry for my dad’s behavior .when he comes to know the truth he will happy to have u .
She got up and is about to goo Sanky hold her hand
Sanky:if uncle scold me daily ??then alsoo…..
Rag moved her head in yes nd went out

Days passed dayal was intensanally scolding Sanky nd rag giving him his gift daily One day

Rag went to dayal
Rag:dadd can I talk with u
Rag:u won’t forgive him??
Dayal:u forgived him ?
Rag:yess dad I misunderstood him nd everything is clear between us now
Rag:I want u to be happy with our relation nothing else
Dayal:did I ever stopped u from doing anything u wanted
Rag:(happily):u r ok with himm
Dayal:y not
Fb shows
Laksh nd swara came to meat dayal
Laksh explained everything
Swara:iam sorry uncle every thing happened due to mee he is innocent
Dayal:iam happy that he sacrificed his love to make u realise ur love
SwarA:u r not angry on mee
Dayal:noo due to u today they realized their love for each other thats y elders say everything happens for good

Fb ends
Rag was shocked
Rag:soo y r u acting
Dayal:I want to hear from ur mouth that u want to go with ur hus but ur mom is right u r more stuborn than mee u never opened soo I tought by giving pain to Sanky u will open up but still u were waiting for my permission iam glad to have a daughter like u Rag hugged him emotionally
Rag:love u dad
Dayal:i will miss u
Rag gave questioning look
Dayal:u r going tomorrow I booked tickets
Rag:u know I will come to talk with u hmm
Dayal:iam ur father…
They both laugh
Rag:I want to sleep with u today
Dayal:see Sanky will scold mee in his heart Rag smiled
Rag:he should wait as iam leaving u for him right??
Dayal smiled
Rag slept on his lap
Dayal to slept like that

Janaki nd Sanky saw them from out side nd a tear escaped from Janakis ears

Janaki:she loves him very much that everyone is after him only to her
Sanky:I know aunty
Janaki:iam jelous many times that they don’t give me much imp but u know they never stayed any where without mee as they can’t live without mee that’s y I won’t go inbetween them as they have a seperate space in their hears for mee .iam telling this as u should understand that she loves her dad most but she have a special place for u in her heart .

Sanky:I know maa I can understand how difficult for u to send her
Janaki:tnk u
Sanky:maa u only love ur daughter or ur son too ?
Janaki:I love u too
Sanky:then u prepared all her fav dishes then whers for mee
Janaki:how can I forget to doo ur fav pootharekulu(a sweet) I hided it
Sanky:hided??but y?
Janaki:those were uncles fav sweet if he saw naa then the can will be empty by tomorrow that’s y
Sanky:ohh how sweet.
He hugged her
Sanky:tnk u maa
Janaki:for sweet?
Sanky:noo for ur lovely daughter

Sanky went to dayal room
Sanky:tnk u for forging mee unclee
Dayal(smiled):I should tell u thank u for bearing mee
Sanky:u have that right .u r also my dadd.
Dayal hugged him
Dayal:take care of my momm iam sending her by trusting u plzz keep her happy
Sanky:don’t worry uncle ur momm is my princess

They left
After one year
Dayal nd Sanky were roaming hear nd there
Janaki:don’t worry every thing will be fine
They listened to a cry of a baby
Dayal nd Sanky saw each other
Suji:I think baby is born
Doc comes out nurse bringing the baby
Doc:congratulations u r blessed with a girl
Sanky nd dayal shouted in happynesss nd hugged each other

Ram:howz my daughter?
Doc:she is fine will shift to room in half an hour
Laksh nd swara came there by holding a baby boy
Laksh saw Sanky
Sanky:yess yess yess a pari came in our life
Laksh nd s wara:congratulations
Sanky took the baby from doc

After half an hour
Rag was shifted
Rag:wr is my cutey
Sanky gave her to him
Rag kissed her
Rag:she is like mee naa dadd
Dayal:noo she went on his dadd
Rag:now a days he became more imp than mee to u
Dayal:y not he is taking that much care of u .
Ram:ohh hello my daughter is taking more care of him
Sanky:dad they were jelous leave them
Dayal:ok give mee my pari
Sanky(in dayal ears):u know dad I want her to bee crazy like her momm soo give me some tips.
Dayal:craziness is in her blood no need to train her
Laksh took her nd made told his son see babuu hear came ur bridee
Babu cries but baby girl wings her eyes
All r shocked to see this
Sanky:oh my god I should bare one more ragini noww
All laughedd
Screen freezes with smiling faces of all
End of story
Sorry if I boared u all
Love u all


  1. Astha


    |Registered Member

    akka i……i’m cried while reading janki’s dialogue… anyway awesome ending. last scene i loved the core…..umma…waiting for when i fall in love. hope that too will be comedy like this. love u loads.

  2. Fairy

    Hahahhahaa another ragini???? ….awesome diiii,loved it ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Amna

    Aww. This story was so cute. Explaining us that always first love is not true love.
    Nowadays u r going too fast with stories.

  4. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Superb amazing.. Loved the ending a lot di.. Haha…. Dayal and rag scene was so emotional.. Nyc ending.. U didn’t bored me.. As always u rocked it..

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