my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 18~pavani


Hiiii darlings tnk u for ur love and support I have not decided next concept till noww but yaa it will end soon I can’t drag it more sorry

Rag went to dayal room who is thinking
Rag:u won’t talk to mee
Dayal raised his head nd signed her to come nd sit beside him .she sat
Rag:still angry on mee
Dayal:can I be angry on my angle
Rag immediately hugged him with lot of emotions
Rag:iam sorry
Dayal:I should be sorry .I made u ur marriage with him
Rag:noo dadd that’s my fate what can u do in that nd I know u blame ur self for wt ever happened that’s y I didn’t told u

A tear escaped from his eyes
Rag wiped it
Rag:I can’t see u like this
Dayal gavea fake smile
Dayal:I think I have done a lot of good things in my last birth that’s y I got u .every father dream about a daughter like u but I got that opertunity

Janaki:oh hoo then baring ur all chaildish actss are u not lucky to have mee
Dayal nd rag saw her nd smiled
Dayal:ofcourse not
Rag:I pity u papa after marring mom u have a drastic change
Rag:beforee u were like a tiger nd noww I became cat before her
Dayal nd rag laughed by giving hifii
Janaki hold ears of both
Janaki:I will go away from u naa then …
She was about to say both rag nd dayal closed her mouth with their hands
Dayal:I can’t live without u
Rag:even mee
Janaki becomes emotional nd they have a group hug
Dayal pulled janaki towards him nd kissed her on her cheek nd said sorry
Janaki:how shameless u r.u r doing all these infrount of ur daughter
Dayal:soo what iam kissing my wife only naa
Rag gave a weak smile nd left from there
Janaki signed dayal that she will handle nd she too followed her

Rag was watching moon
Janaki:remembering him
rag:nothing like that maa
Janaki:hiding from ur mom
Rag:from chaildhood I used to feel I too want a love like u nd dad have
Janaki:u know what every pairs will not bee perfect I nd ur dad also have soo many misunderstandings but we never break up we solved them nd by those our relation became more strong .
Rag:but I can’t force him to forcefully
Janaki:with a smile did u ever tried to understand him .y he did this did u ever questioned him directly
Rag nooded no
Janaki:if u have a problem then y u didn’t told him je is not a hod to know them soo it should be ur first reaponsibilty that u should make him understand ur sorrow .nd this is the problem of ur generation if a mobile is broken u never use that u go for new one u will not think that we can use the old one by getting it repaired

Rag was thinking
Janaki:try to understand him nd once give him a chancee he will also understand u just give him some time
Janaki left

Dayal:get up darling we should go for walk
Rag:dad plzz some more timee
Dayal:then that pammy aunty will goo
Rag:ofoo dad iam seeing ur love story from my 11th .ur story is not moving a head from then
Dayal dragged her
They left
They reached a play ground nd stared jogging
Rag:dadd pummy auntyy
Dayal started doing exercises to impress her .he is doing dumbles
Rag:dad this trick u r doing from then but she atleast didn’t bother about u
Dayal:so what someday she will see mee Rag:tell mummy to come for walk then if she beat u after knowing this then pummy aunty will see u by listening to ur screeming
Dayal gave an angry look

They reached home after sometime
Rag came first dayal went to park the car
Rag rang the bell nd is surprised to see Sanky
Dayal:u stood hear only wt happened he too was shocked to see Sanky
Sanky:good morning uncle
Daya(in a high pitch):y u came hear and who allowed u
Janaki:I allwod him
Dayal:through him out
Dayal:u won’t listen to mee and that too for him
Janaki:iam a mother I bother only about my daughters future I can’t make decisions in anger nd spoil her life
Dayal left from there angrily
Rag was about to go behind him Janaki stopped her
Janaki:I will handle my hus u take him to ur room
Rag was shocked
She took him to their room
Rag was not seeing towards him
Rag:u get fresh up I will come
She is about to go Sanky hold her hand
Sanky:won’t u talk to mee ??.
A tear escaped from her eyes
Sanky:once listen to mee
Rag didn’t replied
Sanky:u won’t talk to mee
Rag:I should leave I have some work
She left
Sanky have tears in his eyes
Day passed rag max avoided him as she know if she stay for long time with him she can’t control nd brust out

Night after dinner
Rag went to her room lately so that she can avoid him when she reached he slept

