my heart with u only (ragsan nd swalak) episode 11~pavani

Hiii darlings iam sorry for small update but situation demanded Nd tnk for ur love nd support

Rag left from there with heart broken

Swara:ok wt will we doo now??
Sanky:plzz don’t hate mee that’s wt I want
Sanky:yes I told this as I don’t want u to hate me nd I can’t bare it
Swara:u mean u want me to bee with laksh
Sanky:ofcourese Laksh was very nice guy nd I can see his care for u so he loves u more than mee
Swara:but I don’t love him I only love uu…
Sanky:I too love u but destiny seperated us and we both have our own lifes so we can move onn
Swara:wt do u mean by move onn ok tell mee will u love ragini
Sanky:noo but…
Swara:soo we love each other so wt is the need to seperate

Sanky:think about our family swara ..
Swara:family….(with a smirk) those fathers who separated us for their selfish needs I don’t bother about them I want to know are u ready to run with mee or nott
Sanky was shocked
Sanky:noo I can’t
Swara was shocked
Sanky:we can’t doo this wt is raglak mistake hear y doo they suffer
Swara:I think u found ur new lovee u care about her more than mee
Sanky:yess I care about her she is my responsibility her father handovered her in my hands I can’t backoff now
Swara:ok never follow mee againn nd stay away from mee
Swara left from there angrily
Sanky was left alonee

Scene shifts
Rag(to her self):hee don’t love mee???? He loves someone elsee how can hee doo that if hee don’t love mee he should have told mee before onlyy .he betrayed mee.

She was crying badlyy
Some hand was kept on her shoulder nd she turned back nd see it was lakshh
Laksh:yaa its mee

Rag:u hear (it is her room)
Laksh:I know how r u feeling now
Rag(shocked):u know about it
Laksh:I know she loves someone but don’t know that he is Sanky
Rag:u alsoo…
Laksh:yaa I too listened to their conversation nd I saw u leaving nd follwed u
Rag:hugged him emotionally
Rag:y did he doo this to mee
Laksh:they love eachother before onlyy we came in middle of themm
Rag released the hug
Rag:wt do u meann
Laksh:yess I want to unite themm
Rag was shocked
Rag:wt r u saying ??
Laksh:yes they love each other so y should we separated them
Rag was totally broken
Laksh:I know it is difficult but love is not to live happily wt the person whome we love but to mave te person live happily whome we lovee
Rag look confusingly
Laksh:I know u too love him
Rag phone rings
Rag(with teary eyes):dad??
Rag:laksh plzzz excuse mee I need some timee u plzz leave noww
Laksh left from there
Rag wiped her tears nd lifted the phonee
Dayal:hey sweety how r u ??
Rag:with a heavy heart :iam rocking as always
Dayal senses something wrong
Dayal:r u crying??
Rag:noo y will I cry

Dayal:ur voice is sheveringg
Rag:nothing dad just iam not well
Dayal:y what happened??
Rag:nothing just feaverr ok dad iam tired will call u later
Dayal was about to talk she cutted the call
Rag:I know u can recognise that I have a problem by my voice but I can’t tell u iam sorry dadd .if I tell u first u will scold urself for selecting him u will live with this guilt for ur whole lifee which I can’t baree
She went to her cupboard nd took her family photo.
I have failed in my life exam but I can’t effort u to fail I will never make u to know the truth .I love u dad nd iam missing u a lott (she started crying by holding the photo tightly )

Scene shifts
Janaki:how is she??
Dayal:don’t know y I feel she needs mee
Janaki:you need an excuse to meet her now stop making excuses let her live her life nd if we goo wt will ram bhayya think that they were not taking care of rag that’s y we came to see her
Janaki:noo but if she have any problem she will tell to u only naa nd u know she can’t hide anything .sooo y to bother give her some spacee
Dayal was not convenced fully but kept quitee

Scene shifts
Sanky came homee
Ram nd suji sat in hall sadlyy
Sanky:wt happened momm u didn’t ate till noww
SujI:voo don’t know rag didn’t came out from ur room from morning
Sanky:woww it is a wonderr I can’t believe she can stay in closed room with out talking to others ??
Suji nd ram gave a deadly look
Sanky:ok come we will see
They went nd saw rag sleeping
Sanky:see she is sleeping peacefully she may belittle tired that’s y she slept early nd u people making that an issuee

Sanky completed his dinner nd went to his room nd saw rag sleeping holding a photoo
He was about to take the photo rag woke up with a jerk
Sanky:wt happened r u not feeling well
He is about to see temp by touching her head rag moved back
Rag:don’t touch mee .
Sanky:wt happened u seems dull
Rag:it is none of ur bussiness

