My heart is with you by sukor Epi 7

Hi guys, too much snow in Canada. Seriously!!!!!! Anyway perfect time to write since school got cancelled. So let us start.

Suraj pov
She gently kissed on my cheek. I know how she feels about me but I had not been excepting this at all. But I liked it. When she saw what she did she suddenly got up and started going but I held her hand back and made her sit. Then I kissed the top of her forehead and she blushed.
“I didn’t know that my jungli billi could blush.” I teased her.
She lightly hit me on the shoulder.
“Shut up’she answered’

My bad luck that a good moment in my life never stays for to long. Someone has to long interfere in it. This time it was kamal narayan.
“Ohhh, maina and tota are expressing their love” he said.
“Shut up,kn” chakor yelled and then went out.
After she went kn also disappeared. I left alone started thinking about how fun mine and chakor life would be together without any problems.

Kamal narayan pov
That was not good. What I say was not good. I need to something about chakor and Suraj relationship. If this increases to an higher level then my plans could be in danger. If I do something to chakor then suraj will be lifeless and easy to take my revenge with and my childhood enemy will also die. Great plan now I just need to plan my plan. He laughed his evil laugh.

Chakor pov

I can’t believe I kisse my used to be my enemy and now my life. He kissed me back. I feel so shy right now. I hope this relationship will never come to an end. I wish suraj gets out of this bundhua plan and then we had live our like together. I look back at mine and suraj enmity and laugh. Then I remember suraj’s hunger and my mind makes a plan. I will need bijli’s help.
I go to the kitchen and find bijli making food for everyone.
“Bijli,will you do something for me?”
“Yes tell me elder daughter in law”
I whisper my plan into her ear.

Her eyes widen after hearing my plan.
“Wow, elder daughter in law,you are great”.
“Thank you and get to work”.
I go to the cowshed to tell suraj but I still feel shy about what happened before.

Hope you guys liked it and please comment. And a big twist is coming in the story. A big one which you guys will probably like.

Precap: chakor plan

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  1. ARVIND Kumar

    I m arvind Kumar 7830182952 I want to work your searil

  2. Awesome episode
    Plz a lengthier one next time
    Waiting for your update..

  3. It was really sweet and adorable. Seeing how much Sukor cares about one another. And yeah you’re right the snow in Canada is crazy. One of these days I’ll become frozen.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks. I have the same feelings about the snow. Like seriously how many times does it have to snow?????☺

  4. It’s getting too boring ,come on get suraj to negotiate with his dad who murder his brother. (In exchange for food and water)

    1. Sukor

      I am sorry if you you think so but a twist is coming up so it will become interesting.

  5. This ff is a great one n I dearly love it..sukor scenes r quiet interesting..m waiting 4 d next update it soon n plzz nxt tym update it lengthier cuz I felt tht it’s been too short every plz nxt tym do it lengthier otherwise I loved it soon dear :* :* :*

    1. Sukor

      Okay I will write a longer next time.

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