My heart is with you by sukor Epi 5

Hi guys I am back with another episode

Suraj pov
When Chakor told me that she knows about my deal with Vivaan it relieved my body and my mind. Now I don’t have to lie to Chakor or play with her feeling but then worry had started to make its way through my mind so I asked her that what if Vivaan go to know about but she gave a clever answer she did same for every other question or tension that I had. Now I am hungry and thirsty.
“Chakor,can’t you somehow arrange water for me??? My throat is all dry and sore fropov m the lack of water. Please” I requested.

“Suraj ,don’t you wish that it would rain??” She asked
“Why would I want that? I don’t want to catch a cold by standing in the rain.” That is a stupid question.
“Your mind has disappeared along with food and water. Don’t you get it? If it rains then you will get water from it” she explains.
I knew that, nope i didn’t know that. My wife has some special brain features. Then I feel a rain drop fall on my head. Ahh a drop of water seems so special. Imagine a full bottle of it. Ahhhhhhh
“I guess the god really respect your words, Chakor”.

She looks at the sky and a raindrop decides to fall in her eye. The sudden coldness of water startles her and she jumpes back. I laugh.
“A drop scared my wild cat now didn’t I? ” I smirked.
She doesn’t say anything but just stares at me.
“What are you looking at? How handsome I am?”
I put my hand on my shoulder and stares to pull a jacket like I usually do but then I remember what situation I am in. I look at the ground because I am a bit upset but then i remember the rain. Water. I look a the raindrops dancing their way from the clouds to the cold ground. They make a rhythm when they touch the solid ground. I admire the nature but not for too long because I am too busy collecting water with my hands cupped.
“Should I get a glass?” Chakor asks.

“Who cares about a glass right now, you go inside or else you will fall sick”
“My husband is worried about me, but won”t you get sick? And I don’t fall sick remember?” She asks.
“Yes I remember you are a rock who doesn’t care about rain. Then come on and join me. I take out my hand and offer it to her. She takes it and we collect water to drink together.
I would have written more but I am to sleepy since I am writing this in the covers of my cosy blankets. I write another episode soon. One more thing can you guys tell if I should write a episode of this ff or me and you ff. Plese tell.

Precap: Suraj gets food.

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  1. Write ff on Me and you….. I love that one sooo much….??? I was eagerly waiting for it…??? pls write…pls pls pls…

  2. Wow it’s pretty good n ya write this one only as I luv it so so much

  3. Aqua

    Nice. Continue writing ??

  4. Write me and You ff. I like that much better.

  5. The episode was good
    And continue with this one plz

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