Sanky(in mind):wt happened all of a sudden she is rude to mee may bee I scolded her yesterday naa that’s y she is angry
Rag turned otherside nd slept
Sanky too slept on other sidee

Epi ends screen freezes with crying face of rag

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u maha darling

  1. little princess

    Its good episode…i know that ragsan is the pair in ur ff…i am swasan fan but still i am telling u plz unite swalak..swara is my favourite but still in today’s episode i didnt like the way she reacted…even i felt bad for raglak..lucky is ready to sacrifice his love for her happiness.. Feeling too much love n respect for him…but it seems like u r making swara so selfish… I knw that u love ragini..i’m not asking u to give more importance to swara but asking u to not show swara bad…let her accept the fact n make her realise abt lucky’s love…and make her fall for lucky…so unite swalak soon… I am feeling bad for ragini… Dont make her cry much…bcoz its not her fault at all…make her strong enough… Unite ragsan too…i knw that story may demand those reaction of swara…i really liked ur ff..but its becoming emotional day by day… :’) ..waiting for next episode… Update it soon my dear u…

    1. Pavani

      Hii little princess darling yes I like rag nd don’t like swara but I won’t show her negative don’t worry it is just her reaction after knowing the truth but eventually she will realise that she loves lakshh I won’t show her selfishh don’t worry they will unitee soon

  2. feeling bad for ragini, this part is awesome akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lovely darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u piya darling

  3. Sindhura

    Emtional one

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sindu darling

  4. Super episode..
    Poor raglak..
    Waiting for next update..
    Plz make it long..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u suhani darling

  5. I am a silent reader . i love raginis character a lot. Raglak or ragsan i follow all the story in this pairing. . waiting for your next update. 🙂

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sailu darling

  6. Megha123

    Feeling really bad for ragini & really awsm part akka ???

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u megha darling

  7. emotional one…feeling bad for raging but laksh..i just love him in here the reaction he gave it difficult but he did it…plz unite swalak make swara realise her mistake..wait.g for next part

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sss darling I too love Laksh

  8. Emotional epi feeling sad for Ragini and Laksh

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  9. Akshaya

    nice darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u akshaya darling

  10. ver nice now what happen next

    1. Pavani

      Lets see wt happens

  11. Akshata

    loved it….. also feeling bad for ragini

    1. Pavani

      Hmmm mee too tnk u akshita darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  12. Chaitali

    Sansker cares for ragini..aww!

    1. Pavani

      Y not she is his wifee tnk u chatali darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ana darling

  13. akka sanky theft my heart by his action. i thuoght he will ask swa to elope but swa asked san…..feeling sad for sanky…..i know every1 said feeling sad for rag but am saying san…ya…rag came to know his past but not his present….so….i like him so much….he started loving her unknowingly.

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha sankyy ki bachii u always love him wt ever his role iss

      1. of course akka i love ragsan a lot. when cvs shoed rag as -ve then also i support her only. i love them to the core.

  14. superbb…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cute girl darling

  15. Priya15

    awesome di…ragini ki saath hi yeh sab hona tha..bechari…love uuuuu…emotional part..ya dad will always recognize our mood hearing our voice…

    1. Pavani

      Yaa my dad also will recognise by my voicee

  16. superb ff
    love rags

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lisa darling

  17. Update nxt part soon iam eagerly waiting for dat… I hope…..Raglak closeness to unite swasan… Sanskar jelous…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sanam darling I will try to update it soon

  18. LovelyAliya

    My heart is crying! Felt so bad for raglak! ???

    1. Pavani

      Hmm don’t worry that won’t last long nd tnk u brojen heart(lovely) darling

  19. Kavyaa0755

    superb story loving it totaly…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much darling kavya darling I am happy that u like my story

  20. Lila


    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lila darling

  21. Now he may understand her importance.

    1. Pavani

      Hmm hope soo nd tnk u amna darling post ur ff iam waiting

  22. nice epi….pls unite swalak and ragsan

  23. Yashal

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?????????????????

  24. Sonya

    i knew raglak going to unite swasan
    feeling bad for ragini , n her talking to family photo was really emotional
    i think now i this process sanskaar n swara will realize their true love for their life partner
    bcs until now raglak were giving important to them
    i understand swara felt betrayal by her father n wants to unite with sanskkar but soon she’s realize laksh’s worth too
    on the other hand i think sansaar will miss ragini’s nonstop talks too

  25. SPP

    Awesome Superb Emotional epi
    Feeling bad for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one……….

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