my heart is with you by sukor epi 14

15 days later
“Suraj, where are you? I have good news” chakor said.
“I am here, chakor” he said while washing his face at the well.
Chakor comes and splashes him with water. But before Suraj could even react she starts talking.
“Guess what, kamal narayan agreed to let you stay in the haveli in your room”.
“What, really, how” he said surprisingly.
“Oh, it was easy I just…………..” she explained.
Recap plays.

Chakor is seen with ranjana.
“Ranjana ji” Chakor said.
“Your first task is to convince KN to let suraj come back to the haveli. I don’t care how you do it, I just need it done” chakor said egotistically.
Ranjana stands there thinking. Something was going on in her head.
“I don’t think I have a choice, since you have my crime’s proof that you can use against me so ok, done” ranjana said sadly.
“Good choice” chakor said and went.
The Present
“Oh that file!!!! Good job” suraj said

“So let’s go to haveli” chakor said happily.
She is about to go but suraj holds her hand and pulls her back.
“I can’t go; I can’t torture the Trimurti’s anymore. If they insult you or do something to you because of me then I will kill my…
He is about to go on but is interrupted by chakor. She puts her hand on his finger.
“You are so selfish, suraj. 1: All you think about is yourself. Even when you just talk about dying I get scared so I could ever live without you.
2: When you are not in haveli or in other words with me, I get frustrated, irritated and sad so please come back to the haveli.” She says sadly.
“Ok, fine I will come to the haveli” Suraj agrees.

“Good because I have a little surprise for you” she holds Suraj’s hands and leads the way.
Suraj drags along with her with a smile. Chakor looks at Suraj
“Why are you smiling like a maniac” Chakor teased.
“Oh, I’m just thinking about how angry KN had reacted when Ranjana told him about me coming back to haveli” suraj laughs and Chakor laughs along
“Poor Ranjana” they both say at the same time.
They arrive at the haveli and KN stands there with a veneration platter. His sidekicks Ranjana and Ragini are standing with him as usual.
“What new drama is this now” Suraj whispers to Chakor.
“I don’t know” she says.

That is all guys. I want to know if you liked this scene view type of writing or someone’s personal thinking view. Plz comment and this episode is dedicated to sukorlover and aanya who comments and reads my ff every time. Thank you so much.

Precap: Suraj loses control and the trumurti loses one of the members.

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  1. really fantastic epi plz post ur ffs daily. what happened to suraj in precap , I think something might bad happen with chakor

    1. Sukor

      i can’t post daily but i will try to post one update per week for all my ffs.

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Thanks for dedication

    1. Sukor

      You’re welcome

  3. Actualy thank u dear.i wona read only sukor ffs.n u gys always make my day with ur lovly ffs.u,koml janu,sukorian i lov to read ur ffs gys.i wona read daily bt i can’t do gys aap daily post hi nhi krte.realy i like ur ffs sooooooo much.mnn krta hai pdti rahu.thnku so much for this one dear thanku.

    1. Sukor

      thanks aanya

  4. it is amazing bt dear plz post it daily.

    1. Sukor

      thank you but i can’t post daily since i write 3 ffs but i will try to post one part of every ff per week.

  5. Lovely update.simply amazing.eagerly waiting fr next part

    1. Sukor

      thank you so much

  6. I think this scene view type is best dear.

  7. Sukor

    ok aanya

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