My hear is with you ragini (ragsan) by sindhura episode 37

Frds tomorrow i am going to my mother in law house and will return on 16 jan..
I will try to upload maximum in these days and cant be regular
But a good news to i going introduce lakrag new love story on 16 of this jan and still stuck name for it ..guess guts i prepare for story but not getting what name i should give them..

If possible give names for me their story is like tashan passion and family filled story and romance too..

All entres into their rooms gets freshen up ..
First sanskar entres ragini room.

Sanskar:- must say ragini your room is beautifull.
Ragini:- thank you…sit na why are you standing.
Sanskar:- can i see your photos.
Ragini:- ofcourse come..
Sanskar sees all photos one after the other, he stops at particular photo and smiles seeing ragini childhood photo.
Sanskar:- who is this cute liitle girl.
Ragini:- that cute little girl became cute big girl and standing infront of you..
Sanskar really and analyses both pictures and says yes you were this both photos common thing is your chubby cheecks saying he pulls her cheecks..
Sanskar smiles and ragini says and what about dimple chin.
Sanskar moves towards her and cares her cheecks..says.
Sanskar:- you have chubby cheecks fimple chin rosy lips but eyes are brown..and long black hair..curvy …stops and realises what he about to say he takes his hand and composes..
Ragini smiles and leans towards his ears says and i have curvy lean body that makes any one crazy but i just hiding it for my furure hubby so that i can make him go crazy..he leans back from him and sees his shocked face she smiles and holds his chin turns slightly kisses him on his cheecks by closing her eyes as soon her lips tounches his cheecks he to closes his eyes..

Both looks into each other eyes ragini about to speak sonething but sameer voice and their foot steps brings them into senses.
Both composes them selfs ragini thinks..what the hell i did i was about to confess my feelings to him uff thank god bhai came on time and stopped me. I dint want to propose him like this..
Sameer:- oh sanskar you came first only.
Sanskar:- ya just now..
Ragini:- what took so time for you to come.
Laksh:- what to say about you girls whether to go out by wearing make up or whether to relax in home by removing make people will always takes time..
Swara and ragini both beats at atime.
Laksh:- ouchhh.
Ragini:- dont you dare to speak against girls ok.

Swara:- haa.
Laksh:- fine ok.
They all sits like a circle ..
Sanskar:- are we playing passing pillow.
Sameer:- no..
Swara:- then.
Ragini:- we are playing ram sita lakshman game.
Sanskar:- but for it more members needed then only it will look good.
Ragini:- then what we will play.
Sanskar:- passing pillow by giving truth or dare ok.
Sameer:- ok done.
Ragini:- what done i wont play..
Swara:- haa mee to..
Laksh:- why are you both afraid..
Ragini:- how dare you laksh to say that we are afraid see now i will plays i will say alk truths and do dares just wait and watch. If you think i will say sonething like that it not gone happen even in your dreams.
Swara laughs while boys pouts..
Sanskar:- ok ragini you sing a song.
Sameer:- no all will get disturb..
Sanskar:- then what we will do yar.
Swara:- lets play police and thief.
Boys:- are you serious.
Ragini:- awesome idea i love it swara you remember in childhood we used to play br hidding from our parents ..
Sameer widen his eyes and all looks shocked and thinks ragini memory got back.
Ragini:- why are you all seeing like that and you too bhai , i am asking you only do u remember or not.
Sameer hits his head as situation became out of control..

Swa and laksh becomes sad by thinking ragini didnt got memory back but sanskar gets doudt on her..
Sanskar in mind:- ragini onces said that she didnt remember any monents of her life from childhood as she lost memory then how come she remembered this and its looks like for one second she said those words to swara later covered by taking sameer name..did she got memory and rewinds her changed behaviour towards him after accident and thinks ,something is wrong after that she started moving close to me..i should get confirm about her behaviour and if she remembered everything then why she doing like this..
Sanskar thoughts were disturbed by remaining.
Sameer:- so police is sanskar and we all are thief and remember guys no one is hiding in elders room ok.

All nodess..
Sanskar turns and started to count numbers 1 2 3…
Swara and laksh goes invdifferent directions..
Where ragini about to go but sameer drags her to corner.
Sameer:- are you mad raj what are talking to swara .what if they find tgat you got memory back and your plan of teasing sanskar will fail.
Ragini:- arey sorry bhai no one is doudted naa..
Sameer:- ha ha i knew be carefull and hide now.

They both goes in different directions…

Ragini pov:-

By seeing sanskar expression i think he had a doudt on me that to strong one and he will do something to clarify his problem the ways you try to find i will tease you more.

Sanskar hiding behind pillar..
Sanskar:- so you got mwmiry back and teasing your own husband hmmm. not bad now its my turn and ball is in my court see i will make you to confess to me by your own self..

Precap:- romance and game begans..

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  1. Sally_blr

    OMG dhamaka. Finally Sanky came to know. This update was awesome. I’m just excited how will Sanskar behave now. Romance ha? I’m so damn excited for next chappy. But 16th Jan. Ufff And about the RagLak story I would suggest a name “Ishq Hua” or “Dillagi” my fav is “Locha E Ulfat”

    1. Sindhura

      What is that meaning
      And i am thinking.
      Grow up my attitude kiddo

      1. Sally_blr

        Your name is interesting. Locha E Ulfat means how to say it’s pure Urdu. I can use it in a sentence but cannot particularly define it. Its like problem of love. Its like you fall in love when you are running away from it or similar

      2. Sindhura

        Ok understood

  2. Akankshanna

    Hahahahhaha…….. Awesome………… Thief .caught… Bfote strting the game…………. All d bst anf enjoy

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  3. Ck1234


    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  4. Astra

    Wowwwwwww…. I’m veryyy happy with ur good news…. comin to name….
    Hnm….. thinking…..


    Ok…these names may be weird..but I’m taking from movie names….

    The spring…. (so, we knw spring is awesome.. beautiful… so, it also bring all butterflies etc together… so it can illustrate love and family also..)

    Colourful zindagi…

    We are meaning of love…

    Ek tashan..ek mohobatt

    Tashan ka prem kahani..

    Omg…!! Ru laughing with names i say… still coming..

    The garden of love…

    Rangoli…(inspired frm sankranthi..)

    Lovely Rainbow…


    Cmng to epi…it’s awesome as always. Waiting for precap…

    1. Sindhura

      Even i got a weird name

      Grow up my attitude kidoo

      1. Astra

        Interesting…but who is kidoo..? Rag or lak….

  5. Dharani

    awesome finally sanskar got to know that she got memory back now it will be awesome

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  6. Interesting

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  7. awesome akka.

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  8. Inu

    Superb. Loved it.

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  9. Hemalattha

    Finally Sanskaar came to know ragini’s truth. This update was awesome. I’m just excited how will Sanskar behave now.

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  10. Astha

    Hi akka….. After sooooooooo long I think its more than a month I’m going to cmnt on ur story…..
    Read from 27th chappy now completed in 37 yet feeling its sooooo small. Love the story and each and every scenes.
    Rag teasing sanky by showing his childhood pic…. Funny…. Pale face of san when rag told she will marry vikas to stay there in Mumbai….. Felt bad…. Tanushree part funny.
    Awww sanky got to know the truth… Police found the truth… Ha ha…. Good choice of game akka. Ee atalu antha chinna pilla ga undapudu atdinadu…. Missing those games…..
    Awsm chappy…. Now sanky gonna tease rag…. Aww waiting for it akka… As well waiting for ur reply too. ❤ ? ❤ ??

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

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