my heart still beats for you.. a swasan fiction (part 2)

hi my dear friends. . I’m so happy that you all like this ff also. . I love you all. You all are very sweet.. keep supporting me like this.. you all are my strength. .

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swara’s pov

I saw him.. but I act like I’m not noticing him.. I have moved on.. I felt his gaze on me.. but avoided it.. he was my past.. I can’t say that my past was bitter. . my every past have some bitterness in some corner of heart.. I thought that I may be happy by my new life.. he too may get happiness. . but I was wrong. . with him I was happy . he couldn’t provide a lavish lifestyle for me as my parents provide.. but he gave me most wonderful moments on earth.. he was a little egoistic. . but he used to love me more than anything. . sometimes some emotions like ego, anger abd proud may take away our love from us.. it may make us bitter or we act to be bitter..

” swaraaa” sagar’s voice give a stop to my running thoughts..

” ha sahil”

” I want to kiss you swara”

” what????”

my entire body became numb.. sahil wants to kiss me.. no.. I can’t allow him to do.. I’m not feeling comfortable in his touch.. kiss.. no way..

” swara please only once.. your gorgeous lips makes me crazy. . I want to kiss it.. Please swara..”

I began to sweat. . he is my boyfriend. . ok but I can’t let him to kiss me.. because it owned by someone else.. no swara.. sanskar is your past.. sahil is your present and future. . my mind tried to take control over me.. but my heart didn’t obey..

I saw sahil looking into my lips with desire.. I don’t know why I feels disgusting. . he is leaning towards my lips.. oh no..

” what you are doing sahil” I push him away..

sahil looked around. . some people was staring us.. he drags me to a corner where no one is present. .

” what is your problem swara? I’m not a stranger. . I’m your boyfriend. . I love you . why can’t you let me kiss you?”

” sorry sahil I’m scared.. Please excuse me”.. I remove his hands from mine.. and walked away..

I didn’t turn back I know sahil will be shocked by my weird behaviour. . but I can’t do anything. . I didn’t like his touch .. I know I’m being cruel.. hurting him.. but I’m a human.. I’m not any devi of hindi tv shows..

I go to washroom area. . and cried .. I felt a palm on my shoulders. . I turned with a shock.. it was a touch which always comforts me..

” sanskar” I whispered. .

he smiled at me.. but I couldn’t. . I know that he saw everything. . and he is giving a winning smile.. oh blo*dy hell.. what happened to you swara.. you have to show him that you moved on.. you can lead a happy life without him.. you can be with some other man.. you want to show him..

” why are you smiling? I want to go near sahil”

” really swara? you want to go near him .. and you can allow him to kiss you”?

I was really shocked. . how did he know?

” I can read your eyes swara”

” mr. sanskar maheswari.. it is none of your business. . I’m your past.. you don’t have any place in my life..”

sanskar came towards me.. he pinned me to the wall..

” what are you doing leave me”

his body is touching my body.. I’m feeling more comfortable near him. . but I know this is not right.. I want to run away from there.. but my heart crying for his presence. .

” you are more relaxed with me swara.. you are feeling safe around me.. and with him you are feeling uncomfortable”

” no.. I don’t like your presence. . it irritates me.. don’t dare to touch me”

he smiled again and run his fingers throug my cheeks.. I want to push him.. but my hands betrayed me.. it is not responding.. he place his lips on my cheeks.. blood shoots to my cheeks. . current pass through my whole body..

” your heart still responds to my presence swara.. your body still loves my touch.. ”

he release me.. I was looking him like a dumb..

” swara.. I know you were my past.. our relation is broken . and you find someone in your life and same with me.. I know you can’t be with me anymore. . I know you have better life and a successful life ahead.. I know you are not mine ..anymore. . I know I’m nothing more than a stranger to you now.. still… still… my heart beats for you swara.. only for you. .

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    Interesting. Scene n feelings description was awesome.

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  14. vw it ws awsm….nw dat sahil is chipku..hw cn he ask for a kiss to sanky’s swara….swara is only for sanskar…swasan is best….nd make a lengthy chappy dear….love u dear…

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