My heart is with you ragini epi 9 by sindhura


Sameer ,dadajii and ragini bojjo reaches their mansion ..
Dadajii:- get ready sameer and rajini we will go to maheswari company..
Sameer and Ragini:- ok….
Dadajii leaves first to office..

In mm..
Dp:- sanskar this project is important to us and this project help alot of kids to get educated so i hope you will join this meeting.
Sanskar:- i have an imporyant operation badai papa after that i will join.
Dp blesses him and goes to office with rp and laksh…
Dadajii is welcomed by laksh and taken him to conference room.
Dp and rp takes blessing from him as he is their fathers age person..
Dadajii:- shall we wait untill my grand son and daughter arrival.
Dp:- sure and he is my son laksh..
And my brother ram prasad his son name is sanskar he will attend this meeting once he completes his operation.
Dadajii:- sanskar is a docter.
Rp:- haa he is cardiology specialist..
Dadajii:- good to knew that he is taking care of two professions by the way my grandson is fashion designer and my grand daughter is singer but not known to everyone she is rj…raj..
Laksh gets excited and allmost shouts ..
Laksh:- what rj raj is your grand daughter oh my god i am going to meet her in few minutes and looks at dadaji looking at him ..
Laksh bits his tongue and says sorry
Dadajii:- no problem laksh my daughter will be glad by meeting a fan like you.
Rp:- in that case my whole family is fan of her..
Dp:- where were your son and daughter in law..
Dadaji get serious and says:- they died in their childhood only and gets teardy eye but soon composes and says .
By the way my grand son name is.
Voice:- sameer deshpande..
All looks at that direction and sameer comes inside smiling and takes blessing from elders and handshakes with laksh..
Dadajii:- where is rajini sameer..
Sameer:- she is coming dadajii..

At a person entres ..
Laksh:- bhai..
Sanskar smiling and comes inside and rp introduces him and he takes blessings from dadaji and hand shakes with sameer..
Dadajii:- i am proud of you sanskar after being a succesfull doctor still you are giving time for business..
Sanskar smiles weakly which was noticed by sameer and dadajii too.
Dadajii:- why is it will taking time for rajini to come..
Before sameer could answer laksh says to sanskar exicitedly..
Laksh:- bhai do you knew rj raj was non other than rajini deshpande their grand daughter d and ..
Sameer:- and my sister…
Laksh smiles where sanskar feels differently by lisening name rajini..
Sameer:- dadajii lets start meeting she will join..
Dadajii:- ok..
They starts their conference and whole room was dark ..

All were merged into meeting and suddenly some shadow of a person scrawls and slowly sits on chair next to sameer..
Where they were sitting like laksh ,sameer ,ragini and sanskar..
While sitting silently her hands were touched to sanskar both looks at each other and feels some different feeling the little light rays hits his face and his eyes were visible to her..
Both were lost in each other but sameer interrepts them.
Sameer:- where were you were so late..
Rajini:- i lost way and by finding this much time passed..
Laksh and sanskar tries to see face of rajini as her voice ressembles to ragini..

Sameer starts laughing loudly which disturbs meeting and they switches on lights and all were shocked to see rajini and gets happy before they could speak..
Dadajii:- what happen sameer and rajini when you came..
Rajini pouts and looks at sameer who is still laughing loudly ..
She gets annoyed and hits on his shoulder and sameer stops laughing by seeing her sad face..
Rajini:- i lost way dadajii..
Sameer again starts laughing..
Dp:- who is she shiv jii (doudtedly)
Dadajii:- she is my grand daughter rajini deshpande..
Rajini goes towards dp and forward her hand..
Rajini:- hi uncle nice to meet you.
Dadajii:- rajini..
Rajini:- ok..

She bends and touches his feet.dp gets emotional and blesses her
She takes blessing from rp too..
Laksh and sanskar were happy to see her and confused to as she is wearing jeans and crop top and having short hair..
Sameer and ragini comes towards laksh and sanskar….
Sameer:- he is laksh maheswari ..
Rajini smiles and laksh too smiles emotionally and shake hands with her and rajini sees towards sanskar both are having small eyelock and that get disturbed by sameer.
Sameer:- and he is sanskar maheswari elder son and cardio doctor..
rajini shake hands with him..she feels weird but ignores..
They are back to desk..
Dadajii:- so you four people discuss about material and other stuff we will just come after visiting whole office after that you can go..
They goes from their..

Sameer:- dadajii went to see office when we will see..
Rajini:- mai tho dek..stop and realises what she is saying..and continuos in song dek dek sona tuja..
Sameer catches her ear while she shouts ahh.
Sameer:- you didnt lost your way infact you watched their office with out me..
Rajini:- come on bhai i just saw just like that and who will get lost in office bhai..
Sameer:- so rude..
Rajini:- will you complain to bojjo bhabi..
Sameer:- rag…
Laksh:- you married you didnt say to us..
Rajini laughs so loud that laksh stares at her and sanskar with tears..
Sameer looks on ..
Rajini finds that sanskar gaze on her is somewhat different..
Sameer:- laksh bojjo is our pet dog..
Laksh and sanskar looks at each other and laughs and rajini too ..
Sameer:- smile afterwards first check matetial list and all or else dadajii will play drums on us.
They four back to work….

They all involved into work.
Rajini:- i dont understand anything when we can have material from near place then why are you choosing them from the village..
Sanskar:- they are our old patners and from my childhood they only supplied..
Laksh:- by this only they will gain money..
Sameer:-thats good na raj villages will develop..
Rajini:- hmm ok…
Laksh:- rajini jii if you dont mind can i ask you one thing..
Rajini:- jii.
Laksh:- from how many years are you staying in delhi..
Rajini:- from my birth ..
Laksh:- oh ok..

Precap:- lunch together..

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