my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 19~pavani


Hiii darlings tnk u for ur love nd support .my next season of when I fall in love have started hope u like that

Rag released the hug at once nd turned her face with fake anger

Sanky :now what???
Rag:y u didn’t informed mee that u love someone before only ?
Sanky:I didn’t got a chance to tell u
Rag:atleast u should tell mee after marriage also
Sanky:I tought a girl can bare anything but she can’t bare if she comes to know that her hus loves some other
He hold her shoulder nd turned towards him
Sanky:iam sorry !!!
Rag:hmm u r conform naathat u don’t love swara now
Sanky:hold his head with his hand
Sanky:how insecure u rr??
Rag:not insecuree iam afraid
Sanky:afRaid?? For what?
Rag:that by seeing my chaildish behaviour u will get irritated nd will leave me
Sanky hold her waist nd pulled her towards himself
Sanky:maa,patnii nd daughter can never bee irritating
Rag :really?promise?
Sanky tightened his grip
Sanky:don’t trust mee
They have a beautiful eyelock
Rag:leave mee

Rag:iam sleepy
Sanky released her
Sanky(with a surprise):what?? U will sleep noww
Sanky:noo I won’t allow u today
Rag:now u want to talk whole night or what??
Sanky hit his head with wall
Sanky:I don’t understand u really innocent or u act to be innocent
Rag was just smiling on him without noticed by Sanky
Rag:ok good night
Rag:ok from tomorrow bee ready
Sanky:for what?
Rag:to cool my dadd .u should again gain his trust
Rag:haa u should convence him
Sanky:if he dont agree to send u then??
Rag:then go back alonee I won’t come untill my dad allow me to go with u
Sanky:that’s not fair
Rag:everything is fair in love nd war
Sanky saw her angrily
Rag turned other side nd act as if she slept but she is happy inside
Sanky (in mind):now how to handle her dad nd see how peacefully she is sleeping without any feelings .Iam hear only nd still she is sleeping peacefully .
He saw her and slowly kept his hand on her waist nd acted as if he slept
Rag was shocked by his touch .it is new for her nd she is happy too but didn’t showed it she turned nd saw Sanky who is acting rag understand it nd jerked his hand
Rag:all this is only after when u convence my dad
Rag:haa u hurted him soo go nd convince him
Sanky:if he is not convinced
Rag:return home alone
She turned otherside nd slept
Sanky was shocked

Scene shifts
Dayal was watching moon
Janaki:angry on mee
Dayal didn’t responded
Janaki:what’s ur problem let her solve her problem by her own its not necessary that we should involve in it
Dayal:that is what I too want
Janaki(shocked):wt do u mean
Dayal:I want her to fight for her love which makes her nd her love strong .u saw she came behind mee when I called her at once also she didn’t rejected mee .she didn’t tried to fight against me for her love .

Janaki:u know she loves u more than anyone in this world so how can she oppose u
Dayal:I want her to love her hus more than mee .
Janaki:u r crazy every father want his daughter to love him the most but u??
Dayal:iam not like everyone .I only want her happiness once she started loving him more than anyone then no one can seperate them
Janaki:then keep ur daughter with u for whole life
Dayal(shocked):what ??
Janaki:because I know u both very well she will not go untill u say her to go nd u will not send her untill she asks
Dayal:she will I know her
Janaki:she is also stubborn like u .poor Sanky I pity him
Dayal:ohh hello I didn’t excused him .he hirted my daughter I won’t leave him soo easily
Janaki::ok if u nd ur daughter are one team then listen I nd my son will bee in one team
Janaki turned nd went away

Rag:iam ready dad
They left
Sanky:momm y can’t we go for walk
Janaki:when ever I say I will come they say noo that’s y I never went with them
Sanky:ok come with mee we will go seperatly

In stadium
Dayal was doing dumbles for the first time pummy aunty saw himm
Dayal:u saw naa she replied mee today
Rag:common she just gave u a smilee
Dayal saw a man beside pummy aunty
Dayal:who is hee
Rag:may be her hus
Dayal:hus y he camee?
Rag:may be she informed him that u are following her daily
Dayal:no no she won’t do like that
Pummy aunty hus went to take a round
Nd pummy aunty sat on a bench opposite dayal
Dayal:see she is giving me green signal
Voice:if mom comes to know
Dayal:ha ha she feels iam ram so she never question mee
Voice:wt ever u say mom is beautiful than her
Dayal(by laughing turned to rag):he he he beautiful nd ur mom see her physic every where fat is stocked nd see my pummy darling physic she have ever part place at its places
He saw rag signing him seriously
Dayal:wt happened to u y u kept ur face like u saw ur mom in darkness .ofcourse in light also she looks like ghost only he he he
Rag:mom !!
Dayal:haa ur mom only u know how many times in night I got frightened by seeing her face in dimlight
Rag:dadd mommmmm(she signed him to see back )
Dayal turned back nd is shocked to see Janaki eyeing him seriously
Dayal was shocked
Dayal:Janaki u hear??
Janaki:thank u Sanky u gave me company today otherwise I would have never know whats happening hear
Sanky was controling his laugh
Rag eyed him seriously
Dayal gave a deadly look to him
Janaki:come home then u see how beautiful iam
She left from there angrily
Dayal too followed her
Sanky started laughing
Rag gave deadly glare
Sanky:what???what’s my mistake ?
Rag:y u brought mom hear
Sanky:I don’t know that u two came for this otherwise I wouldn’t have bought her hear (by controlling his laugh)
Rag:now u go alone I will not come with u??
Rag left from there
Sanky was shocked

Epi ends Screen freezes with shocking face of Sanky nd angry face of rag
Still one more epi left

Recap:not yet decided(sanku darling this is for u only)

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      He he he naughty like mee hey naa

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    Pammy incident was fab dear

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      Yep amma avakai anjalii eppudu bore kottaru he he he I modified it little

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    Good one 🙂 show some swalak scenes also in end

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      Yep I will show in last epi

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    Sad that it would end.i think I would miss u
    Bt that’s OK I think I would make that up with new season of when I fall in love so I’m just anxious + sad

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u megha darling nd I will also miss this ff nd I will try my best to entertain u in my season 2

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