my heart still beats for you.. a swasan fiction (part 4)


hi friends. . I guess you all forget about this ff.. well in this ff swasan were ex-lovers. they break up. now sahil is swara’s bf and kavita is sanskar’s..

here we go..

swara was getting ready to go for shopping with sahil.. she was wearing a red net saree.. with backless blouse. . she was looking stunning. . sahil came inside.. he eyed her top to bottom. .
sahil: you are trying to kill your boyfriend babe?
swara: sahil.. why don’t you knock the door..
sahil: baby I’m your boyfriend. .I don’t want to ask permission for coming your room. .
swara give him a faded smile
sahil touch her bare back sensuously. swara feels uncomfortable. his fingers began to trace her bare back.. swara feels irritated. she turned away.
swara: sahil we are being late..
sahil: swara you are not liking my touch?
swara: what you are talking sahil.. you are my boyfriend. . I’m going to marry you.
sahil: then why you are feeling uncomfortable while I’m touching you?
swara: nothing like that sahil.
sahil: so you like my touch?
swara (nervously): ha sahil.
sahil goes close to swara swara feels scared but didn’t say anything. . he caught her neck and kissed it . swara feels disgusting. . but she didn’t oppose.. suddenly sahils phone ring. swara feels relaxed. call was from sahil’s office. . after cutting call sahil again stared swara lustly.. he tried to pull her towards him.
swara: sahil my shopping. .
shail leaves her.
sahil : ha swara come.. let us go. . one thing.. your fragrance is making me crazy.. swara try to smile.. but failed.. a flashback came through her mind..
……flashback. ……

swara was waiting for sanskar in sanskar’s house. . They were going for outing. sanskar was in washroom. .
swara: sanskar we are getting late.. come fast..
sanskar came from washroom. . swara closed her eyes.. sanskar was only wrapped a towel on his waist.
swara: shameless. . go and wear your dress..
sanskar: ha darling. . I’m shameless. . you are my future biwi na. so no problem.
he comes closer her .
swara: sanskar your intentions are wrong..
sanskar: no swara my intentions are right.. he pulled her towards him and place his wet lips on her lips.. swara shivers. . she had goosebumps all over her body. sanskar was kissing widely on her neck.. she enjoyed it.
swara: sanskar we want to go..
sanskar: what perfume you are using?
swara: I didn’t use any..
sanskar: lier..
swara:it is true sanskar..
sanskar: but you have tempting fragrance. .
swara: ha I didn’t bath today. so you are feeling like this..
sanskar jerked his face..
sanskar: chii.. you don’t bath..
swara was giggling. .
swara: no sanskar
sanskar (in a naughty smile): come I will help you. . let us bath together. .
swara: (shocked): what? no no..
sanskar: come on baby..
he take swara in bridal style and make her stood under the shower.. water drops flow through her body.. swara is totally drenched.. her beautiful curves are visible through her top.. sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her. . swara feels shy in his intense gaze . sanskar came near her.. he leaned to her lips.. she expect his lips on hers. but he kissed her cheeks.
swara’s cheeks became red..
sanskar: now my help over.. bath yourself. else I may loss my control. he quickly go out . swara smiled at him..
…flashback ends….

swara and sahil goes to a mall.. exact time sanskar and kavita also come to the mall.. both pairs see each other. sahil wrapped his hand around swara’s bare shoulders.. sanskar fumed in jealousy and anger.. swara give a painful look to him..
kavita saw them and she became angry. kavita hate swara. because she know sanskar still feels for swara.
kavita: hey swara..
swara: hai kavita.
kavita: can you help me to buy some dress?
swara looked at sankar.. he was not looking her..
swara: ok kavita.
they went for taking dress. sanskar and sahil looked each other . both hates each other.
sahil: sanskar you are so lucky you had to superb hot girls as your girlfriends.
sanskar didn’t say anything. .
sahil : sanskar said one thing to me
sanskar: what?
sahil: swara.. how is she in bed?
sanskar’s anger rised at its peak. but controls as it was a public place.
sanskar: if you again open your ugly mouth to say such things about swara you will see my other side. I will kill you basted. .
sahil: waw. . still so much love for your ex.. she really done magic to you. . but you know what sanskar, swara’s dad saw me as her future husband. I can do whatever I want.
sanskar: soon I will reveal your real face to swara. I will not let you destroy her life.
sahil: why being so hyper man.. you enjoyed her a lot na. let me also enjoy..
sanskar caught sahil’s collar.
sanskar: I will kill you blo*dy. .
sahil remove his hands and give an evil smile to sanskar.
sahil: you will not do anything sanskar. you are her past. and I’m her present.
sahil left. sanskar was still burning in anger..

while returning. .
kavita: sanskar today was outstanding. . I loved our outing so much..
sanskar didn’t say anything.
kavita: hey where were you lost? oh. lost in her thoughts?
sanskar: shut up kavita..
kavita: for you she id important than me na. can’t you see.. how hot and pretty I’m. but you don’t loves me a bit.
sanskar: kavita please. I don’t want to argue.
sanskar stooped the car and step out from it.
kavita also came out of the car.
kavita: what is your problem sanskar? she is very happy. she got another boyfriend na. if he go she will find another one. her character is like that. she is just a sl*t.
sanskar slapped kavita hardly.
sanskar: how dare you. . swara is the most precious girl I ever met. you can’t understand her. because she is such a pious soul. . and you can be like her.
sanskar take his car and go. leaving kavita on the road (it is noon time and kavita is very rich. so don’t worry about her. lol)

next day..
kavita ask sahil to meet her. sahil comes to meet her.
kavita: sahil I want your help.
sahil: what help?
kavita: sanskar still loves swara. he should hate her and love me. you have to do something.
sahil: hmm.. but what is my profit in this?
kavita: what you want? I will give you blank check.
sahil: I don’t want money.
kavita: then what?
sahil (evil smile): you have to spend a night with me..
kavita looked at him.. he is hot.. she think..
a smile appeared on her face.
guys I don’t know what I wrote. if you like please support me. I will update all my ff’s one by one. Don’t worry about it. love you all..

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  1. No dear,I haven’t forgotten can I forget this. This is one of my favourite here. I have a request dear,please try to update this regularly.
    This part was awesome..loved it a lot. I liked that sanskaar still cares for swara. He loves her so much..❤
    Sahil & kavitha.. disgusting…?
    Update the nxt part soon dear. Eagerly waiting to read.

  2. How can i forgot abt u n ur stories. Bt u forot me. Did u remember my triten in ur other ff. So plz upte soon. N u gys r ireteting u,shan,meher,sarena,deeksa,devansri,chatali,ameera sathya . So give eqully to all ff’ tym dont acpect forvniss to me(lol)

  3. Abirsha

    Ha ha wow jwala….. Superb very nice…. This sahil nd Kavita is disgusting…..

  4. Heltej

    Jwala… How many ff u are currently writing?

  5. Oh Di..How can I forget about your stories…You are super girl…How you manage to write such an awesome ff…Manna padge Di…You are great..

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  7. Awesome..!! I didn’t forget this..!!

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    superb…..plz don’t leave this ff without updating for a long time

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