my heart still beats for you.. a swasan fiction (last part)


hi guys I’m here with last part of this ff. thank you all for supporting this ff.. I’m sorry for finishing it soon. . and I’m dedicating this update to my dear pramudi who asked to me to update it..

sanskar was looking files on his office.. he gets a call
“sir we saw kavita maam with that sahil on xyz hotel room no. 111 ” caller informed. .
” r u sure about it?” sanakar asked in a serious tone
“yes sir it was kavita maam.. ” called said
“ok.. wait there I’m coming” sanskar cuts the call and go out. .
inside the car sanskar was feeling restless. .
” I don’t expect this from you kavita.. I knew that sahil is a blo*dy womaniser. . but from you I didn’t expect this.. you cheated me blo*dy b*t*h.. it was my fault. I let swara to go away from me.. when swara asked to beak up our relationship I agreed for her happiness. . and I tried to move on. it was my blo*dy fault.. my ego , my complex of belongs to middle class family, and hatred for your father this all things break our relationship. but you were a true gem swara.. you were my biggest loss.. ” sanskar said to himself. . he reached the hotel room no 111. sanskar knocked the door..
sahil was kissing kavita’s neck.. he was shirtless.. they disturbed by the knock of door..
“what the hell.. these room boys na.. will not allow us to enjoy also..” sahil said in irritation.
“we have time sahil. . don’t spoil your mood.. open the door and said room boy to not disturb us.. ” kavita said seductively. .
sahil open the door.. he became numb to see sanskar there..
“hello sahil.. can I come inside?” sanskar asked and without getting sahil’s reply he enter the room.. kavita frowned to see him..
“hai my darling girlfriend also with you sahil. . oh no I disturb you guys? sanskar asked mockingly. .
“sanskar please. . this sahil trapped me.. believe me.. I didn’t come here on my wish.. Please believe me.. ” kavita pleaded
“shut up you b*t*h. . don’t dare to speak a word.. ” sanskar was boiling in anger..
” sanskar don’t create much drama here.. take your girlfriend and go from here.. and if you say anything to swara then I will kill her and her family.. ” sahil said in threatening voice. .
” Then why you are wasting time sahil ? kill me .. I’m here” it was swara’s voice. . sahil shocked to see her with police.. swara’s dad shekhar also with them.
“swara that I.. ” sahil try to explain.
“you can said balance things in jail mr. sahil. . you are under arrest for attempting to kill mr. shekhar gadodia and there are many case are there against you.. minimum 14 years you will behind the bars. . ”
police arrested sahil.
“Thank you mr. sanskar for informing about this crimal.. he is the no.1 criminal ib kolkatta. many charges are there on him. police said to sanskar.. they take sahil with them..
That time kavita’s dad dev also came there.. and shattered to know his daughter’s deeds..
” I’m asking sorry on the behalf of my daughter sanskar. I’m taking her to america with me.. she will not trouble you in her life time. I’m really sorry. . ” dev apologised to sanskar..
“its okay uncle..don’t said sorry. I hope kavita will understood her mistakes. and she will get a good life” sanskar said..
kavita was feeling guilty..
” I’m sorry sanskar.. I became selfish .. I wanted to remove swara from your life. so that I agreed to sahil and cheated on you. . I don’t deserve you. I will go with papa.. and will not come to disturb you both” kavita had tears in her eyes.. dev takes her and left the room..
swasan and shekhar was alone in the room..
“sanskar beta.. I did many mistakes. . that day when someone trief to kill me I thought it was you and I break your and swara’s relationship. but it was all sahil’s plan.. I’m ashamed of myself. ” shekhar apologised to sanskar .
” it was not your fault uncle.. and I’m not angry on you.. now swara is saved from sahil.. that’s all I wanted.. I hope swara will get a beautiful life ahead.. ” sanskar said and about to go from there..
” beta I want you to marry my daughter. . ” shekhar said
” I’m sorry uncle. . I’m a middle class person.. and you are high class people. . if we live together problems will arise between us.. and may our relation broke again.. I don’t want any more heart breaks. ” sanskar go from there..
” now what will we do swara beta?” shekar worried..
” don’t worry dad. I’m here na” swara give a beautiful smile .

Next day..
swara came in to sanskar’s house wearing a s*xy red saree.. it was transparent and her body parts are visible through it. sanskar was getting ready to go for office.. he astonished to see swara.. mesmerised to see her hot and s*xy avatar..
” I’m getting late swara.. why did you come here.. ” sanakar asked
” do or die?” swara asked in return
“what?” sanskar didn’t get what she means..
“you have two options. . one marry me.. else die.. ” swara said seductively. .
” I want to die” sanskar said
swara throw him on the bed and came top of him.. she pressed her body on him and placed her red lips on his. and kissed him widely. . at first sanskar didn’t respond. . but finally he melted.. he too kissed her.. after a long they parted.. swara parted away from his body.. she closed her eyes shyly. .
“what happened my sweetie? seductress feeling shyness? aahaa” sanskar teased her..
” you devil.. you will not marry me na?” swara pouted..
” if I don’t marry you how will I fight with our children? ” sanskar asked..
” shameless. .” swara said shyly. .
” swara why you want to marry me? ” sanskar asked
” I want to marry you because my heart beats for you sanskar. . ” swara’s voice was pure like her.. sanskar hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. .
A blissful life await for them..

so guys this is the last part of my ff hope you will comment. . stay blessed. .
love you all

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  1. Why you end it dr….part was awesome…but so sad becoz you end it….superb part dr…

    1. Jwala

      aww.. thank you so much madhu dear. well I was not getting a good response for this . and I’m too lazy. . so thought to end it.. don’t worry dear I’m writing other ff’s na.. I’m sorry for making you sad.. keep supporting me on other ff’s dear. love you .. tc

  2. Awesome

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  3. Aww… Thank u so much dear… That’s very sweet from u.. I never thought that an awesome writer like u, will dedicate an update for me. So once again thnk u..
    I liked this ss from the begining, that’s why i request u to update it. I’m vry srry,if i disturbed or irritated u in that time.
    Coming to the part.. That was superb.?Loved it a lot. Perfect ending for the story.
    You made my day dear.
    Love u… ??

    1. Jwala

      pramudi dear I’m so glad to receive such a lovely comment from you. . I’m not a good writer dear.. I’m not even a writer.. but your comment made my day. you didn’t disturb me dear.. I feel very blessed when someone ask me to post an ff.. you can ask me .. no problem at all. I love it. . I’m happy that you loved the ending.. keep supporting me like this dear.. love you too.. god bless you.

  4. Anniya

    Awsm di, y u end it so early….

    1. Jwala

      thanks choti.. I’m too lazy and short of comments made me end it..

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala…. Very very nice…. U finished it very nicely….

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much shanu

    1. Jwala

      Thanks kumu

  6. Nice

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  7. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      Thanks soujanya and anu.. keep supporting me

  8. SwaSanFan.Goldie all da parts jst nw..n its awsum..??

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much goldie

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Update ur other ss soon..hope everything is sorted out soon in dat b/w swasan..continue dat sa soon..cnt wait

  9. Hadi

    Superb superb dear I read today only but it storyline was great happy ending made us happy fantastic waiting for hatred lust n ya come back Wid other

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear.. I update one part yesterday. . if you missed it please read dear.. keep supporting me in that ff.. god bless u

  10. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Bt I’m so sad becoz you end it soon

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  12. Mind blowing….very sweet story

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