My heart is with you by sukor Epi 8

Hello guys I am sorry for updating late but my exams are still going on so I was pretty busy. Anyway let us start.

Precap:sukor kiss

Chakor pov

I run to the cowshed to tell Suraj about my plan.I look at Suraj who us sleeping with his hand clutching his stomac
h. I cry silently. Today suraj will sleep peacefully with food in his stomach.
“Suraj,get up. I need to tell you something.” I whisper.
He wakes up slowly with pain.

“Chakor please give me food or else I will die” he says
I put my hand on his mouth. I look around to see that everyone is gone to eat food and no one watching or hearing us right now.

“Suraj look here, I have a plan for your hunger okay?”.
“You only need to wait for a little bit more and then you can eat as much as you want”.
“How??” He asks.

“So I asked bijli to add sleeping pills in every one food so they can’t interfere in your food. Easy”
“Why didn’t you think of that before? We’re you planning to kill me in hunger and changed it now because of sympathy?”
“Suraj!!! How can you even think that?? Why will I do that? Is that what you think about me? Then keep thinking, I am just stupid here you didn’t eat for 12 days because you were hungry and conspiring plan for your hunger”.
Wait what did I just say oh god! I am in so much trouble!

“What,why would you do that?”he asks concerning but angrily.
“Because I can’t bear food when you haven’t had it and anyway I am strong.”
“Yahh whatever. But I am still angry at you ”
I see the guards coming back.
“Bye” I hurry out of the cowshed but ” I will come back” I say before leaving.

Suraj pov
She is so sweet but very stubborn. The guards can barely stand anymore and it has only been 5 mins since they came back. I am starting to wonder how many sleeping pills bijli put in the food. Food, I can’t wait to eat food. I close my eyes so I don’t feel the mouses jumping non-stop in my stomach . I open my eyes after 10 mins and the guards ar sleeping like little babies curled up in to balls. I wish chakor comes soon. I see chakor running toward the cowshed with a plate and a bottle fully of water. I can’t wait.

“Suraj I am here” chakor says coming towards me.
“Finally” I say.
I take the cloth of the enormous plate and it revealed to have 20 rotis. 3 vegetables which are gobi ki sabzi, matar paneer and mix sabzi. Let us not forget the delicious kheer.
” that is lot of food, did you think that I will eat this much?”
“I am more than sure.”
“Seriously,bijli should be praised for making all this delicious food that smells amazingly great” I say

“Excuse me but i made this all” chakor says proudly
“Wow, you know how to cook? Liar”
“Shut up and stuff your mouth with food”
She takes a huge spponful of kheer ans stuffs it in my mouth.
Ahhh the taste and ghee and sugar and everything!!!!!!! It feels like I am having food after a century.

Well that is all my friends. And I thought since we are friends let us now each other slowly so in every ff I post. There will something for you do answer with your comment. Today you have to tell me one thing about your self. You don’t have to do this, I just thought that it would be fun.

Precap: kamal narayan evil plan.

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  1. Sukor

    I am sorry for mistakes. When I said “you didn’t eat for 12 days because you were hungry” I meant”I didn’t eat for 12 days. I am so sorry I messed up?

  2. Hi I think we share similar thoughts.i too used the idea of sleeping pills in my fanfiction-udaan pyaar ki sukor 1.

    1. Sukor

      I guess we do. I am so sorry I you think I copied you but I didn’t. I love your ff and I starts a reading it from episode 3.

      1. I never said that u happens sometimes.doesnt matter .all sukor ffs are equally interesting.

  3. nice episode finally u feed suraj in ur ff we r happy

    1. Sukor

      Thank you. Happy Valentine day!!

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