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My heart is with you by sukor Epi 1


“Wait,what dud you just say?”asked Suraj
“I said that I love you” I reply
“It’s true, I started falling in love with you after Kamal narayan came back. I just didn’t know it but after the treasure hunt I was sure that I love you ” I explained.
“Why didn’t you tell me”
“How could I ? I didn’t got the right time to tell you”.
I hugged him tightly and said “I love you Suraj, I love you so much” loudly
I saw Suraj’s confused expression and thought that he didn’t love me so I ran out before I could give him a chance to speak. I ran inside haveli to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and started crying silently. Didn’t Suraj love me? Why is it always me who’s heart gets broken? First Vivan and now Suraj. Why???? I had so many questions but no answers.

Suraj pov
She said that she loved me and I love her as well. But I am goon. I am someone who people should hate not love. How can chakor love me when I tried to hurt her so many times. I don’t want to get her life in danger because if I tell her that I love her then Kamal narayan will get to know about it and chakor will be in danger and I don’t want that to happen.I know why she had ran before I could tell her the answer. She thought that I did not love her. I was confused at that time about my answer. I know that she is crying right now. My chakor!!!!!!!

Kamal narayan pov
So babdhua billi is in love with Suraj. Not good. I have to do something to break them apart.I know just what to do!!!!!!!

So that is the episode 2. Hope you enjoyed it.

Precap: Kamal narayan plan.

  1. Hey that’s awesome

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  3. Yah that was awsomeeeeeeeeeee Sukor di😍😘 but a short one can you please try to write a longer one…….and I wanna tell you something please don’t stop writing like other’s have done as no one has completed his/her ff😫😫 as every one have left writing in the middle maybe because of very little commentsπŸ˜”but I don’t want you to stop you ff in the middle soooo please you don’t go on the comments as there are many silent readers😊😊 hope understand my good attention and please don’t think that I was giving a lecture I was just making my sweet di understand πŸ€—πŸ€—……Love you di tack car and byeπŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’–………

  4. Aqua

    what was cute… hehe i want sukor to express their love. Please write longer ones πŸ™‚

  5. Sukor

    I can’t write longer ones because I am in gr.9 abd a kot of homework these days but i will podt regularly.

  6. Sukor

    I meant a lot of homework.

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