My heart-swasan/one shot

At hospital, icu
one person is laying on the bed. Many mechanes around him showing his heart beet.many wires connected him. One girl seeing him through door. She is crying her for him.
She-oh! God pls save him. If he dnt wakeup or anything happens to him then swara attampts to save him goes vain. Pls god save him for sake of her pure love for his hasband sanskar. (Yes he was sanky who was at bed)I know he dnt love her because it is forced marriage. But she loves him unconditionally. She tried to get his love but it all goes vain which get result increases sanskar haterness towards her. But she never give up. One day she come know that he loves me but his father forced him to marry her for money. She broken up internally. She decided to unit me and sanky. She taken me to her house and try to her level best to shw to family how much good i am. For that she acted as she stooped low. All family members belived her plan and start to hate her. She cried her heart out for hartting her family membors. I become mad for sanskar and start to plan to get him. For this also he is nt ready to divorce her. We dnt know the reason. We planed smothing and we become shock to see sanskar over hiring all. He slapped swara and shoutted at her declaring that he love her nt me. They hugged i am shoutred. The ragini losted her love. I m decided to get mylove. I pretended that i am happy for their union. I m started plan against swara. Which are back fired. Atlast my patients get lost i kidnapped her and try to kill her. Sanskar came at same time and saved her and i realised my mistake. When we are going back to home a lorry come suddenly which happend our accident. When i m opend my eye i come to know that due to that accident sanskar heart damaged. To save him we have to do heart transplatesion but there is heart suitable them. Atlast one donar donated their heart to him. That heart is non other swara HIS SWARA. Actually I m searched for swara who was in last stage. She requested me to donate her heart to him to save him it is her last wish.she come to him cried to c him that condition hugged and kissed him last time. The opertion become susfull. Swara last rites are down without sanskar. He was in coma. Pls god make him good which was swara last wish. I went near to him because he was out of coma.and contineously asking for swara. I said truth to him and plyed swara voice which she recored for sanky before oparation. In that’sanky i know u love me and miss me. I m nt going anywhere. I m always with u. U always said i m ur heart. Now i m really becomed ur heart. U will cry for me than it pains me because now i m ur heart. I want u move on your life.i want ur happeness which feel my heart. I m just living my body because i m living inside u by become ur heart beat. We are one body through two souls.U want my happiness right then u become happy person. To c u i m become happy also. Becouse i love ur smile. So never fad that smile on ur lips. Ok bye sanky oops i m sry. I m never livhng u right so welcome me sanky. I LOVE U SANKY WILL U MAKE ME URS HEART!”
thats it i never seed sanskar cring.he always smiles which likes swara in him.he always put his hand on his heart remambers and feels her. And talks with that heart.swara said true they become one body one heart with two souls.

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  2. Very Emotional . I am crying???

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