My heart screams for u (os)

Hlo hi to every1.Actually 2day I was not in mood of writing any os but suddenly this idea bumped in my mind so I m here.ready to be my readers.I m gonna eat ur head 2day also.

One girl was standing on her terrace saying something to herself.
Girl:u went once and never came again why??
Another girl comes.
2nd girl:di bhoola do pls.
1st girl:preeti kaise bhoola do.
Preeti:sumo di shayad who vapis aaye.
Sumo:I know he will never come.
Sumo goes from there.preeti goes back her.
One boy was observing this from his terrace.not knowing what they r talking but was.
Boy:yeh itna udaas sa phool kyun hai.
He goes inside his house .
Sumo:preeti I m going to office.tu ghar ja.
Preeti:di I m here till u come.
Sumo:as u wish.
She goes out.her face was upset.she was walking that she got crush with the same boy who was seeing them.
Boy:oh I m sorry.
Sumo:it was my mistake I was in my thoughts.pls forgive me.
The boy got to know that she is the same girl.
Boy:um r u upset.
Sumo didn’t answer and go from there.

The boy was now more curious to know what had happen to her.he goes to sumo house.
Boy rings the bell.
Preeti open it.
Preeti:yess whom do u want to meet.actually di is out.
Boy:I want to talk to u.
Boy:about ur sister.
Preeti:why??? BTW who r u.
Boy:I m shravan malhotra.I have just come to live in ur neighbour.I saw her upset and I feel touchy seeing her.wht happened to her.
Preeti:OK come in.
Shravan:thank u.
Preeti brings tea for him.
Shravan thanks her and start drinking.
Shravan:pls tell what happened to her. di was in love with a boy named karan.she loved her more than herself.But he left my di.di was totally broken .he is now not even.believe on anyone.she never smile.1 saal ho gya her happiness didn’t one who can bring happiness in her life came.
Shravan:ur di got so much hurt.
Preeti:no actually sumo di is not much affected of going of that blo*dy karan pr us karan ki wajah se papa usse naraaj hai kyunki woh usko chod kr chala gaya and papa is not ne pehle warn kiya tha.I also come here randomly and papa don’t know.di is sad cause of this.
Shravan didnt finish tea and went from there emotionally.
Shravo:oh what to do pta nhi kyun I m attached with her.I will bring her happiness back in her life.her parents will talk to her.she would be happy again.
Next day shravan sent some flowers and ballons to sumo.
Sumo was surprised.
Then shravan himself came to her house.
Shravan:hlo miss sumo.
Sumo:who r u.oh I remember yesterday we clashed.
Shravo:yesss miss .btw aapka chehra bhut khoobsurat hai agar aap iss chehre pr smile layegi u would be world’s most beautiful Lady.
Sumo:what r u mister??
Sumo:r u mad.
Shravan:after seeing u yessss.
Sumo was little happy with his sayings.
Sumo:OK myself suman tiwari and u.
Shravan:myself most cool smart handsome shravan malhotra.
Sumo:(smiling)omg kitni tareef.
Shravan:happy to see ur beautiful smile.
Shravan:I have a shtlyari for u can I speak.
Sumo:for me!!!yesz off course.

Shravan:Teri nazar mei hai jadu,
Teri jubaan hai meethi like khaju,
Har cheej chod do tere liye,
Ek baar khush reh kr dikhade mere liye.
Sumo:ahm thanks.
Shravan:ok m going.
Sumo:kaha ja rhe ho.
Shravo:na jao.tumhare liye surprise laana hai
Sumo:no go.
Sumo was happy today.sumo was relax today.
Sumo:yeh mujhe kya hoya no sumo not this time.
Shravo somehow got to know sumo parent house.
Shravo went inside .

Shdavan:Mr ramnath tiwari aap apni beti se pyaar krte hai ki nhi..
Ram:who r u .
Shravan:answer me.
Ram:meri beti preeti se mai bhut ptlyaar krta hoon.
Shrvan:aur suman.
Ram:who that curse.Maine usko itna pyaar diya aur usne mera moh kala kr dia.aisi ladhki ko kon pyaar krega.
Shravan:mai.Mr malhotra ik pyaar aisi cheej hai jo kabhi bhi kisi ko kisi se bhi ho skta mistake and mei aapki beti ki pehli jhalak dekh deewana ho gya.
Ram:tum yaha se nikal jao.
Shravo:don’t u love ur girl .don’t u want her happiness. Glti baache se hoti heart screams for ur sumo.
Nirmala:ram jhane do maaf krdo .aakir sumo tumhari beti hai.pyaari beti.
Ram got emotional and he decided to forgave her..
All of them went to sumo.
Shravan rings the bell.
Sumo open the door.
Shravan:I brought ur surprise
Sumo:kaha hai.
Ram nirmala with preeti comes.
Sumo was sooo happy .she was not believing her eyes.she was very happy.tears fall from her eyes.
She hugs her papa.
Sumo:sorry dad.
Ram:sorry beta .glti meri hai mujhe pyaar se samjhana chahiye tha.
Sumo was happy.shravan ws more happy.
Sumo thanks shravo and hug him.
Shravo:sumo will u like to be ms malhotra.
The end…………

Sorry apko pakane ke liye
Love u all

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  1. Yet another splendi piece of work from your side di! It was amazing!
    Aaahhh…the end was fabulous ??????
    I loved every word spoken by the two and every moment they’d spent together!
    Loads of love!?????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey ansh thankuuuuuuu .u r really sweet so sweet sweet comments.
      I m really glad u liked it.
      My girl u r more sweet.
      Love u.
      Take care

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey dear !!!!
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome ???????
    LOVELY ????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey fati.
      Thank u.
      U awesomeeeeeeeee blooooosoom
      Lots of luv

  3. Ariana

    OMG!! What should I say now? I’m enjoying ur back to back os(s) aloooooooooootttttttttttttt. That’s like being treated with cupcakes everyday. Yuuummmmm :p
    but this os was so cute. The was Shravu surprised her. I’m not a romantic/love story freak-y but trust me ur sweet words make me go awe. Wonderful. Pls make more
    love u
    take care

    1. Prettypreeti

      Aru bas ab bhut sugary cupcakes ho gaye cavities ho jayegi.
      Now diet cupcakes.
      Thank u for ur lovely comment.
      Ur comment made me awwww.
      Love u
      Take care

  4. Preeti..
    Hum daal ya chaawal nahi Jo pak jaaye..Teri baathon mey..
    Hum edkvians..hai..Jo kho jaaye..Teri..kahaniyon mey..???????
    Its so cool dear??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey sona di no u r my sweeto not dal chawal.
      OK wonderful shyari.
      It was more cool than my os
      Thnko for commenting..di love u

  5. WeirdSister

    Preeti…u r throwing surprises at me…
    It was lovely!!!
    Love u loads..

    1. Prettypreeti

      Weify niyo.
      Ohh happy u r liking my surprise s
      Lots of luv

  6. Ufaaq

    hii mere bhangre wale bola tha naw sirf writing chor rae hun site nae
    it was ammmmmaaaaaaazzzziiiiing like me hhahaha like u
    love u yar

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hoye uffu .
      Thanks sister.
      Oh koi na tu sath toh hai.
      Ur comment was awesomeeee very awesomeee like meee just joking like u.
      I m doing bhangra.
      Aa ja sath mei Kare
      Lots of luv.
      Take care

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