my heart still beats for you.. a swasan fiction (part 1)


sanskar’s pov

damn it! . that blo*dy idiot holding her waist.. how dare he.. and she was acting that she is enjoying his touch. . why so much fake acting miss. swara bose ? I know you are not comfortable in his touch.. then why ? trying to make me jealous? if it so I can also.. where is my so called girlfriend kavita? oh.. she may busy in gossiping. . that idiot girl.. only shopping and gossiping makes her happy.. who the hell cares about her.. she is only my name sake girlfriend. . but here my focus was on swara.. my ex – girlfriend. . she is with her new so called gentleman boyfriend sahil sen gupta.. oh my foot I hate this man . so much touchy touchy with my swara.. oh sorry nor mine.. his girp on her waist become more tight now. . he was pressing his rough strong hands to her soft supple waist.. oh god please control me else I will kill this Idiot.. why he is holding her more tightly. . and his eyes filled with lust.. this swara is really a dumb.. can’t she see how he is looking at her.. I know he don’t love her..

he only needs her body. . such a creep he is.. but why it is still affecting me? she is not your any more.. ya.. I know I’m accepting. . but I can’t saw her with such a disgusting man.. she is looking so gorgeous in her black one piece dress. it is impossible to take my eyes away from her. . why swara why? why you came with this cheap person. . I know we can’t be together. . but I can’t see you with him..

I consume more alcohol to supress my frustration. . then I saw kavita coming towards me..

” let us dance sanskar” I heard kavita’s seductive voice. . I hate her seductive tone when she spoke to me.. I remember swara’s sweet voice. . don’t think that I’m comparing swara with kavita.. because swara is such a precious gem.. kavita is no where near her.. swara is a pure diamond. . amazing girl.. adorable. . no words in the world is enough to praise her. then also we broke up.. damn it.. I lost a precious gem like her.. but my ego my blo*dy ego is not letting me to accept it.. so after our broke up I find a more rich girl than swara.. but after making kavita as my gf I understood the value of swara..

oh my gf kavita is dragging me to dance floor.. I’m least interested. . but that idiot sahil he too came to the dance floor with my .. sorry not my swara.. he placed his hands on my swara’s shoulder and one on her waist.. oh god I want to break his hands.. I’m not sane person anymore. . I became mad by this.. and swara she is smiling? is she out of sense? girl.. he only have lust for you. . he can’t love you like me..

I too put my hands around kavita.. and starts dance like a robot. . my eyes was staring swara.. who happily dancing with sahil.. I know my presence is affecting her.. I know she is not comfortable in his arms.. then why this drama? we both are acting that we really moved on and happy with our respective partners.. but truth is that we still have feelings for each other.. that is why we are trying to make each other jealous. .

pov ends..

hi guys. . I feel bored of writing angel s v/s devils.. so I try other something. . do you like it? do I need to write next part? Please comment

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  1. Jwala please update your other FF I am waiting for it. And this is awesome.

    1. Jwala

      thanks ria.. I will update it soon

  2. Awsum..loved it..continue soon.

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  3. Nice concept dear

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  4. Wah nice..

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  5. Cutiie


    1. Jwala

      thanks cutie

  6. awesome

  7. Abirsha

    ya sure jwala…..u should update next part…..its indeed awesome….jwala u update ur other 2 ffs also dr…..pls its a request…..n dis 2 gfdvsgfa s not included…..

    1. Jwala

      thanks shan.. I will update that too dear..

  8. Soujanya


  9. Wow what a ego

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  10. wow nice……. update ur other ff soon

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. I will update it soon

  11. wht u r bored of angels vs devils?????….nahiiiiii….mein yeh kya sun rahk hu……nahiiiiii…….dnt say like dat…we lv ur angels nd devils….dnt dare to say like dis othrwisr i ll punch u…i m waitng for nxt chappy of angels nd u say u get bored of angels……kattiiiiii…..

    ur new stryvis also awsm…lets see hw swasan patch up aftr brk up…..arre yaar i hate dis cavity…always comes btw swasan…urhhh….evryone use dat chipku kavity as sanky’s gf…fed up of dis chiipkku kavity…pls snd her to simar’s house as nxt chudail…….i m waitng for nxt chappy of angels nd ur new ff……..nd yaar pls change d covetpic…add swasan pic(if u like) ….lv u dr

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. my crazy reader.. I will update it tomorrow or Sunday. . I send tu a swasan pic. but don’t know why they didn’t kept it.. next time I will make sure that.. and I addicted to the name of SR.. so use this name. . your comments really brings a bright smile in my face. love you dear

  12. awesowe yaar

    1. Jwala

      thanks kavya

  13. Sweetie

    Nice one dear..Please continue.. 😀

    1. Jwala

      thanks sweetie

  14. Nice yar…plz continue…

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      thanks maryam

  15. another ff from

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      thanks kumu

  16. OMG jwala i luvd ur story toooo much…plzz dont b late to update nxt one…plzzz post nxt partt..i can’t wait fr nxt one…suprb story wid jealousy…it’s tooo good…

    1. Jwala

      ok dear.. i will try my best to update soon.. most probably sunday.. tomorrow i want to post my other ff.. thank you so much dear

  17. Vaikha

    I loved it.. It was too good.. But pls dont stop angels vs devils.. I love that tooo… Waiting for ur next update on both ff..

    1. Jwala

      i will not stop angels v/s devils.. i want to give some more shocks to everyone na.. thank you so much dear..

  18. thamiazh magan


    1. Jwala

      thanks navi

  19. Wow nice.continue

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  20. Like this?? Aree.. Dear loved it.
    Very nice concept.
    Update the nxt part soon.

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear.. for loving this ff

  21. nyc continue this….

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  23. Alishatani

    Its awesum waiting for next reply. I loves it.

  24. Alishatani

    Its awesum waiting for next update.I loved it

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      thanks dear

  25. Isabel

    Interesting, nice..

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