Rag:he slept this early he atleast didn’t wait for mee

Rag too slept on otherside of bed but she is not sleepy

Sanky observed her
Sanky:wt to say something??
Sanky:then can I tell something
Rag was tensed
Rag:noo she got up and was about to go Sanky hold her hand
He came to her
Rag:leave mee
Sanky:I can’t
Rag:u lost that right ??
Sanky:do u really think I can doo that?
Rag was numb
Sanky explained her
Rag was happy from.inside
Sanky:now also u don’t believe mee
Rag:iam sorry (she didn’t turned to him)
Sanky made her tirn to his side
Sanky:is there anything to tell
Rag was numb
Sanky:u don’t love mee??
Rag:wt is the need of one sided love
Sanky:who told its one sided
Rag was shocked
Sanky:yes I too love u
Rag:I don’t want ur sympathy
She is about to go he hold her nd dragged her towards him
Sanky:I know iam not romantic nd iam boaring too nd iam not a good match for u but still I love u
Rag:u r lying I don’t need ur sympathy love
Sanky got angry
Sanky:really I love u
Rag:u don’t love mee I know
Sanky:wt the
Rag :ok tell mee what is colour of dress I wore in morning
Sanky was shocked as he didn’t observed that clear
Rag:see u never saw mee clearly
She starts crying
Rag:if u really care about mee then u will console mee but
Sanky:enough of ur drama now stop this nonsense
rag:see u don’t love mee that’s y u became angry
She crying like kid
Sanky:who told u I don’t love u
Rag:u… u ..told on that day when u met swara .now don’t tell mee that u lied
Sanky:no I didn’t lied that day .
Rag was shocked
Sanky:slowly I realized my love towards u.I realized that ur actions which irritates mee for that I fell in love with u
Rag:but iam like this from starting
Sanky:but iam not samee .I lost all my hope In my life but when u came in my life it is like a new adventure I started liking them
Rag was seeing him innocently
Sanky:we see the moon every day but it looks cool when we r happy .moon will always be like that only the diff is in our view
Rag was still numb
Sanky:are budhu u didn’t get it till noww I love u onlyyy if I love swara then y will I leave her with lakshRag was very happy she came running nd hugged him with lot of emotions
Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of rag nd Sanky

I used athadu dialogues as I love that scene I have decided to keep this scene from the starting I have seen this movie for 20 times only for this scene I didn’t presented it that much sweet but I tried to make it neat hope u enjoyed

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  1. superb akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  2. Dharani

    dialogue of athadu and episode is awesome

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      Tnk u dhara darling

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      Tnk u sneha darling

  4. Sindhura

    I thought lak and swara will also come to console her and rags too accepted immefiatedly.
    Pammy aunty was fab

    1. Pavani

      I think there problem should be solved by them instead of others involving in it that’s y I didn’t brought swalak nd ya y nott she loves him naa nd I think u too know how hus cool us ha ha their one hug is enough I think sooosoooz;-)

      1. Sindhura

        Actually i dont knew
        My hus doesnt care

      2. Pavani

        Ha ha ha nice excusee they care but acts as if they don’t

  5. Megha123

    Aww….ragsan patch up too good akka
    & about athadu adi naa fav movie thanq 4 adding

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u megha its my fav movie too I love this movie especially trisha

  6. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragsan patch up
    Every scenes were so Fabulous
    Lovely epi
    Waiting for the next one…………

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

  7. superb …

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      Tnk u cuty

  8. Rafeee

    superb di….i lov dis story….aftr dis u cme bck with anothr ff ri8????

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      I have not yet decided another concept will see for sure tnk u rafee darling

  9. Nami

    Di it was awesome as always. Loved Ragsan scene

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  10. Athadu was my fav movie too, I was thinking of Mahesh all the time. Both MB and VK are my all time favourite. Rocked it dear ???

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u asritaa darling iam not mahes fan I love iam prabhas fan

  11. Awesome

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  12. Saanvi

    Athadu dialogue is used in perfect situation…good one akka 🙂

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    yes!! ragsan patch up…. so happy. loved it.

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  14. Awee rags is soo cute

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  15. Wonderful dear.i loved it

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  17. wowwwww jst loved it dii..☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  18. Astha

    akka epi chala bhaga undi. waiting 4 nxt part. akka i’m missing this dialogue ” precap: not yet decided”.

  19. Aww loved it but appi ek kiss roo bantams tha ??hehe growing naughty.

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