Does your heart have a small place for me …….(prolugue) by asha

Beautiful journey begins…
I opened my eyes for the beautiful day which is waiting for me . I saw the beautiful wall infront of me which contained the stickers given by my crazy friends . I quickly got down from my bed and heard a giggling sounds I and saw the most beautiful sight ever according to me a baby just holding your hand opening her twinkling eyes and indicating you to lift her up. I took my baby in my hands and wished her good morning and kissed her forehead . Suddenly my door burst open where I saw my cute little sis cutie seeing me with pouty eyes. She came to me and and kissed her forehead and hugged both of my life together. They came as angles when I lost my hope to live and I made them as my hope in turn for living.
Sorry I forgot to say about my self I am dr.swara niya a psychologist. My both angles are one is my daughter lara and other is my sis nila .

Other person’s pov
This is another imperfect day without you for me . You were the only one who was true to me. I am missing you very much that I started hallucinating you in front of me and getting more sick as there is nobody to see . I am Sanskar ramth India’s no one businessman but the most unlucky man who lost his love life.

Author’s note…
If you want this beautiful journey with swara niya and sanskar ramta to continue. share your views and say whether u want it as TS or
OS ..
Both positive and negative feedback are accepted .

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    1. Asha

      Thanks for ur suggesion pravee sis

  1. Simi

    Nice.. Make it an os

    1. Asha

      Thank you simi sis
      I will consider your suggestions

  2. Rosey

    Make it is

    1. Asha

      I am glad that you commented I am still a shock. Thanks for your suggestion Rosey sis

  3. Phoniex

    Awesome loved the prologue

    1. Asha

      I am so glad that that you commented on my prologue. Thank u phoniex sis

  4. Seema

    Omg!!! My little sis it is you. Oh my god it is awesome dr. And it is your wish , what are you wanting to make it, ts or os .For this story ??????? from ur Akka’s side. And post it soon?

    1. Asha

      Akka thank you so so much ?????????????????for my akka .I am so happy that you commented…

  5. Neptune

    wow i would love to read it further….

    1. Asha

      I am so glad that you loved to read it and I am still in shock that you commented

      1. Neptune


  6. Pramudi

    Loved it.Whether you make it as os or ts would love to it read further.

    1. Asha

      I am glad that you commented thank you pramudi sis

  7. Interesting..make it TS..

    1. Asha

      Thank you kumu sis I will consider your suggestion

  8. Mars

    Amazing dear.loved it.
    Continue soon

    1. Asha

      I am glad that you commented in my prologue Mars sis thank you so much I am still in shock that you commeted

  9. Interesting dear

    1. Asha

      Thank you for your comment veena sis

    1. Asha

      Thank you kat sis for loving it

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