my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 17~pavani

Hiiii darlings tnk u very much for ur wonderful love nd support .guys iam going to end this soon..

Dayal:I know it I know that there is something wrong for which u r worried I know it on that day when u cutted my call but I was relaxed as I tought my daughter will not hide anything from mee but u.. this much happened with u nd u didn’t tought to atleast inform mee??

Rag:noo daddd I was about to tell u but..

Dayal signed his hand to stop
Rag was numb nd shocked(she never seen her dab with that much anger)
Dayal:now I have to talk to someone (by seeing ram)
He went near ram
Dayal:if u know ur son don’t love my daughter then y u didn’t informed us before
Ram bend his head
Ram:iam sorry

Dayal:will my daughters life will become fine by ur sorry?
Ram was numb
Dayal:u just shut up u lost ur right of talking
Sanky:once listen to mee plzz
Dayal:listen!!! WWtis left to listen u spoiled her lifee
Rag:dadd pplzznow leave it
Dayal:leave it…. how can u say that
Rag:I was wrong in trusting him nd I tought he too love mee he never told mee he loves me as I love him
Dayal:he should have told this before also nd u r talking against mee for him

Sanky:uncle plzz …
Dayal:enough iam taking my daughter with mee nd no one can stop mee

Sanky:noo u can’t doo this
He looked at rag with teary eyes who atleast didn’t see him
Sanky:rag plzz once listen to mee plzz
Dayal hold rags hand who is crying nd took her out rag saw Sanky with teary eyes with a question y did u doo thiss .they have a painful eyelock

Scene shifts
Laksh:ohh noo I should tell this to rag she will bee happy
Swara shocked
Swara:she too know this
Laksh:yaa ok u wait hear I will come noww only she is very angry on Sanky
Swara:come fast
Laksh gave a peek on her forehead
Laksh:get ready I will come fast (naughtly)
Swara blushes

Laksh came to Sanky house nd saw Sanky nd hugged him
Laksh:tnk u very much boss today because of u my love returned homee
There is no response from Sanky he stood like a statue
Ram:I told u before only don’t spoil our friendship see now u again did it
Laksh was shocked
Laksh:wt r u saying unclee ??

Suji told him what happened
Laksh:ohh noo uncle u have done a mistake
Ram:wt do u meann
Laksh:he didn’t ran with swara uncle he took her to make her realise that she loves mee

Ram nd suji were shocked
Laksh:u should have given him one chance to explain
Ram came to Sanky nd hugged himm
Sanky too hugged him as his father hugged him after many years he becomes emotional

Ram:iam sorry .with this hand I slapped u
Sanky released the hug
Sanky:noo dadd u have right to slap
Ram(becomes emotional):everything happened because of mee I should have trusted u.due to mee u lost ur love still u didn’t blame mee for that iam sorry for doing that

Sanky:noo dad don’t say that plzz .it was my fate that I lost my love twice

Suji consoled him they have an emotional family hug

Scene shifts
Dayal house
Rag was crying by sitting in her room
Janaki came inn
Rag hugged her nd stared crying
Janaki:I can understand dear don’t cry everything will bee alright
Rag:y did he done this maa??
Janaki: there is noo need that wt we see nd listen that should bee true(manam vinedii choosadii nazalee avvali ani emundi)
Rag:wt do u meann momm??

Janaki:I think u should have given him a chance to explain point.
Rag:he don’t love mee
Janaki:then y he returned backk
Rag was numb
Janaki:trust is main step to love nd I think u don’t trust himm as u don’t love himm
Rag:I love him momm
Janaki:then u won’t take this decision
Rag:it was dad’s decision
Janaki:u didn’t stopped him too.u know he take wrong decisions in anger
Rag was in a dilamaa
Janaki:I think u won’t take decisions in anger
Janaki left
Rag was thinking
Scene shifts

Sanky sat on bed sadly
Laksh:can I talk
Sanky saw him nd gave him a weak smile
Laksh:so when will u go
Laksh:to bring back ur love
Sanky(with sad smile):she won’t accept mee
Laksh:this is wt u know about herr .she know that u love swara then also she accepted u nd now if she comes to know the truth she will bee the happiest person
Sanky:she know it before only
Laksh explained every thing
Sanky was happy that she too loves him

Laksh:noww its time for u to prove ur love make her feel that u only love her
Sanky hugged laksh
Sanky:tnk u laksh u gave me courage to fight for my love
Laksh:ur wife always says that we shouldn’t back up in moddle we should always fight for our love
Sanky gave a broad smile
He went near window nd saw moon
Sanky:iam coming to get u back bee ready
Epi ends

Screen freezes with smiling face of Sanky


  1. Sindhura


    |Registered Member

    Let make it funny
    Let sanskar struggke hard
    And dayal and ragini shoukd tease him.
    Haa if possible let swara,and laksh go with sansky to raga house.
    Show,rags and dayal unity in naughtynwss
    To next level
    Its my suggestion it will be funny
    If rags and dayal fight about helping to flirt with pummy aunty..before sansky lak swara

    Ofcouse then getting caught by janaki.

    If u dont understand i will tell you in detail its just my idea

  2. Fairy

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww awesome awesome awesome episode di..laksh is jst superb ,loved hm yaar?…wtng for nxt episode eagerly…

  3. jezzachinnuS

    Awsome dii
    loved it
    Ragsan moments
    eagerly waiting for next update.
    take care,.

  4. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Awwww this was awesome now excited for the next. How will sanskar convince ragini n how will he propose her

  5. Megha123


    |Registered Member

    Awsm part akka ???
    As usual loved ragsan moments ???
    & trust factor in love what jhanaki explained rag is awsm ???
    Waiting for nxt part eagerly as to see how sanky gets his love back ????

  6. Saanvi


    |Registered Member

    I always loved your ff.. Just to comment on your post I have registered in tellyupdates…good job ???

  7. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    awesome di its time for intense ragsan story he na????and i saw ur reply…accha di …y r u thinking to end this soon…but if u end this..u l come up with one more ragsan ff ryt????pls pls come up with…..and inform me in private message….i mean say ur new ff name…ok….and this ff superb…

  8. Aastha

    akka epi chala bhaga undi….aiiya now sanky going to rags home. am waoting akka. akka na cmnt last epi lo seseva…..rafee ni tamil dialogues ki nenu translation sesenu.

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