my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 16~pavani


Hiiii darlings tnk u for ur wonderful love nd support

Rag immediately hugged him emotionally
Dayal:I told u naa Janaki she too missing mee
Rag released the hug
Rag:I really missed u dad nd u know wt I want (with a weak smile)
Janaki:if ur serial is completed then can we come in
Rag:sorry maa I missed u too
Janaki:lierr I know u loves ur dad more than mee (with fake anger)
Rag(with proud face):y not he is like that
Rag nd dayal gave hifi Janaki gave an angry look
Ram nd suji welcomed them
Dayal:wr is sanky??
Rag was shocked
Ram nd suji were abbout to say truth
Voice:iam hear unclee..
Ram,rag nd sujiwere shocked
ram rag suji (at a time):sanskarr
Sanky,dayal and janaki were surprised for their reaction
Dayal:y all r u were shocked
Ram:nothing voo he went to tour nd came suddenly that’s y??
Ram nd suja saw Sanky angrily
Sanky didn’t understand anything (he dont know that every one knows truth)
Ram:u came early??
Sanky:haa my work completed soo .
Dayal:very nice soo we can have some fun time then
Rag was still in a shock there were many questions running in her mind
Dayal:rag wr have u lost ?is everything fine ?
Rag came to senses
Rag:nothing just like that nd she saw Sanky questiongly

Scene shifts
Laksh was preparing breakfast while cutting onions he cutted his finger (as he is very disturbed he is thinking about swara)
Suddenly some one hold his hand
Laksh saw them
Laksh(with a shock):swara??
Swara:can’t u be carefull see how deep it was cutted
Laksh at once hugged her tightly
Laksh:u came backk
Swara was shocked nd she released the hug
Swara:u know it already
Laksh by bending his head :yess nd he explained her everything
Swara was crying due to happiness
She hugged him with lot of love
Swara:u know everything nd send mee with him
Laksh(with tears escaping from his eyes):u will bee happy naa
Swara:closed her eyes with pain .iam sorry laksh I didn’t recognized it till noww
Laksh:hugged her more tightly
(He have no words to tell about his happiness )
Swara released the hug
Swara:I want to tell wt happened there
Laksh:by putting his finger on her lips :noo need I trust u
Swara:hold his hand nd kissed it :I know u trust mee but I should tell u wt have happened there if any day in an anger if u point out my charecter then I can’t live .then ur respect in my eyes will become low which I can’t bare
Swara explained everything
He hugged her again
Swara:I love u laksh.
Laksh:I love u too

Scene shifts
Sanky:I will come by having bath
Rag gave a fake smile

Dayal was observing rag don’t know y he feels that there is something fishy

Rag:u too get fresh up dad nd mom we will have our lunch all together

Dayal:yehh I was also little tired due to travelling I will sleep for sometime
Janaki:I will help u in kitchen
Suji:noo need u too take some rest we two will managee
Dayal nd janaki left
Ram nd suji hold rag hand nd took her to her room
He saw Sanky there nd gave him a tight slap
Sanky was shocked he hold his cheek nd was looking with confusion
Suji:now y u came back .
Sanky:wt do u mean mom??
Ram:u really don’t know wt we r talking about ??
Suji pushed rag towards him
Suji:u never tought of her before running away with that girl.
Ram:how can he think of a girl when he never tought about his parents
Sanky and rag were shocked
Suji:u have done this much but still atleast she didn’t told us too as we will be heart broken if we come to know about ur truth
Rag was shocked after knowing that they came to know about the truth
Sanky saw rag who is crying nd feels very bad
Sanky was about to say the truth they heared a sound of a glass broken
Every one turned that side nd were shocked to see the person

Epi ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of rag,ram,suji nd Sanky
I know its smalll one but situation demanded nd sorry for not updating yesterday voo actually ur jijuu feels insecure that I gives much time to my home than him he he he actually he needs some attention when he is at home soo trying to give him some timee(otherwise noo net offer naa)

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  1. Sindhura

    Ofcourse its dayal

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      1. Sindhura

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    1. Pavani

      He he he noo worries studies are main u carry on nd all the best nd I think iam going to end this before onlyy .

      1. enduku akka intha thoraga end sesthunnanv….no akka …we want more from u…ofcourse akka net offer ki bawa kavali. akka nenu sepenu ragsan seperation kavali kani san susthey pavanga undi akka….try to post next part soon.

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