my heart still beats for you.. a swasan fiction (part 3)

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sanskar’s pov

swara left from my view.. she was literally running .. i know she would have been sobbing inside her heart.. i know swara you still loves me.. you can never ever move away from me.. but it was our destiny.. you are not meant for me.. my thought process had a break when i heard someone shouting my name.. the voice was quite familiar and irritating..

oh my god.. it is my gf kavita.. now what the hell is this.. why she is shouting. . i rushed towards her.. i was shocked to see her full drunken state.. her legs were betraying her.. she was about to fall.. then a strong manly arms carried her.. don’t think much it was not me.. but it was a person i hates to the core.. yeh.. that jerk sahil..why he is after my girlfriends? first he snatched swara from me and now become saviour of kavita.. well one thing is sure that i didn’t feel any sort of jealousy stuff on seeing kavita on his arms.. but i have to maintain the status of a good bf.. so i go near them.. sahil was still holding kavita.. i noticed that his fingers was hungrily caressing her waist.. such a blo*dy jerk.. i really wanted to kill him.. not because he is doing it with my gf.. but she is a girl and a stranger have no right to touch her body like that.. i immediately came between them and save her from his dirty arms..

” thanks mr. sahil.. ” i said in a rough manner..

” hey sanskar one minute”

oh that jerk is calling me.. now what..? sorry i forgot to tell something.. he knows me.. he was my college mate..

i turned.. and saw him smiling at me.. i feels much irritated..

” sanskar how is your life now? don’t be worry about your ex girlfriend.. swara is happy with me.. and she is just awesome.. I’m very lucky to have her.. only a handsome and rich man like me deserves a diamond like swara.. baggers can’t keep diamond safe”

oh god if he deliver one more word from his blo*dy mouth i swear i will cut him in to pieces.. my anger has no limit now..

i didn’t give a damn to his comment.. i ignored him.. if we also bark like some dogs we will destroy our own peace and happiness.. so i leave the place with kavita and make her sit in my car.. but this idiot is not leaving me.. he again come towards me.. my eyes search for swara.. but i don’t see her.. now where she is hiding.. she don’t have strength to face me.. so she must be hiding.. but when sahil was again started to spit something from his ugly mouth i found her running towards us..

” sahil” she called that moron..

” ha swara.. coming babe.. i want to speak to my friend sanskar.. please allow me darling..”

i saw she gulping saliva.. i wonder what she is scared of ? me? i can’t imagine in my weird dreams about hurting her.. and this jerk sahil is just an idiot.. if a girl smiles he will do anything for her.. he is not capable of hurting her.. i know my swara was a strong and brave women.. then why the hell is she scared of.. hmm.. she is scared of herself.. scared about her life.. scared about her so called reputation.. scared about some people who never have any job than gossiping about other’s life.. oh man.. she is scared that if me and sahil had any fight here what did society will think about her.. people will say that her ex bf and existing bf are fighting.. this will affect her image.. she is a daughter of a millionaire na..

” swara..” i called her name with all the love and passion .. i don’t know why i can’t think of taking her name without any emotions.. i always loved her and her name also.. swara is the most sweetest word i have heard and used in my entire life..

” swara take sahil with you.. i want to drop kavita.. and take care of yourself”

i said with a smile.. my smile was not plain.. it was bright.. swara didn’t smiled.. i didn’t expect one from her also.

but something happened what i was expecting.. our ( swara’s and sanskar’s) calm and short talk a sharp and beautiful eyelock it didn’t go unnoticed by our world’s no . 1 idiot and swara’s gentleman boyfriend sahil.. i saw he was fuming with jealousy.. haha.. I’m enjoying his jealousy.. but next second he kept his arms around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.. like a side hug.. my blood boiled in 100 degrees.. i wanted to break his hands and hug my swara.. but she is not belongs to me anymore.. she is the gf of this moron.. oh god didn’t she got any other man in this whole world? why this jerk? but I have a little peace of mind that swara will not allow him to cross him the limits.. and today i saw she didn’t allow this idiot to kiss her.. so her heart didn’t accept him as her bf.. only to show this society and her money minded father she is doing this..

” sanskar baby take me to my palace..”

i heard kavita’s drunken voice.. swara somehow drags sahil with her.. she turned back and looked at me.. i smiled at her.. a deep pain pierced through my heart.. i cursed by destiny and enter into the car.. kavita was semi unconscious.. our car runs towards kavita’s home..

my heart was upset.. i thought about swara and that moron sahil’s behavior.. how he touched kavita.. if he can take advantage of a girl who is drunken and he hardly knows then he can do anything with swara.. she is his gf.. this thought was killing me.. i can’t leave swara with a jerk like him.. i want to save her from him.. i will not allow anything to harm to you swara.. if you place your ears on my heart you van heart it beats your name.. you will be always there swara.. no one can replace you..

pov ends..

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