my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 15~pavani


Hiiiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support nd yep it is concept of maa avida meeda vothu mee avida chala manchidii (just only concept) I have done some changes for my story…

Sanky returned to homee
Ragsan room he saw rag sleeping
Sanky sat on the bed nd was thinking deeply he took his phone nd called to some one

Rag got up nd saw Sanky sleeping nd cared his hair nd went out
Sanky to got up nd get freshed
At dining table
Sa:dad I have to go to banglore for a week
Ram:all of a sudden ??
Sanky:voo my friend abhi’s marriage soo
Ram:ohh but a week
Sanky:u know him
Ram:soo u take rag also with u u two can have some time together
Rag blushed
Sanky:noo dad I will be busy with my friends nd she will feel lonely there
Ram:ur wish
Rag was sad

Scene shifts
Laksh came down after a hangout nd saw tiffen prepared nd kept on table
Laksh:wt is special today u did many itemss
Swara(in mind):want to spend some happy movements with u before leaving

Laksh:by shaling her :wr have u lost
Swara:nothing just like that voo actually iam going to my friends marriage I will bee back with in 3days
Laksh:marriage ??u didn’t told mee
Swara:vo I forgot to tell u
Laksh:ok I will drop u in station
Swara:noo need I will managee nd u take care of ur self
Laksh looked at her emotionally

Scene shifts
In a park
Sanky:ok we r going to banglore my friends house
Swara:y friends house??
Sanky:we should stay there untill we get a room

They went to Bangalore nd warmly welcomed by abhi nd pragya

Abhi:I told u naa love can do anything see when I ran away by leaving my first wife u scolded mee nd now see

Sanky:yaa I should agree it
Pragya:y not I too left my hus as I loved abhii
Swara:u left ur hus??
Prag:yep ..poor guy used to love mee a lott
Swara:then y u left?
Prag:I love abhi that’s y

Swara(started thinking )
Abhi:ok hear is ur room
Swara:one room??
Sanky:yaa y is there any problem
Swara:iam not ur wife till noww
Sanky:soo what swara u don’t trust mee
Swara:I trust u but I can’t stay in same room untill our marriage is completed
Sanky:ok u stay hear I will go out
Swara went in
swara(in mind):y am I feeling bad to live with Sanky for whome I left every one

Sanky came to abhi prag room
Abhi:do u think it workss??
Sanky:I don’t know but it is necessary for her to realise her love for laksh
Prag:but she is telling naa she loves u ??
Sanky:she is afraid to accept the truth that she has moved on in her life nd my place in her heart was occupied bt lakshh
Abhi:I hope everything should be done according to plan
Sanky:this time I risked my love to make her realise her love now I can’t step back
Abhi:risked ur love??
Sanky:yes my wifee
Abhi:u told she always fights with u
Sanky:yes but those only made mee fel for her .her innocent face nd her smile attracted me towards her . She cares about mee nd I was habituated for her .last two days don’t know y she avoided memeehen I realized that I was habituated for her irritated talks nd fights I enjoyed them then confirmed that I have moved on in my life nd I started loving rag nd the main thing is she never expected mee to bee like otherotheresaccepted mee wmeeI was after this I will go to her and tell her every thing it will be better if I tell her than she come to know from others I got my love again this time iam not ready to loose it noww

Scene shifts to rag room
Some one knocked the door
Rag:laksh!! uuu at this timee is everything ok
Laksh:iam sorry rag
Laksh was in drunken state but he listened to swasan conversation
Fb ends
Rag was shocked .she was fully broken Laksh hold her shoulder to console her

Scene shifts
Sanky knocked swaras room door swara opened it
Sanky:get ready we r going out nd haa our marriage will be tomorrow nd haa plzz remove this mangalsutra then
Swara was shocked
Swara:y to remove it??
Sanky:common u removed him from ur life soo mangalsutra is not a big deal I think
He left
Swara(in mind):y iam feeling bad to remove it .Laksh (she closed her eyes nd tears escaped from her eyes)
Scene shifts
Rag:y did he doo thiss??
Laksh console her
Rag:plzz don’t tell in my house plzz
Laksh:but they will come to know it one day
Rag:but this is not the right timee if they come to know about it every one will bee brokenn nd if my dad comes to know it I don’t know wt he will doo he will take me away from here nd break all the relations nd I too can’t stop him

Laksh:I can understand now I don’t know wt to tell to my momm if they come to know they will bash swara which I can’t bare
Rag(looked at him with a surprise):how pure u r laksh .this much happened but still u can’t see people bashing her how unlucky she is to miss u
Laksh gave a weak smile

This conversation was listened by ram nd suji
They were shocked

Scene shifts
They went out
Sanky nd abhi went to bring some food to eat
Swara:what is ur x hus doing now
Prag:he is noo more
Swara shocked
Swara:wt do u mean ??
Prag:after listening to news that I have run away with abhi he is broken and attempted suicide nd died
Swara was tensed nd is very tensed she immediately ran from there nd called to laksh no from std nd laksh didn’t lifted she tried for 20 times this time laksh lifted the phone nd she cutted the call by listening his voice
Scene shifts
Ram nd suji room
Ram:I don’t know he will goo this much loww
Suji:iam ashamed of him
Ram:we r lucky to have a bahu like her .this much happened In her life but she is still thinking about us
Suji:this time we can’t bee selfish

Sanky:r u ready swara
Swara(un willingly ):yep
Sanky:ok remove this(pointing to mangalsutra)
Swara was not ready to take it
Sanky:ok if u remember Laksh by this then no problem I will remove it he is about to remove it swara gave him a tight slap.
Swara:how dare u to remove it .
Sanky:common we love each other wt is the need of this
Swara(by crying):noo Sanky noo I can’t
Sanky:I know because u started loving Laksh .this is what I want to make u realise
Swara:by holding her mangalsutra started crying vigorously
Sanky:take ur time nd think about it nd he left

Next day
Rag was preparing breakfast in kitchen .she is doing more work to divert her mind from Sanky but she is not able to doo it as she remembers her movements with Sanky every where
Suddenly calling bell rings
Rag:who came in this morning ?
She opened the door nd is shocked by seeing the person
Epi ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of rag
I hope u like this

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      Tnk u sindu yep I will try to update it soon

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      Some whatt nd don’t worry u will see their nokjok soon

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      I will try to update it soon tnk u darling

  6. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Finally Swara is realizing her love for Laksh
    Poor Ragini doesn’t know that Sanskar has started loving her
    Waiting for the next one……….

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      He he hee they should wait more to get united

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      Tnk u masti its only concept not the story fully

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      Tnk u ashirita darling iam not from vsp I completed my studies there iam from bilaspur

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