my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 12~pavani

Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love and support

When Sanky woke up he didn’t find rag
He got fresh up nd came out nd found rag in kitchenn
Sanky went into kitchen nd signed suji wt happened (as rag is really serious she is not laughing at all)
Suji(with signes):don’t know do anything happened btwn u twoo
Sanky(by signals):noo
Sanky:momm something is missing in this kitchenn
Suji:wt is that
Sanky:u didn’t observed till noww it is the most precious thing I have ever seen
Rag didn’t bothered she atleast didn’t saw him .but Sanky was continously staring him
Suji:that much preciouss things I won’t keep hear
Sanky:are maa it is not about things or money
Sanky:my wife’s smilee u know wt iam missing it
Rag:smiled a little but composed herselff nd left from there

Suji:something is wrong I have a doubt on u only
Sanky:u always blame mee only but I didn’t done any thing nd haa don’t worry I will handlee
Sanky went to rag who is arranging plates in dining tablee he is about to talk

Voice:good morning …
Ram:come in lakshhh
Laksh:voo today my wife made prasadamm(a sweet) soo bought it
Suji:really that is Sanky’s favouratee
Sanky was uncomfortable
Rag eyed Laksh angrily
Ram:rag distrabute it to all
All atee it
Suji:woww she have a magic it is very nicee rag u learn it .it is Sanky’s fav sweet
Sanky looked at rag who is not feeling good
Sanky:rag plzz pass mee that poori nd maa today paneer curry was very nicee
Suji:rag did it
Sanky:woww u learned very quickly I should appreciate it
Rag left from there
Sanky felt bad
Laksh:iam also going to office y can’t u join
Ram:yaa u two r going to same place so he can bee like body guard to u (by laughing)
Rag:voo I have some work in middle
Laksh was about to talk
Sanky:its ok I will drop her
Rag:noo problem I can manage
Sanky:I told u naa (little bit of attitude)
Rag left from there
Laksh:ok I will leave noww
Rag was getting ready she is combing her hair Sanky entered the room
Sanky:r u angry on mee
Rag didn’t replied
Sanky came near her she is seeing this from mirror nd was tensed he came very close to her she then suddenly turned to him
Rag:wt r u doing??y r u coming near mee??
Sanky:soo u talked at last now u remember don’t ever try to show mee attitude ok if u again doo this naa I will also repeat it .now come down silently
Rag was very angry now
Rag(in mind):he don’t love mee nd cant bare if iam angry stupid ,idiot,mental nd etc .showing mee attitude nd due to him iam like this nd he is saying iam showing attitude how meann noww wait mr sanskarr I will show u what is attitude of ragini
She went down angrily

Sanky sat in car nd was waiting for rag
Rag:we will goo on my carr
Sanky:urs?? That small one noo wayy
Rag:that is given to mee by my dad after my b tech nd I won’t tolerate one word against it
Sanky:wt ever u sit hear onlyy
Rag went nd sat in her carr nd gave horn
Sanky: she have tons of attitude nd egoo
He too sat in her carr
Sanky:I will drivee it
Rag:I won’t give my car to any one
Sanky:what??iam not anyone iam ur husband
Rag:who ever it is I won’t allow except my dad
Sanky was very angry noww
He got down from it opened rags side door nd draged her out nd he sat in driving seat nd gave her a victorious look .rag as there is noo other option sat beside him
Rag(in mind):how egoistic showing mee his man power now I should also goo to gim nd grow muscles then I will showw my women power
They didn’t talked to each other Sanky on the radio
Then comes a romantic songg .Sanky then smiles nd rag immediately changes the station there comes an action song nd then rag laughs (they both fight to change the song)Sanky in an anger gave a punch on radio nd radio comes out
Rag was shocked
Sanky(in mind):ohhh noo she will kill mee noww
Rag:how dare u .I already told u it is gift from my dad nd she started scolding nd Sanky closed his eyes
After half an hour
Rag was tired by shouting on Sanky
Sanky:ok if u r completed I wil move nd I have lot of work today now stop ur nonsense
He dropped her nd went away
Rag was really irritated
Rag gave a deadly look
Laksh:y r u seeing like that
Rag:u don’t know
Rag:y u bought prasadam today
Laksh:voo swara made it that’s y
Rag:don’t act smart
Laksh:ok I want uncle nd aunty to like her nd accept her
Rag:have u gone madd lakshh wt do u think of ur self haa iam fool to sacrifice my hus
Laksh:but they love each other
Rag:that is their past nd wt do u think by sacrificing ur love wt will u get if u really love her then fight for her insted of loosing hopes .these sacrifice and all they were good to listen but for doing it noo way that can’t bee possible

Laksh:u r a practical girl u will take everything easilyy but iam not like that I love my wife more than my life soo I only need her happiness that’s it
Rag:ok then if u have decided to unite them its ok I will not stop u but Iam not ready to loose my husband nd iam doing this not only for my love iam doing this for my dad .I can’t make him feel guilt for selecting Sanky to mee.nd u r such a great lover u only bother about ur wife did u ever think of mee nd haa all the best u try ur level best nd I will see ur foolishness wins or my love wins

Laksh was numb
Rag while leaving
Rag:I wished u good luck won’t u wish mee
Laksh:wt ever happens either u win or I but I hope our friend shif should last forever nd u told I didn’t bother about u but the thing is I don’t want u to suffer by living with the person who atleast don’t care about it is better to go away from them nd yaa defnetly I will be the first person to be happy if ur love winss nd all the best for ur love test

Epi ends
Screen freezes with determination faces of rag nd lak


  1. sss

    so nice…accha he ragini should show him attitude ithat’s my though than shanky will realise…but laksh oh i mean how strong he can he tolerate all this but still he did just for his wife and his wife really she is a dumbo…anyone will for her hobby if he is like laksh dosen’t matter she used to love someone else…present is matter anyway waiting for next part ragini what will she do update soon

  2. Aastha

    ragsan fi8 is so cute….. i liked it…..this lak hai na kyun vo asi karaye….in this epi im feeling sad for swa bcos san is not ready to accept her. swa seems alone.

  3. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Amazing di.. Actually ragini I m with u. . Go ahead with ur attitude.. Tumhare attitude ki vajah se hi sanky tum par pyar ho jaane chahiye.. Teen hai? ?? Love ragini dialogues to laksh. .. Love u so much my dear sissy. . .

  4. lisa

    yar ur is just superb
    love rags character even though she’s childish she knows what is good for every1
    just love it

  5. Sonya

    |Registered Member

    nice update dear
    liked how ragini was showing attitude n sanskaar missing her jolly mood
    lets see when swara realize her love for laksh

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