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my heart is with you by sukor epi 15


Precap: Suraj’s comeback to haveli.
“Suraj, we were all waiting for you for so long, thank goodness you’re finally here” said KN.
“Not what I expected” muttered Suraj.
“Here I will do the veneration ritual” said KN taking the veneration plate from Ranjana.
He did the veneration and Suraj entered the haveli.
“Look, I let you come back to the haveli but you’re still a bandua and you have to pay to stay here. You’re rent is 1000 rupees per month, ok” KN said evilly.
“But how will…” He is about to say something but Chakor interrupts.
“I can pay the money for him, right”
“Yes, you can but he’ll have to work still” said Ranjana nervously.
KN casted her how dare you look but stayed silent.
“Come on, Suraj let’s go”
They go up and the Trimurti just looks at them and then at Ranjana.
KN gives Ranjana a tight slap and Ranjana starts to cry. Ragini is just standing there enjoying the drama.
“How dare you, Ranjana you are not suppose to decide. I am” KN yells.
“Sorry” Ranjana says sadly.
KN storms to his room and Ragini goes behind him leaving Ranjana on the floor.

Scene shifts………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
“Suraj, I have surprise for you” Chakor says excitedly.
“Chakor why will you pay for me” says Suraj embarrassed.
“What kind of question is that, I’m your wife and if I were in your situation wouldn’t you do the same for me?”
“I guess” Suraj agreed.
“Now concentrate and look” Chakor opened the door to reveal a renovated room.
Suraj looks around to find a white and blue bed with a lot of pillows, Suraj’s pictures hanging around, flowerpots and the room looked a lot like it used to before he left the mansion.
“Thank you, Chakor but there’s only one thing I don’t like” he says happily.
“What” she says confused.
“Why are there only my pictures hanging around” he says.
“Oh” Chakor blushed.
“I thought this was the starting of our new life” said Suraj as he held her in his arms and kissed her forehead.
“Tomorrow, we can put our pictures on, ok” said Chakor shyly.
“What do we do now” said Suraj grinning and he came closer.
Chakor took herself out of his arms.
“Now we sleep” she said.
“Ahh” Suraj said disappointed and Chakor laughed.
“Can I sleep on the bed with you” said Suraj with a cute puppy face.
“Is that a thing to ask, come on” she said with a smile.

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  1. Ofcos dear i lov to read ur ff bt u post very late.lov u dear n m waiting for next please try to post soon.n this time can u post ‘sukor twilight’please.

    1. Sukor

      I am sorry for posting late but I have to do community service after school and then projects. So it gets busy and I write three ffs so I try to post one part of each story every week but I will post sukor twilight on Fri or sat. And thank you for reading and linking my ffs

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  3. it’s damn superb . I just loved it . waiting for next .

  4. Its ok dear i lov ur ffs now i can understand ur busy secdule so no prob.dear.u can post whenever u want n m always ready to read ur ffs.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks for understanding

  5. As always it’s great….😊
    Why don’t you update your other ff as well (me and you)??

    1. Sukor

      I updated it 2 days ago and I will update it again on tues

  6. I love sukor twilight as well…. I know it’s difficult for you to update all the three…but pls try to update all of them asap….😊

    1. Sukor

      Thanks for understanding

  7. Very nice, I like how happy they are together, eagerly waiting for the next update.

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  9. Amazing work.keep up the gd work. plz try to update as possible as u can. Love it

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